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AutoCAD is the world’s most popular desktop-based CAD application. Users create 2D and 3D drawings, on-screen and off-screen. Although simple to use, the program’s drawing engine is powerful and sophisticated, allowing users to perform sophisticated tasks.

Created on December 7, 1982, AutoCAD is a mainframe application initially created by Bob Langley, then employed by Autodesk. Initially, the program was based on classic CAD software called Drafting Supervisor, by a company named Softravec. After its release in 1983, the program was renamed as AutoCAD. Today, it is used for both technical design and architectural drafting.

In 2012, AutoCAD’s sales of US $1.6 billion ро.

The software is used for architectural, engineering, mechanical, civil, construction, and building design; including planning, drafting, and documentation.



Vector graphics and raster graphics




Custom styles


Door and window openings


Drawing views

Floor and ceiling plans





Geometry-based rendering



Isometric drafting


Lines and arcs

Mortises and tenons





Raster graphics





Visible edges

Visible surfaces

Working with the toolbars

The AutoCAD program is the first complete CAD program designed for use with Microsoft Windows computers. However, many programs similar to AutoCAD are available for Windows.

AutoCAD is available in three major versions, 17.5, 2010, and 2019. A 10-year license is approximately $4,000, while a perpetual license is approximately $5,000.

Larger companies are able to purchase perpetual licenses or enroll in an Autodesk’s License Club, which lets them share the cost and load on Autodesk’s support.

AutoCAD use is controlled by serial number. Some additional products from Autodesk provide “cloud-based” activation.





RTTI/Type information
C++ class structure
Rtti (type information)
Typed APIs (Type information)
Dynamic creation and destruction
Smart Pointers
Shared Memory API
Shared Data Cache API

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PHP Code for REST API Call

Here’s the code I have so far for a REST API call. I can get a response with the data in it, but I don’t know how to store the response. Can someone help with my php? I have a basic understanding of REST API’s and I don’t think this should be to much to do, I’m still learning PHP and very very new to OOP.
$data = $_REQUEST;
$data[‘api_key’] = $api_key;
$data[‘format’] = ‘json’;

$result = file_get_contents(”);
$data[‘photos’] = $result;

echo json_encode($data);


You need to use a handler for that.
For example, in file_get_contents()
$data[‘photos’] = $result;
if ($result) {
echo json_encode($result);

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## Saving the design in Autocad (PC)

Here, we can choose the way of saving the project. We can choose between saving as a DWG or as an xDG.

What’s New In AutoCAD?

Features new inline images

Drawing context-sensitive tools:

Add context-sensitive tools to your drawings to instantly focus on specific parts of a drawing and identify and correct problems. (video: 2:07 min.)

New toolbars with more options

Prune duplicates in the History Panel

View and edit tools in the Batch panel

Video editing in the Filter panel

Improved performance and responsiveness of tools

Hide/Show available tools: Selectively Hide tools and add them to the Quick Access Toolbar. Or Show All tools (Ctrl+Shift+K)

Back up existing drawings to a network path or cloud

Save a drawing with embedded streams as a PDF (file format supports multi-page documents)

Save a drawing with embedded streams as an image (optimized for small files)

Export one or more drawings to XPS or one or more CAD files to DWF and DXF (optional)

Export an entire drawing as a DWG or DXF file

Drawings and drawings styles are no longer saved in separate folders

Drawing styles are accessible and applied using the drawing toolbars

Saves new drawing defaults

New drawing options

New editing and annotation tools

New drawing layout tools

New ribbon and command bar icons

Automatic annotation of design intent

Automatic text lacing

Auto-arrangement of parts

Automatic text lacing

Support for naming components in AutoCAD

Support for Excel-like line formatting (better line editing)

New network protocol for displaying a drawing on a computer

Fast collaboration through social media sites (via online drawings)

Support for some MPE fonts

PowerPoint export

Web browser integration for real-time collaboration

Improved ribbon options for drafting views

Improved Mac OSX support

Improved interface for selecting a path or ellipse as a center point or anchoring point

Improved user experience for left and right handed drawing views

Improved user experience for the commands palette and ribbon

Improved performance in the command line

Improved performance and stability

Improved performance for DraftSight

Improved performance for any drawing tool while performing a command

Improved performance for creating embedded streams

Improved performance for Open.DWG and Save.DWG

Improved performance when sending drawings to AutoCAD services

Improved performance

System Requirements:

– 4GB of RAM
– GPU: Geforce GTX 970, AMD R9 290 or equivalent
– DirectX 12 Supported!
– Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8/8.1 or Windows 10 ( 64 Bit, Windows 10 PRO 64 bit only. )
– DirectX12 and PhysX enabled!
– CPU: Quad Core 2.2GHz or faster
– Hard Drive space required for installation is 10GB.
– If you plan on purchasing the game at a later date, then you can uninstall via Steam, but this