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AngeliaScheduler Crack + Serial Key Free For PC (Updated 2022)

AngeliaScheduler Crack allows the scheduled launching of tasks even if you’re not logged on. The application’s unique Remote Queue Manager will provide easy and secure management access via the internet from anywhere.
Ever wish you could schedule tasks on your PC or server from anywhere without the security risks of Remote Console? Or have batch jobs that you’d like to run after hours but don’t want to stay late to launch? How about chaining big batch jobs across multiple systems? Or wish you could set up a job that someone else could run without giving them access to your server console?
AngeliaScheduler Activation Code can do it! It runs as a Windows service and allows tasks to be scheduled for unattended execution based on criteria such as date and time or the presence of a particular file. Or tasks can be scheduled to be run right away.
Tasks are organized into “queues”, with each queue representing a serialized execution stream. Depending on the product version licensed, up to 10 queues may be created � so it is possible to have as many as 10 concurrently executing tasks (although a lower maximum can be configured to avoid saturating the host’s CPU).
The AngeliaScheduler Service periodically scans its queue(s) for tasks that are eligible for execution. Each queue is also configured with a queue polling interval, and is evaluated at the first service poll at which the queue’s specified polling interval has elapsed.
The Remote Queue Manager is a Windows desktop application that allows users to connect to the AngeliaScheduler service via TCP/IP. A single TCP port is used and any legal port can be configured so avoiding existing applications is simple.
A remote user and access rights catalog unique to AngeliaScheduler is maintained via either the desktop configuration application or the Remote Queue Manager. Each user has access rights that are used to allow or deny that user access to certain AngeliaScheduler functions.
All communications between the Remote Queue Manager and the AngeliaScheduler service are encrypted using a robust encryption algorithm. Since the Remote Queue Manager operates in a stateless mode, there are no logical sessions maintained. Therefore, authentication occurs automatically on every communication.
Here are some key features of “AngeliaScheduler”:
The AngeliaScheduler Service
■ Installed as a Windows service and started and stopped via Windows Service Control Manager. You may also permit or deny access to the desktop, and specify a Windows user-id under which the service will operate also

AngeliaScheduler Crack

■ Windows 2000, XP, and 2003 Server
■ A valid AngeliaScheduler Torrent Download License.
■ Microsoft’s.NET Framework 2.0 or 2.0 SP 1
■ Microsoft Visual Studio.NET 2003 or later
– Microsoft Visual Studio.NET 2005 SP1 or later
– Microsoft Visual Studio.NET 2008 SP1 or later
AngeliaScheduler Hosting:
AngeliaScheduler is hosted by Corel ( For information about hosting prices and availability for your use please see their product documentation at
If you are hosting AngeliaScheduler for commercial use or would like a free evaluation, please email
If you need to upload AngeliaScheduler, then you will need a server that supports a web server such as IIS, Apache, or other script-based web server. AngeliaScheduler.Exe may be installed and run on any Windows server. It does not require the Microsoft.NET Framework. You can use the Remote Queue Manager to run AngeliaScheduler remotely from any workstation and it can also monitor and maintain a queue with one license. AngeliaScheduler Professional Edition allows you to have up to 10 queues, with each queue can have up to two tasks. You can distribute tasks among multiple servers or clients as well as work from any remote location.
Use at your own risk. It is not a complete solution. It is only a library/component that should be combined with your existing system. You may need to modify some of the code or adapt it to suit your particular needs.
AngeliaScheduler is open source software licensed under the GNU General Public License.
Contact Information:
Paul Lipski
Advisor, Open Source development, AngeliaScheduler, Corel Corporation
– AngeliaScheduler.Com:
Download AngeliaScheduler:
Code License:
AngeliaScheduler Distributors:
Corel Corporation

