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Name Argonauts Agency: Pandora’s Box
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Welcome to the quarantined resort known as Elysium!

In the year 2154, legions of evil known as “The Reavers” have overrun the world and commenced a systematic genocide of mankind. Only the elite are exempt, leaving the rest to rot in shantytowns while the machines enforce order from above.

Except for the free-willing few.

Elysium is a paradise on Earth for the wealthy. In an elite first for humanity, it is a semi-permanent luxurious refuge for those who can afford to inhabit the nearby space station known as “The Presidium”. While only the truly wealthy are selected to reside here, almost any man with an investment greater than $500,000 is accepted, including those who may be harboring a rogue Reaver cell.

But all is not as it seems in the idyllic paradise of Elysium. By the year 2154, the machines had completely absorbed most of the world’s computing, which formed an expansive layer of code that permeates the architecture of the Presidium. The Presidium itself, once a mere floating sprawl of tubes and wires, now sprawls across multiple levels and platforms throughout the skies of the Elysian meadow. It appears to be a living organism, its movement propelling man to his dreams of the greatest heights and riches.

But the humans who live in Elysium are not the saviors they once thought themselves to be. They are now victims of human misery. The vast majority are forced to live in the tenements scattered across the outskirts of this new Eden. While the wealthy are allowed to indulge in leisure, the working class have no such luxury, living in shantytowns or indoor slums toiling day after day in a world of overwhelming cruelty.

But in this world, where man was his own enemy, there were those who


Features Key:

  • Ambitious base builder simulation
  • Available for Android, Google Chrome and PC
  • Minimized game size
  • Feel like you are on a space ship and you are manually making the systems function and building the station
  • You must hire specialists to assemble the system and explore the universe
  • Explore the galaxy and set up your base
  • Rent specialists to help you with your project
  • Make provisions for the welfare of the passengers
  • Build a drink bar – offering local brews, foreign wines and exotic cocktails
  • Ship upgrades
  • Save money by repairing and upgrading your ship
  • Product launches
  • Discover and activate new technologies and speculate on future products and upgrades
  • Save and submit bids for the contract for the most expensive bidders.
  • Hotel catering
  • Create a luxurious leisure area
  • Set prices and stock levels for the shops
  • Distribute the bar’s stocks
  • Create bargains from imported goods and rent skimmers
  • Goods black market
  • Negotiate on the black market
  • Argonauts Agency is a business sim – develop a basic space station and try to attract paying customers. From there, lots of new trade opportunities will become available. Trade sectors include travel and tourism, energy, manufactured goods, financial services and luxury items.

    If you are a space tourist, you will be able to get a feel for the realities of space travel. You could be an entertainer, musician, or artist. You could hold a conference, lecture, or sell tickets to traveling circus performances.

    The simulation is very much in keeping with the spirit of the original Shuttleworth business venture and its success over 10 years. Shuttleworth has a special affinity for space tourism and was disappointed that commercial flights are not available. So the decision was made to develop a transport company based on space tourism.

    Argonauts is a free game but requires a


    Argonauts Agency: Pandora’s Box

    The press has started to talk a lot about disasters in the city of Pelias. The reasons are not quite clear, but the conclusion has been made that the days of happy peace must soon come to an end. The time has come to organize a group of brilliant Argonauts who will wipe away evil from the Earth!
    About your character:
    Pelin, an energetic and active person, always ready to help the needy. Pelias is extremely diligent, and diligent people usually come across the most interesting things.
    Main and secondary weapons:
    – in battles use secondary weapons in the collection of which the player will get new experience points.
    – collect secondary weapons in different locations to upgrade them.
    – buy and improve special weapons to fulfill special tasks.
    Specially tuned weapons give you a unique advantage in battle.
    Suitable for:
    – fans of RPG, action and adventure games
    – lovers of classical comics, cartoons, novels and mythology
    – all the latest versions of System Requirements are complied for the game:
    – Windows XP with SP2 and above
    – 2 GHz processor with 16 MB of RAM.
    – available in English, Russian and Hungarian.
    – availability of the English, French, German and Polish Language versions of the game in the lists of the French game store.
    – includes the deluxe version of the game as a gift
    – the Android version of the game is available for free on Google Play.
    – the iOS version of the game is available for free in Apple Store.
    – available in both paid and free version on the App Store.
    – with the aid of beloved movies, Argonauts will enjoy the thrilling plot. For more info on this topic, please read about the game. And if you want to read more about the game, please browse the games page on our website.
    – the brave characters will gradually increase their intelligence and agility. For example, they will learn new skills, new spells and new weapons. The detailed character dialogues will confirm the acquaintance of the characters.
    – a large number of interactive items. If the game appears to be too boring for you, here you can start something interesting!
    – the game takes place in the largest magical world that resembles the art of cartoon. For this reason, Pelias becomes all the more attractive!
    – every computer game genre is present in Argonauts – Action, Simulation, Strategy, Shooter, Mystery, E-Sports, Platform, Puzzle and Adventure. If you feel this, you


