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The menus, tools, and palettes are similar to Mac programs and are used in a similar fashion, but since Photoshop is a Windows program, some text strings are different, and Windows text functions, such as cut, copy, and paste, are somewhat different from those in the Mac.

If you have a multi-monitor system, you may want to turn one monitor off. It can be helpful to remove it if you don’t need it. See Chapter 8 for tips on turning monitors off.

In this book, Photoshop CS5 is used for all the images — and the screen updates are all created in that version.

Many ideas and instructions in this book may be easier to follow with the Mac version of Photoshop, so I mention that version of the program when appropriate. If you’re an experienced Mac user and you want to use the Mac version of Photoshop (it’s available as a separate download from the Adobe website), you can install it by following the instructions at the end of Chapter 8.

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*Open an image in Photoshop Elements, and then in this post, we will show you a few important Photoshop Elements shortcuts.

10 Most Famous Photoshop Elements Shortcuts

Bonus: Photoshop Elements 18

Photoshop Elements 18 is a major upgrade. It brings a better performance, higher quality images, more intuitive user interface and an improved touch experience. Many Photoshop Elements users have moved to Photoshop Elements 18. Whether you’re one of them or not, here are some Photoshop Elements 18 shortcuts to add to your arsenal.

Ctrl/Command + Shift + R to Refine Edge

Select a large edge or object by dragging or by using the magic wand tool or polygonal lasso tool. Using this shortcut, you can click once on a selected edge and then shift the focus to the Brush tool. From there, you can edit the selected edge or object with a fine brush that will reduce or eliminate unwanted stuff.

The Refine Edge command works in the following way.

Select the Edge tool. Select the edge or object you want to refine. Click once on the Edge tool, then use the Refine Edge command.

Keyboard Shortcuts: Ctrl/Command + Shift + R

Further Reading: How to Refine Edge in Photoshop

Ctrl/Command + U to Undo Last Action

When you apply your last action on a photo, such as applying a gradient, blur effect or flipping the image vertically or horizontally, your action is recorded in a dialog box with a number and name.

While in the dialog box, type the number and click OK. Photoshop Elements will then ask you to confirm the undo or redo of your action. Click the Undo or Redo arrow to undo or redo your action.

Keyboard Shortcuts: Ctrl/Command + U

Further Reading: How to Undo or Redo in Photoshop Elements

Ctrl/Command + F to Find

Open the Find dialog box by pressing Ctrl/Command + F. The Find dialog box lists files, paths, and elements, but you can also customize the Find dialog box.

To search for a word in the current document, navigate the layers, click in the Filter menu, and select the Filters > Find and Replace menu. You can also search for a word in the Comments field or in a Layer mask. You can also search for text in the canvas, either within a specific area or the whole image. For more information on searching for

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There have been known various techniques using a functional polymer material having a particular functional group at a side chain thereof.
The functional polymer material is expected to be applied to the fields such as electrochromic, electromagnetic wave absorption, and the like because the material exhibits a specific function due to the formation of such a chemical structure as a conjugated chain or an absorption structure within the material.
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Does it make sense to fetch an entire MYSQL table if there’s only one line with certain criteria?

I’m working on a program that displays the current stock of a car dealer on a website.
The client initially requested that the database query would only return 3 columns, but then he added another column with the number of cars sold per year.
So the query now returns 12 columns. I was wondering if this makes sense or should I still only fetch the 3 required columns?


Your table’s design is fundamentally flawed for this query. A better design would use a two-table normalized structure, such as:


If you have to structure this into a single table, then you should at least design it as:


Where YearsSold has an index on dealer_id, which would then

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Read data from a variable name

Using C#
I have a loop like this:
DataTable dt = new DataTable(“Example”);
int i = 0;
foreach (var h in control.Items)
dt.Rows[i].ItemArray = //what I want to read here

What I need to read is a few strings that are stored in arrays.
Control.Items is a simple collection that contains a few strings.
How would I do this?


If you want to access items from a collection stored in an IList or a Dictionary you need to use the get method and cast the result:
dt.Rows[i] = control.Items.get(h).ToString();

If you want to access items from a simple collection, do just like this:
dt.Rows[i] = h.ToString();

Or if you want to access items from a random collection that may or may not contain a key, do this:
foreach(var item in control.Items)
dt.Rows[i] = item.ToString();

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