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ZENFARM is a puzzle platforming game that was designed to be playable both on mobile and on PC. ZenFarm features a retro style filled with easy to learn, but hard to master platforming gameplay. Download it now and be the best farmer around!

Key Features:

Classic retro style, filled with pixel art and bright colors

Easy-to-learn, but hard-to-master gameplay

4 unique mini-games to play and complete

8 challenging levels of platforming and puzzle-solving

Extremely cute, but very challenging

Have Fun!

Getting Started

Help I have no idea what to do!

What to do first in the game?

Choose a player character

ZenFarm features 4 playable characters:

Rabbit, a cat-like hunter that’s always hungry and never stops running. For boss battles, he needs to get a load of eggs before reaching the enemy!

Pigs are the black and white swine that roam over the whole world, causing all kinds of trouble. For boss battles, they need to get a load of meat before they reach the enemy!

Sparrows and Sparrowes are two types of bird. They don’t have any arms, but they’re still very useful. For boss battles, they need to get a load of seeds before reaching the enemy!

Frogs are the ugliest animals you’ve ever seen. Sure, they’re very helpful in ZenFarm, but you’ll never get to like them. For boss battles, you’ll need to use them as weapons to defeat the enemies!

Don’t worry, you won’t be facing the big boss at the end of every level. But you can’t progress without defeating the three little boss at the end of each level, called level invaders.

Choose between the 4 characters

Each character has it’s own set of unique skills, costumes and items. You’ll find all of them in the wardrobe menu. Pick one, and click on the character in the info menu.

Choose a female and a male character

You can choose between two types of characters:

Female characters are more rare, but the female characters are more powerful than their male counterparts.

Male characters are more powerful, but female characters are rarer. The female characters also have an additional secondary skill.

The two players have completely different stats. In the game, the player


Features Key:

  • 2×60 Multilingual Camera/Sound Tracker support
  • 4×60 Player Models
  • 8x Player Location (2-720 degree)
  • 2x Player Multiple Groups
  • High res available for game token (tested up to 2560×1440)

WARZONE Game Members

  • Jim Backspace
  • HKJC
  • filios
  • Keineaz
  • Komr
  • snowy lilbear


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Players take on the role of Levi, who was a big part of a very special series of events. Many people were able to meet him, and through their stories, players will be able to meet Levi and the other characters in his life.
Players will have an opportunity to travel across the fields, forests, lakes and plains, and they will meet many interesting people in their quest. You will have to help a person with problems in their life and will travel across time.
CHAPTER 1 takes place at the end of the 19th century. Players will witness the events that happened in the world during the fall of year 1899.
Levi Chronicles was released on December 13, 2015.Q:

Is there a way to set the bitrate of a quicktime movie during playback?

I would like to capture a video in my iPad app, but I need the bitrate to be high enough to play smoothly on my iPad.
Is there a way to set the bitrate of the Quicktime movie right before playback?
I know about AVURLAsset.AllowsExternalPlayback. That would do it if I could make it the default.


There are two ways:

You could (via AVURLAsset) tell it how to generate the display time.
If, instead, you want to alter the bitrate of the stream before you add it to AVAsset.

I’m not sure which is closer to what you want, but I will treat them both.

NOTE: You could go ahead and use this setting. It will cause the movie (but not the actual play time) to be embedded in the data.

The Docs
# Preserve display time but store the actual play time.
# To generate a time that is in the past, pass kCMTimeZero.
# To generate a time that is in the future, pass a past value.

You’ll want to either use this Apple example or just find yourself there and see what it is you’re doing. You might have to test with the app playing some video. As you make changes you can watch what the bit rate and time are before/after changes and see what they do.

NOTE: this has the side effect of changing what time the file is saved to disk so you will either have to move your recording code or find that you can’t set


Battleships And Carriers – Pacific War Crack + License Code & Keygen [Win/Mac] [Updated]

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Game “MUMBA IV: Egypt Jewels Soundtrack ©” Gameplay:
+ Stage Select
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+ Rumble Mode
+ Two Additional Music CDs with soundtracks
+ Four New Coins
+ Four New Game Cards
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As a reward for purchasing the MUMBA IV: Egypt Jewels Complete Edition Special Edition for Xbox LIVE® Arcade (XBLA), you will receive the complete soundtrack to the game, a special collection of four additional music CDs with the soundtracks from the four stages of MUMBA IV: Egypt Jewels, special edition and the additional medal is the Mint Green Medal (Regular Medal).