    Argonauts Agency: Pandora’s Box Download [32|64bit] [Latest] 2022

    The first assignment was done. Success.

    The adventures of the Argonauts in Pandora’s Box continued, and they had become a hit. The new task was to rid the world of the culprit Pandora, who had managed to escape from the fabled box in the old Zeus building.

    Argonaut’s Adventures, Book II: Pandora’s Box

    Are you ready for a new quest? If so, then join the Argonauts Agency and help them to uncover the truth in Pandora’s Box!The adventure in this second book will be even more interesting than the first, as the story will continue at the very moment when Pandora has been captured and removed to the prison-fortress.

    Meet new friends in the Old Zeus building and help them to find the right path in life. Follow the adventure to the new headquarters of the ancient Artemis and stop the infernal machine. Then the adventure will become even more exciting!Now the fate of the world is in your hands, with all your team at your side!

    * many levels
    * a great plot
    * beautiful artwork
    * a lot of different quests
    * really addictive gameplay
    * an original storyline

    The Intruders – Ghostly Guardians!

    The Intruders appeared! There was some danger for the Argonauts. A furious ghost armed with a crossbow was trying to shoot them. But he failed. He was struck by a magic potion and died immediately. The ghost was Zoltan! The game with this mysterious warrior continued, and the pursuit of the phantom by the Argonauts continued. And they soon made good use of all that they had learnt on their previous quest.

    Argonaut’s Adventures, Book III: The Intruders

    Do you remember the Intruders? They were terrible ghosts that tried to kill the Argonauts! Let’s see how the affairs in the world are faring now. The first task was completed. A new quest has begun. Are you ready to rescue the Phantom from his pit?

    It seems that none of the remaining Phantoms can take the place of Zoltan, because they are weaker than him. But luckily the team learned new techniques for fighting the ghosts, and they have taken steps towards saving the Phantom. And only a few meters away from him, and no guards around. How is the Phantom? Is he still alive?

    Argonaut’s Adventures, Book III: The Intruders

    The shadow of danger is spreading over


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    Argonauts Agency’s Pandora’s Box Realized

    Argonauts Agency is the next first person space adventure from Boss Alien Games, best known for its former Kickstarter darling Nemes, with the next big goal being to enthrall a whole new set of PC gamers with an awesome space game. While my first encounter with Argo was in its Kickstarter days, where the team was seeking to bring the game of chance to science fiction video games, a funny thing happened at Indie Megabooth and Boss Alien Games decided to make a deal with the devil that I decided to talk with them about their newest release.

    Sam Gannon: How did you guys get into PC gaming, and how did that translate into making a game that shipped on Steam?

    Argonauts Agency: The roots of the modern PC gaming industry were created in our studio by the talented developers of Chrono Cross:

    JC Kirschtein: Stephen Hallas has always been passionate about gaming, whether it was his love for International Super League, arcades and board games, but the first computer he ever played was an Electron at his middle school science fair. Since then he’s been coding since the Commodore Vic-20 days.

    Timothy Kao: His love for gaming started early in his childhood and as he progressed, Jens Kao who was an avid game player joined him in electronic game development.

    Jens Kao: I was the original programmer on Chrono Cross, developed during Stephen’s free time at his second year at college as a part time independent study project. Jens “Little Jens” Kao was named and born the same day as Chrono Cross. While he was developing the game, I was studying finance at my own.

    My initial experience with computers started at about the age of 8. At that time, I happened to be at my brother’s school in Taiwan. There was a big surplus of unsold Atari 2600s that were melted in order to make lead for the Japanese NES. I picked one up, and began to understand how to program. While stuck in the middle of packing up a bunch of video game consoles, I only spent about 2 weeks with it.

    JC Kirschtein: Steve helped us with doing the Art, Music and Programming. Tim helped editing story and writing dialog, and Jens helped with programming as well. All three of them pursued the games industry after their college graduation. They stayed


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