What Others Say About Rod

“Rodrigue is a committed professional with a realistic approach toward project execution and above all, he keeps his cool during any complex situation. I enjoyed working with him both as a person and professional. I wish him great sucscess in his future endevours.”
Sunil Nagpal, Director International Business Development and Marketing at PunchPie
“I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Rodrigue as a content developer for his company, Vertamin, Inc. Rodrigue has always been fantastic at giving clear direction to his team. Rodrigue and I share several common interests including travel and philanthropy; I’m constantly amazed and impressed by his desire to help others succeed.”
Chantel Beaupre, President at Say Something Communications Inc., Vice-President @ Meeting Professionals International (Ottawa Chapter)
“As a writer, I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Rodrigue, who I find to be diligent, responsible, intelligent, and a quick thinker. He works well under pressure, operating smoothly and with great precision, not batting an eye at glitches that erupt, but instead instilling an aura of patience and accomplishment. Writing on a deadline can sometimes create a nervous and tense atmosphere as the clock ticks away, but as a leader, Rodrigue promotes a calm approach to matters that ensures the author’s finished product will be one of great performance, even if the rush to the finish line seems hectic. Typically, he’s right on target. Right on target.”
Margaux Sky, Chicory Cove LLC
“I have had the pleasure of knowing Rodrigue Fouafou for the past few years. He’s one of the best people I have ever worked with, and a team player. He’s capable of adapting to new working environments – and thanks to his interpersonal skills, he has great relations with both company clients and potential customers. And as a result, we’ve built a lot of successful business together.”
Mark Binazeski, Demand partnerships: Native & Content Marketing, Programmatic, Video, Display, Mobile
“In the period I worked with Rodrigue, he was a pleasure to work with. The Gourmandia video inventory performed well for Ad.com’s in banner video campaigns and Rodrigue’s fast and efficient work meant the partnership between Ad.com and Gourmandia guaranteed the best results for both companies.”
Nina Harvey, Director Seller Cloud, UK at Rubicon Project
“It is always a pleasure to work with Rodrigue and to see that Gourmandia is growing so fast.”
Niels Brinkman, Co-founder Uptrends.com
“I’ve known Rodrigue since 2001, when he started his studies at the University of Ottawa. At the time, I was teaching a course that he was taking and I had the opportunity to witness his progress in software engineering and computer programming. Rodrigue is a very smart, kind, and enthusiast person. It is a pleasure talking with him, as he has diverse experiences.”
Bahram Zahir, Data Scientist
“As Rodrigue’s T.A. at the University of Ottawa, I can attest that Rodrigue is personable and very passionate about his work. He is driven to accomplish his goals with a high level of perseverance and desire to succeed.”
Carlos Nahas, Program Manager
“Almost 10 years ago, I had Rodrigue in my class. At the time, he was a freshman and the course he had with me was the fundamentals of programming. I remember that due to some administration issues that he had, he arrived late to the class; at the beginning, due to his late start, he could not follow the course well; however, motivated and smart as he was, he made his way pretty well in that course, and all through his education, and did not let little problems prevent him from reaching his goals.”
Bahram Zahir, Data Scientist