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AutoCAD [Win/Mac]

AutoCAD Cracked Version is able to create 2D and 3D models and perform 2D and 3D drafting. It supports the viewing, editing, measuring, and manipulating of 2D and 3D geometry and 2D and 3D objects and their attributes, such as linear dimensions, volumes, and areas. A key feature of AutoCAD is its ability to recognize and process various file formats including DWG and DXF.

The AutoCAD software suite is composed of AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, and AutoCAD Architect. AutoCAD is intended for professional use and is sold as a subscription. AutoCAD LT is a license that enables a user to install the software for free on up to three PCs, while AutoCAD Architect is a license enabling a user to install the software on up to five PCs.

AutoCAD enables users to enter and edit 2D or 3D entities, layers, blocks, dimensions, annotations, and other attributes. It includes a number of tools to edit entities, including a tool that helps users reorient them on the screen, a copy and paste tool that can copy and paste entities and objects, an embedding tool that will embed entities into layers, and a conversion tool that will convert entities between the current drawing’s native format and a format of the user’s choice.

AutoCAD also includes tools for interacting with layers and views, including the ability to view a layer’s properties and the ability to select, copy, paste, hide, and move layers. In addition to the ability to view layers, AutoCAD provides tools to view, copy, paste, duplicate, and delete entities, layers, blocks, dimensions, annotate objects, and workplanes. The user can manipulate entities by changing their properties such as color, linetype, and so on. These entities can be inserted into blocks, which themselves can be inserted into layers.

AutoCAD includes a number of features to help users determine if an entity’s attributes are acceptable. For example, entities can be organized into stencils, which AutoCAD will use to determine if a dimension is consistent with other dimensions on the same entity. The software can also calculate the total length of an object and determine if the object’s length is consistent with other objects of the same type in the drawing.

AutoCAD provides several types of ruler and grid-based layouts, including a Snap to Grid feature. The software includes tools to establish snap points on various entities

AutoCAD Free Download

file formats
As of 2014, the main file format for AutoCAD is the DWG (as well as the older DWF) file format, which is also the main file format for Windows Paint. Other supported file formats include the older DXF (as well as the newer DWF, DXS and DWGX) file formats.


AutoCAD has been licensed and supported since 1987. The first version to require a license to use was AutoCAD Release 2. It was later supported in all subsequent versions through Release 2017. AutoCAD has been the de facto standard for 3D modeling in the CAD industry.

AutoCAD 2007 includes native support for HPGL, PLT and DXF file formats. This compatibility is called the 3D compatibility. In addition, it supports third party file formats such as ArchiCAD, Garamond, Microstation, PDS, STEP, UG, Z-buffer, and VRML.

AutoCAD LT is a scaled-down, proprietary version of AutoCAD. It is a mostly free and open source (BSD and GNU LGPL) software package that does not include some of the advanced features of AutoCAD, including e.g. title and vertical and horizontal scrolling of the viewports, providing draft views and 3D modeling, and tools such as the dimensioning and 3D-modeling tools.

On 2 April 2011, Autodesk entered an agreement to acquire Ansys, a company which formerly produced the Ansys Mechanical and Ansys Multiphysics CAD software. As a result, Ansys will be integrated into the Autodesk family of products as Ansys by Autodesk.

On 19 February 2014, Autodesk released AutoCAD 2014. It was first released for AutoCAD LT in April 2014.

On 13 July 2017, Autodesk introduced the AutoCAD Next Technology preview (3D). It was first released for AutoCAD LT in August 2017.

AutoCAD 2018 introduced the ability to work with legacy drawings, including 3D. Support for non-AutoCAD applications is available through.NET assembly.

In the mid-1980s, Autodesk acquired Skyline and Vertex, a company specializing in automated drafting, and they had a huge impact on the AutoCAD product line. AutoLISP and Visual LISP were developed in conjunction with Skyline and Ver

AutoCAD [Updated-2022]

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What’s New in the?

Quickly insert or edit shapes from other drawings. (video: 1:11 min.)

Designed for Prepress. AutoCAD designed specifically for digital prepress workflows. (video: 3:29 min.)

Choose print sizes from templates or use predefined CAD print designs. (video: 2:06 min.)

Apply look-and-feel variations. (video: 3:31 min.)

Incorporate CAD models into 3D drawings. (video: 1:52 min.)

Add color to parts. (video: 3:06 min.)

Better preview with CAD Paper Settings:

Prints to your preferred paper size and orientation

Choose from a variety of predefined paper settings and preview your CAD drawings on paper

Customize Paper Settings for your projects

Improved Print dialog:

Save and share prints to DWG, PDF, and other formats

Transfer projects to other tools and operations

Print to a new folder

Streamlined Print dialog and Updates:

Added a feature flag to control whether AutoCAD or all updates are enabled or disabled. Updates are disabled by default. When using a trial version of AutoCAD, you may be required to restart the application or install all updates to activate the feature.

Redesigned Print menu:

Added a button that can be quickly toggled on or off to show or hide the Print dialog

You can now share your prints with third-party tools.

New feature for AutoCAD LT:

AutoCAD LT 2023 introduces a new document type, which provides better accuracy for sheet metal components.

Unlock Features You Can’t Download or Install

Download the newest updates for AutoCAD as they are released by AutoDesk. They include bug fixes and improvements for the programs you use most. As an added bonus, they speed up AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT by up to 14%!

Unlock other features with the AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT 2023 update files. Read about the new features you can unlock in the related sections below.

For complete information about new features, updates, and other information, see Release Notes.


New features and improvements

Import and edit foreign DWG data:

Import or edit data from foreign DWG files

AutoCAD 2023 import data from different platforms (

System Requirements:

This mod is not designed for gaming computers with low specs. The mod will not work if your computer has less then:
– One CPU core.
– 4 GB RAM
– A GPU with a minimum of:
– 320MB VRAM
– 1GB shader units
– Shader Model 3.0
– Shader Model 4.0
– DirectX 11.0.
– Version 94 or higher of the game.
We also recommend you to use an external 1920x