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The general aim of AutoCAD is to allow designers and architects to draw a building, or part of one, at a computer and then produce a plan, section, elevation, or isometric drawing from it. An accompanying program, AutoCAD Architecture, is used to draw a floor plan and create sections and elevations.

The price of AutoCAD is normally divided into two parts: a yearly subscription fee and a per-drawing fee. The subscription covers the ability to open and edit files, with the ability to run the software for a limited period after the last payment. If you wish to continue using the software after the subscription is finished you must purchase an additional license. In AutoCAD, the Design tab contains the following panels: 3D Modeling, Drawing and Annotation, Data Management, Layout, Plotting, and Exporting.

AutoCAD’s graphics engine is capable of rendering all common types of two-dimensional (2D) drawings. It supports both vector and raster data, and can display all line styles from a single file. The 3D drawings can be rotated, zoomed, viewed from all sides, exploded, and sliced. New objects can be added to 3D models from both 2D and 3D drawings and from other AutoCAD components, like groups or components. There are multiple views, alignments, and projections in 3D, and different drawing windows, brushes, and lassos. Tools are available for cleaning up or editing existing drawings and parts of them.

The features covered in this article are:


The layout of the main toolbars is managed by the floating palette on the right side of the screen. This palette contains the Toolbars Palette, which contains the AutoCAD Toolbars, the Customized Toolbars, and other options.

AutoCAD’s toolbars offer an extensive set of commands to perform drawing operations. The Toolbars Palette can be moved anywhere in the workspace with the ‘Palette’ option on the Home tab.

There are many customizable toolbars that can be added to the toolbars palette. Toolbars can be renamed, reordered, or duplicated by dragging and dropping. The Toolbars Palette contains several toolbars that cannot be renamed, reordered, or duplicated, so these must be moved manually.

The following toolbars are available on the toolbars palette:

AutoCAD Toolbars


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is a native AutoCAD plugin. It is an application for viewing and editing the creation of AutoCAD drawings.

Application programming interface
The Automation API, also known as.NET Automation (or AUT), is a technology by which AutoCAD developers can automate AutoCAD with the Microsoft.NET Framework. It also supports legacy AutoCAD programs with few changes. AUT provides programming tools that allow developers to use.NET languages to automate AutoCAD to drive the various drawing tools. AUT allows for the creation of user controls and messages (or callbacks).

AutoCAD developers have access to the.NET COM libraries, so that they can access any class from the.NET Framework, and which is not part of the core AutoCAD product. Any.NET class that has a public constructor can be used to create an object or instance of that class.

AUT is the primary development tool for AutoCAD in regards to user interface programming. AutoCAD can support multiple languages, including: Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), Visual LISP, Visual C++ (MSVC), Visual Studio.NET (C#, C++, C++/CLI, etc.), COBOL, ASP and AppleScript.

VBA is the native AutoCAD development tool used by the majority of the AutoCAD community. The VBA development environment is a Microsoft Excel file format in which the AutoCAD user interface is translated and translated into the Windows Control Panel. However, there are a number of limitations to the VBA environment, including difficulties of translating the legacy AutoCAD objects.

To alleviate the problems inherent to using VBA, developers have built various tools which can be loaded into the AutoCAD application, like the AutoCAD Development Studio or.NET Automation, to perform similar tasks.

Visual LISP is a proprietary development environment (aka language) for AutoCAD written in the programming language Lisp, which allows developers to create macros (functions) for AutoCAD to automate various tasks. It is capable of interfacing with the Microsoft Visual Studio.NET development environment. It also offers greater compatibility with AutoCAD than VBA.

Visual C++ was developed and released in 1997, and is Microsoft’s entry in the Visual Basic and VBA development environment. It is a native development environment for AutoCAD. VCP allows programmers to write code in Visual C++ for programming purposes.

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Now go to Tools > Find Autocad version. You will get the message as below:

I dont know how to do that. Can anyone tell me?


I see you are using Windows 10, so I’m going to assume you are trying to use the free version of Autocad 2016.
Go to the product page here and download the trial version (it’s the one that has the red cross in it).
Launch the file, wait for it to load, then click on the “Activate” button in the bottom right corner.
Go to the “Start” menu and search for Autocad 2016. You should be able to find it.
Go to the main menu and select “Autocad 2016”. It should ask for your credentials (as pictured below), then you will be able to use Autocad in the trial mode.


Getter setter not calling after I modified the model in Backbone.View

I have a view, and I’m trying to add a button to the view when I load the page. So I added this to the initialize() method:
this.view = new View({model: this.model, el: this.el});


this.listenTo(this.view, ‘click button’, function() {
console.log(“button clicked!”);

The log message is printing out, so I know that the listener is working, but why isn’t the view getting the ‘change’ event from this.view.model? In the Firebug console, I’m seeing this message:
Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function


So the answer was to use
this.listenTo(this.view.model, ‘change’, this.modelChanged);

instead of
this.listenTo(this.view, ‘click button’, function() {
console.log(“button clicked!”);


Is there a way to display on the top most page of the app the last user activity?

I have an app which will be running on a phone that can be out of my reach.
Is there a way to display on the

What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Additional actions and improvements for “Markup” and “Attach” commands

Enables you to create and attach all parts from a part database in the same command.

Import Export.PDF:

Add, import, and export all parts from a standard PDF.


The ability to create native PDF files from existing drawings.

Drafting Tool:

The ability to use the Drafting Tool from a separate command (video: 3:42 min.).

Improved Part User Interface

The context menu and ribbon have been enhanced with new options for drawing and importing data. (video: 1:30 min.)

Enterprise (built-in version of AutoCAD):

Add support for Enterprise database and cloud integration, as well as the ability to enable it for existing designs.

Dynamic Input from Other Software:

Add support for Dynamic Input from other CAD and engineering software.

Improved PDM support for import and export

Create export settings and attach each part as an.XML file.

Add AutoCAD 2020 to Microsoft Virtual PC

New and improved features

3D Inventor 2015 and 2016 import and export files, and technical drawing files.

Update to 3D User Interface (UI) for Sculpting

Create a model using a standard tool or from scratch using a brush.

Advanced 3D commands

Add support for Face and Edge tools.

Add support for the Extended or Pick feature.

Improved Modeling Enhancements:

Enhanced modeling features including pick, cut, extrude, scale, rotate, and mirror, as well as new modeling tools such as Edges, Faces, Curves, and Bounding Boxes.

Improved placement tools:

Expand capabilities of the Line, Rectangle, Ellipse, Polyline, Spline, Arc, and Circle tools.

Extended Bounding Box Support:

Enhanced polygon and shape tools include Curve handles, Arc handles, and Grid, with new buttons to enter detailed settings.

New U.S. Census data available

New U.S. Census 2010 census blocks used to support improved data import and export capabilities.

2D Offset Lines

Optionally update the offset of a line on the current view.

Graphic Rendering

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Windows: Windows 7 (64-bit) or Windows 8/8.1/10 (64-bit or 32-bit)
Mac OS X: 10.7.5 or later
Linux: Ubuntu 10.04 (64-bit) or later
Minimum configuration: 4 GB RAM
Recommended configuration: 16 GB RAM
Expected minimum performance: 800MHz CPU, 1 GB VRAM
Minimum recommended performance: 4.0 GHz CPU, 3.5 GB VRAM
Note: The Vulkan rend