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Photoshop provides powerful functions that allow you to enhance images and to apply graphics effects to them. To make your life easier, the following sections describe the function areas for editing photos and images.

Drawing over images

You can use shapes, lines, text, and text effects to add to images with Photoshop. For example, you can draw over a photo to create a title and a frame around a person’s portrait or to create a simple mosaic pattern.

The following sections describe the tools in the Image menu for drawing and drawing tools.

Tool options

An image’s most recognizable feature is the image itself, and it is often the case that people look more closely at it than anything else. As with all photo editing, you can do quite a bit to improve the photo, but at the end of the day, you are still starting from the same original image and working from the same raw data: Light that falls on a photo creates a range of colors; any flat surface has light reflected off it. After you apply color and contrast enhancements, your photo may not look the way the photographer intended. But at least you know the direction you are taking.

Although editing photos can change color values to improve the image, over-exploring can create an effect that looks more interesting than something that was created by the photographer.

If you spend time with photo editing, you discover the fun side of photo enhancement. It’s just a matter of learning the process and understanding the resulting look that you may want to create for your photo.

Drawing tools

You can draw a lot of things directly over your photos: Shapes, text, and lines are just a few of the possibilities.

Figure 5-12 shows a photo of my friend’s soon-to-be-wed wife. Using the selection tool, I selected the area of the photo that contains her face. The photo was set to grayscale, so the areas that contained her facial features became a white overlay. The background was covered with a black layer over the entire photo so that only her features were visible. I then used a soft-edged brush to draw the outline of a frame and a wedding dress, and then used another brush to add additional lines for the letters in the title. The result can be seen in Figure 5-13.

Photoshop provides the following tools for drawing lines and curves:

Pencil: To use a brush and create a dashed or dotted line, choose Pen

Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 Free Download 2022

In this guide, you will learn how to download and use Photoshop Elements. You will also learn how to use its various tools to produce professional quality images, and edit text, graphics and web designs.

How to download and install Photoshop Elements?

Be sure to check out our previous post for full guide to install and use Photoshop Elements 2020.

Install Adobe Photoshop Elements on your PC Windows Photoshop Elements is available in two different versions, a trial version and a full version. If you want to use Photoshop Elements at home, you can also buy the full version for $49.99. If you want to use this software at work, you can download the trial version. You will need to install the trial version of Photoshop Elements on your work computer so you can use it for work without worrying about your employer blocking third-party software.

Download Adobe Photoshop Elements Trial Version.

To open the downloaded file, double-click on it to install the software.

Next, you will need to activate the trial version of Photoshop Elements. If you already had a registered version of Photoshop Elements, you can follow the steps below to activate the trial version.

First, go to the Downloads folder on your computer, right-click on it and click on “Open containing folder.” The folder will be “C:\Users\[your username]\Downloads.”

Next, open “Download” folder.

Next, right-click on the “Adobe Software” folder, and then click on “Open the Adobe Software folder.”

This will open the Adobe Software folder.

Next, right-click on the “Adobe Software” folder. Then click on “Properties.”

This will open the “Properties” of the folder.

Click on “General” tab.

This will open a window where you can view the detailed information about the software. Under “Program key” you can see “Adobe Software’s Produt Key. Don’t remove this or you will lose your license to use the software.”

Click on “OK.”

This will open a window where you can view the software license. If the license is expired, click on “Renew.”

This will open a window where you can renew the software license for a month free. Click on “OK” to renew the license.

Now, on the General tab of the “Properties” window, you will be asked to either

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System Requirements For Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 Free Download:

Internet connection
Video Card: Nvidia GTX 970 / AMD R9 290
OS: Win 10 64-bit, 8 GB RAM
Processor: 3.3GHz Dual-core
Total Number of Weapons: 9
Recommended PC Specs:
Graphic Card: NVIDIA GTX 970 / AMD R9 290
OS: Win 10 64-bit, 64-bit
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