3 stars out of

Reviewed by Sammy Leung for

The Flash: The Complete Series takes The Flash to a new level and an even greater global audience. In a bright and modern

To play the ball requires great mechanics. You will have to think from the playmaker to pick out the nearest tryline. If you try to charge it, you will need to ensure that it is a good throw as the opposition will try to stop you. On the other hand, you will have to find a way to get the ball on the short pass. If you do not, your opponent might score for you!


Touch the screen to select a player and to interact with an object on the court. Click


What’s new in Battleships And Carriers – Pacific War:

    by Sarah Crystal via Marisa McAllister

    Less than a week before my friend Crystal called and asked about getting some work done with me via Robotpencil. I accepted the invitation (seriously – thanks, Crystal!) and thankfully the collaboration between the two of us worked out like a dream. Every day over the last few weeks, Crystal has sent me a link to random places on the internet that inspire her and I create my own experiments based on those visual ideas. When I’d finished with the comic below, we shared the files back and forth so we could remix and remix and remix… little by little, each of us was absorbing new creative concepts, playing with new materials and ultimately building up momentum for future projects. It’s been a wonderful exercise in creativity and I’m grateful for Robotpencil’s support and Crystal’s idea. I hope you’ll find these images challenging and inspiring, I know I have!

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    *Page Break*


    Continued from above…



    “Morning, Sarah!” Adrienne called to me on my way down the stairs this morning. It was the first day of Spring and it seemed that everywhere I turned there were signs of “Spring” – fresh new flowers, crisp new grass, new life in the air. Adrienne and I would be working on packing boxes today, at the Goodwill near Union Station in downtown Toronto. There would be hay, boxes, shipping material… and humans! As always, there would be humans. A few years back, I’d given a workshop called “Goths” to a Humane Society in New York – I’d taken the opportunity to make a huge guerilla (and fairly illegal) Spring sale to raise funds for the animals. One hundred and fifty handmade hats, over a hundred handmade bags,


    Free Battleships And Carriers – Pacific War [Latest] 2022

    In this puzzle game you find yourself in a dark room. Darkness, zero visibility. You can’t even tell if the walls are real or if the objects inside the room are floating in air.
    Sound and light signals are coming from a hidden transmitter. You have to solve different puzzles to find the signal source.
    The player sits behind a round table in a room with complicated design. On the walls there are pictures, a TV, a console, a light and a transmitter.
    Without being able to see, the player has to use his body to explore the room. He can rotate by touching the screen, choose his camera view (camera pan, tilt, zoom, etc.) and manipulate objects (walls, doors, hands, etc.)
    It’s all done in real time.
    The room varies in size according to your preference and preferences.
    In order to solve all the puzzles, you have to find some objects. They are not in the room, but in a sequence of objects outside the room (and you can bring them back to the room). They are presented in an order that is not clear to the player.
    One can pass from one level to the next one by a voice prompt or by following some invisible instructions.

    Please join our developers and supporters in welcoming #9BK!

    The Oculus Academy is a group of dedicated individuals with the goal of helping the Oculus Go community thrive and grow. We are working hard to create a community where Go is the best way to get VR game makers to create great experiences for the Rift and new ways to reach out to the next generation of Go users. To accomplish our goal, we’re investing in a number of initiatives including a weekly programming focused community and Oculus Academy.

    The #9BK is a weekly series covering the Oculus Academy’s initiatives as well as core Go programming and community building initiatives. We’ll be working with several Go developers in the space to help produce content relevant to your experience.

    In this edition, we talk to Michael Arias about his gaming practice with Go and how his work is connecting the VR world and the wider gaming world. We talk about the types of games he works on, how he makes these games accessible, and why games are such a good way for him to tell stories in VR.

    We’ve got two great guest posts on all things VR gaming for you


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Copyright (C) 2006-2009 Team XBMC

Version 1.0.0

System Requirements:

You may need to activate a free account on Game Jolt before the game can be downloaded. If you are having trouble downloading, try restarting your computer.
Game description:
In the ruins of a fallen empire, the last survivors of the kingdom roam an open world, searching for forgotten ruins, treasures and secrets. The kingdom was led by a wise King who believed that education and community were the keys to a better future. With the kingdom quickly unraveling, you must find the 13 lost children and return them to the safe haven of your home.