■ A


This article will show you how to Install and Run The AngeliaScheduler Windows Service in conjunction with the desktop configuration utility.
Here are some pros and cons about this Windows Service:
The pros of this Windows Service:
■ Helps you to Remote Queue Management the scheduled tasks to run on the scheduled dates without going to the server host console.
■ Remote scheduling for processes that are running on your server.
■ You can schedule tasks to be executed at the best times.
■ You can set your server timeout accordingly.
■ You can remote schedule to computers that do not have the AngeliaScheduler and AngeliaScheduler Service installed.
The Cons of this Windows Service:
The cons of this Windows Service:
■ Does not work with Pro edition license.
■ The schedule is only in 2 days.
■ You cannot stop your scheduled tasks
■ You cannot remote control your existing tasks.
■ You cannot modify it.
■ Many other features are not mentioned in this software.
Install The Windows Service
This section will guide you on how to Install and Run The AngeliaScheduler Service on the specified computer:
To Install The Windows Service on the specified computer:
1. Right-click on the Windows Start button and select ‘Coniguration’ option.
2. Then click on ‘Add a Local or Remot Windows Service’ and select the ‘Add New’ button.
3. There appears a dialog box in which you are asked to choose a service name. You need to give a name for this service. We call this name ‘AngeliaScheduler’.
4. You need to give a description for this service. We choose ‘Remote Queue Management’ for description.
5. Now we will see the AngeliaScheduler setup wizard comes up. Click on ‘Next’.
6. Here the installation wizard for the AngeliaScheduler service comes up. Select ‘Start the installation’.
7. Here you are asked to install ‘exe’ files. Select ‘Install’ and wait until the installation of all exe’s is finished.
8. Here you are asked to create a service account for the AngeliaScheduler service. You need to fill your name, display name and password. Choose option you like.
9. Now ‘Finish’ button will be displayed. Choose it to

What’s New In AngeliaScheduler?

AngeliaScheduler is a cost effective and powerful Windows based, remote management system that provides you with the ability to schedule unattended batch jobs. It is a perfect solution for companies that need to automate tasks such as daily backup or a nightly data transfer, or a smart workstation for continuous replication.
AngeliaScheduler consists of two main components: the AngeliaScheduler Service and the AngeliaScheduler Remote Queue Manager.
The AngeliaScheduler Service is the foundation for a complete monitoring and scheduling framework. The Remote Queue Manager enables you to control the execution of your batch jobs.
The Remote Queue Manager is a Windows desktop application that allows users to connect to the AngeliaScheduler service via TCP/IP. A single TCP port is used and any legal port can be configured so avoiding existing applications is simple.
The Remote Queue Manager is configured with either a Windows user name and password or a regular expression that matches the name of a logged in Remote Queue Manager user (or a system wide configuration value). The Remote Queue Manager is run on each system that is used to host a remote queue manager user. If no Remote Queue Manager is available on a system, the “password” authentication mode is assumed.
The Remote Queue Manager users catalog is maintained via either a command line or desktop configuration utility.
Each Remote Queue Manager user and access rights are maintained via either the desktop configuration utility or the Remote Queue Manager. The Remote Queue Manager operates in a stateless mode, so there are no logical sessions maintained for a user.
Since the Remote Queue Manager operates in a stateless mode, users can request that they be logged on and enabled, and that their actions are recorded, after hours or on weekends.
The Remote Queue Manager provides a simple interface for monitoring and controlling the execution of your batch jobs. A user can view the log file associated with each queue or batch job, set poll and heartbeat scheduling options, and can create and manage user-defined tasks that execute when certain conditions are met.
One of the most powerful features of AngeliaScheduler is the ability to run batch jobs through Remote Queue Manager queues that are scheduled to be run after hours, at the weekend, or at a specific date/time. After hours and weekends provide an excellent mechanism for security by allowing access to the server console to only authorized users (who have been granted access), and provides an opportunity to transition users off the network for better

System Requirements:

Memory (RAM): 2GB
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6550
Hard Disk Space: 8GB (Free Hard Disk Space: 8GB)
Operating System: 64-bit Windows 7/8/8.1/10
Net Framework 4.5.2
Memory Requirements: 1024MB for good framerate
Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1
Intel® Core 2 Quad Q9400