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A simple way to edit a photo to make it look better. Click on an arrow to enlarge the photo.

This article will show you how to work in Photoshop with the tools in the toolbox. We will go over setting up your work area for editing, use of guides and layer masks, layers and groups, and how to create a basic editing style.

Setup in Photoshop

Before you begin editing your images, make sure you are in Photoshop. From the File menu, select Open to open an image in Photoshop.

In the Open dialog, you can load a file from either the local drive or on a networked drive. You can also go to Photoshop’s and select an image from the Web.

Your file browser. Click on Open to open Photoshop.

Create a new Photoshop document. Press Ctrl+N to make a new document. If you open a new document in Photoshop, you will use the Save As dialog for saving files. You can press Ctrl+S to save the image as a.jpg, or.png file..psd files are Photoshop files.

Your Photoshop file browser. Click on Ctrl+N to save a new file.

If you want to save a new file and make it a separate document, you can change the.psd file type to.jpg or.png.

Create a new Photoshop document.

Start working in Photoshop

You will use the tools in the toolbox to make changes in an image. Click on the toolbox icon in the toolbar at the top of the screen to open the Toolbox. This is the basic set of tools for drawing or making image changes.

You can also press Ctrl+T to display the tools.

The tools in the toolbox. Click on the icon to display them.



The Open icon is the most basic tool in Photoshop. This tool opens an image for editing. You can also press Ctrl+N to open a new document in Photoshop. This will erase the image in the current document.

You can select multiple files in the Open dialog to open a number of images at once. You can also select a folder to open all of the files in that folder.

Create a New Document

You can also press Ctrl+N to make a new document in Photoshop. You can use this document for different versions

Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 Version 20 With Serial Key Free

Read more: Best Photoshop alternatives for 2020

Keep reading to find out the best Photoshop alternatives, both paid and free.

Best Photoshop alternatives – what they have to offer

Now let’s go through the best Photoshop alternatives to look at what they have to offer. I’ve separated these into three categories:

Dedicated Photoshop alternatives: You can get a lot of Photoshop features in the free versions of these software.

Efficient Photoshop alternatives: These usually have just the features you would need for simple projects, without the complexity of a “professional” program.

Freeware and open source Photoshop alternatives: These are usually free but might not have as many features as paid versions.

1. Adobe Photoshop alternatives

Paid and free

Adobe Photoshop is a great photo editor and a great alternative to Photoshop Elements. It is available both as a paid program and as a free download.

Adobe Photoshop costs $1,299 and Photoshop CS6 costs $9.99 (but is only $49.99 for students and teachers).

Paid Photoshop is the best option for photographers. It has all the features to edit images. Professional designers tend to use Photoshop for more complicated work, for instance to merge different images, place special effects, and create animations.

It is available as a download for PC, Mac, and mobile devices.

Adobe Photoshop alternatives




Aurora HDR for Windows and macOS

Aurora HDR for Windows is a powerful photo editor for RAW and JPEG files. It is fully compatible with Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom. It has support for HDR workflow.

Aurora HDR for Windows and macOS costs just $19.99, but it also comes with a free trial for the first 3 days.

It supports the following features:

Median-based tone mapping

Radial filter

Local adjustments

Tone curves



Gradient map

Edge enhancement

Median and local adjustment

Radial filter

Blending layers


Image groups and image collections

Transparency (non-destructive)

Smart blur


The free version of the program doesn’t include the HDR feature, but it does allow you to import images from the web and share your images. It includes a 5

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(IOS) How to show different fragment according to the ViewController on Swift

Currently i am using a NavController to create a left-right navigation between ViewControllers. I was looking for a different navigation approach. First idea I have been working on is to implement a TabController. My question is how to link the ViewControllers on the TabPages. Below is my expected output for the scenario.

For ViewController 1, this is how I have set up for the left-right nav:

ViewController2 and ViewController3 are the two activities for this ViewController

For ViewController 2, this is how it looks like on the left:

As you can see, I want to have a different layout for both the ViewControllers.
I was wondering if there is an easier way of doing this. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks


I have no expirience with the use of TabController in IOS. If you want to know what is better between TabController and Navigation controller, check this answer:
Which approach should I use in iOS to display Tabbed content?

if(request == null) {
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? requestVersionV2
: request;

What’s New in the Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 Version 20?


How can I get a better story, when interviewing for a programming job?

I had a job interview the other day, at a company that I had an interview at a month ago, and I’m not gonna name them for obvious reasons. After the interview, I never got a call or letter from them after this time. We never talked about anything about the job, about the interview or anything.
The thing is, they told me a month ago that they need java developers. I had the interview in the same week so it sounds weird to me. Anyways, I really don’t know what I should do, how can I make them call me and tell me “Hey, we got the job”, or “We decided that your not a good fit for us”?


It’s not just about getting a job, it’s also about building a relationship.
I would suggest, do everything you did when they called you a month ago, except instead of getting the interviewer on the phone, get the interviewers manager. Chances are he was involved with the decision to hire, get him on the phone, and tell him you got an offer from the company.
That way, you’ve established a relationship. You’ve got a relationship with the company, you know that you’re in the good graces of that company, and now it’s just about getting that job. You’re giving them a good referral for the position.

other participants who received financial incentives to participate. While it is difficult to estimate the impact of incentives on the responses of the participants, it is clear that such efforts need to be taken into account in future studies. Furthermore, within the study context we were unable to assess recovery of balance over time, although one study has shown this to be minimal after 12 weeks of training \[[@CR32]\]. We do not know the effect of training on task performance in more challenging environments (e.g. eyes closed, walking on slippery or uneven surfaces) and whether training can improve performance in people with more severe functional impairments of balance and mobility. Training should be considered within a clinical context if it is thought to be a potential intervention and further research is warranted. This may include the identification of the most appropriate individuals with PwMS for whom it is safe and appropriate. Although the current findings are promising, it is worth noting that these findings may not be entirely transferrable to everyday life.

Conclusion {#

System Requirements:

XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
1 GHz or faster processor
1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended)
50 MB HD space
DirectX 9.0
Minimum display resolution is 1024×768
OS X 10.9 or later
Intel processor
Apple desktop application requires an internet connection
PlayStation 3 / 4 / PS Vita
Nintendo 3DS
50 MB HD