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Network penetration and intrusion testing.
Analyze network environments and troubleshoot your most pressing issues. The Beacon Auditor is a data gathering tool designed specifically to evaluate the performance of network environments and systems.
Get detailed information on issues ranging from wireless coverage and infrastructure compatibility, to hardware and software performance, and more. The Beacon Auditor is an end-to-end network troubleshooting and data gathering tool that will analyze the performance of network environments in real time. Beacon Auditor is the only tool on the market to allow you to collect data while scanning or by manually querying device information.
View detailed information on all network devices, including MAC addresses, IP addresses, operating system, configuration, and operational data. Beacon Auditor does not run any scripts, and does not affect the current environment.
Use Beacon Auditor for penetration testing, forensics, network mapping, and network infrastructure analysis.
Beacon Auditor Screenshots:
2. Top 10 Beacon Auditor Key Features:
* Fast scan: scan in 10-15 seconds per device, per probe.
* Agentless: no installation and no tool dependencies.
* Multi-platform: Windows, Linux, OS X support.
* Static probing: probe in real-time.
* Configuration details: complex or simple, Beacon Auditor can handle it all.
* Smooth integration: seamlessly integrate Beacon Auditor into your office workflow.
* Real-time data: a real-time view of your results.
* Full API: access device and system data via the RESTful API.
* Searchable API: view and share collected data in simple HTML, Excel and CSV.
* Detailed user interface: quickly focus on data that matters the most.
* Power user: advanced filtering and reporting.
* Four user roles: Admin, Tester, Developer, Admin/Tester.
* Device authentication: quick and easy with device authentication.
* Sensitive data protection: Beacon Auditor can encrypt sensitive data at rest or in transit.
Beacon Auditor Supported Platforms:
Beacon Auditor is cross-platform. It has Windows, Linux, and OS X binary packages. A trial license is available for each platform.
Read more about Beacon Auditor here:
Beacon Auditor FAQ:
Who is Beacon Auditor for?
Beacon Auditor is for network and desktop penetration testers, IT professionals, network mapping & infrastructure designers, network and system administrators, and anyone who wants a fast, powerful, easy-to-use tool to analyze network environments.
Is Beacon

Beacon Auditor Crack (Latest)

Beacon Auditor is the affordable, agent-less network infrastructure overview tool. The most powerful version of Beacon Auditor has hundreds of reports which save valuable time and provide the information you need to make informed decisions about your network.


Understand where you stand now and where you can move.

View current real-time status and user trends.

Get a birds-eye view of your network topology in a fraction of the time it takes other tools.

Get a quick real-time network inventory of all host and device details.

Get a detailed inventory of currently connected hosts and devices.

Perform proactive threat detection and network health checks.

Verify that your security posture meets industry standards

Perform multiple simultaneous scans of hundreds of hosts and devices.

NOTE: Beacon Auditor is an expensive tool for PC or Mac, so when you are considering your options, you will need to compare the most important benefits of Beacon Auditor with other network tools that your organization uses.A research study of a number of human tumors, carried out by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, has shown that nuclei of cells undergoing apoptosis in these human tumors contain surface phosphatidylserine while nuclei of cells undergoing necrosis do not. These findings support earlier experimental data, but, at the same time, contradict published data on cells undergoing apoptosis in animal tumors. Possible reasons for these discrepancies are discussed and implications of our study for further research are suggested.

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Beacon Auditor Crack + Free Download (Updated 2022)

Use Beacon Auditor’s fast, agentless scanning to provide important information about your network quickly and effectively. Beacon Auditor can scan all computers on a Windows network in minutes without application or user intervention and can generate detailed reports that can be saved and exported to excel or pdf.
Beacon Auditor Features:
Agentless Scanning
Beacon Auditor operates without any local or network agent software. It operates in stealth mode and connects to a Windows server from where it obtains all data. A server-side process is used to scan the network and view device information, network information and much more. You can choose how much information to collect from each device and set reporting options that allow the report generation and file export to be customized according to your needs. Beacon Auditor requires no user intervention, and can work while the network is up and running.
Dynamic Trend Analysis
The Beacon Auditor can easily display the most important data for you quickly. After the device information and network status is complete, the Beacon Auditor will dynamically sort the data by newest, oldest, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, and remaining. The right data is displayed for quick trouble shooting, or if you have a long list of devices to analyze, the Beacon Auditor can help you quickly view the biggest impact devices. Beacon Auditor can even parse data from multiple dates if the dates are stored.
Customize Reports and Export
The Beacon Auditor can collect data from multiple sites and save it in a variety of ways. You can choose to save your data in excel or pdf formats for easy analysis. Beacon Auditor has a variety of export options for you to pick and choose depending on your needs. You can export data to a comma separated value (.csv) or tab-delimited (.txt) file or choose to export as HTML or a special XML file. Beacon Auditor also includes a built in zip file exporter for quick file transfer and also includes a URL exporter for emailing company and project specific reports.
Network Inventory
Beacon Auditor is a powerful network inventory tool. It can pull inventory data from a Windows server from over a thousand networks across the globe and export it to an XML file for your analysis. All the information collected is in an easily parseable format that can be used to assist in the diagnosis of any network issue. You can choose to view the data from your home network, the network from one location, all network computers or one device by name. The Beacon Auditor can help you troubleshoot any computer network issues on the fly and even track Microsoft Exchange servers.

What’s New in the Beacon Auditor?

Take Beacon Auditor for a test run to see how useful it can be for you. Beacon Auditor uses Cisco Unity as its foundation and it is a very well written GUI based tool. (Unity needs Cisco Secure Mobility Services to be installed)
Beacon Auditor features:
Quicker Agentless Network Scanning
Full audit logs – always have the data
Advanced and up to date report generation
Unlimited reports for any date range
Unlimited storage for any date range
Agentless Network Scanning
Configurable to include or exclude any device from any network
Security Reports
User and application baseline security reports
Malware and Malware Signatures reports
Syslog and Audit Trail Reports
Pulse or pinger based ICMP ping reports
Preconfigured Routing reports
Network Inventory reports, including
Subnets, Default Routes, IPs, MACs, and DNS records
Logical and Physical Network Inventory reports
Trend Analysis
Hardware Inventory – Operating System, Bandwidth and Processor Resources
Software Inventory – Memory, Hard Drives, SSDs, and Processors
Performance Monitoring
Inventory reports for Memory, Flash, Drives, and CPUs
Application and Process Performance Monitoring – CPU, Memory, Disk, Network
Analyze RAC Servers
Scan MS SQL Servers
Basic Network Firewalls (Cisco ASA/FW)
Analysis of Internet Traffic
Analysis and Troubleshooting of DNS Traffic
Analysis and Troubleshooting of ICMP Traffic
Analysis and Troubleshooting of TCP/UDP Traffic
Lattice Encryption
Decryption/encryption of Lattice encrytped traffic
Routing Reports
Inventory reports for IPs, Subnets, Default Routes
Transparent, agentless topology
Powerful and flexible query filters
Proactive management
Status Email updates
Remote RDP, VNC, or SSH access
Simple to Setup, Easy to Use, and Cost Effective
Instantaneous or scheduled and synchronous or asynchronous scans
Agentless or traditional agent based scans
Complete Open Source Open Virtualization and Web Intelligence support
Dynamic scanning with up to 1000 hosts
Python scripting with extended list of supported mobile devices
Can identify and remove any existing mobile device in seconds
Can remove Wi-Fi devices in seconds
Open Source Open Virtualization Open Virtualization Module (OVM) support (Cisco, Aruba, Ruckus)
Open Source Unified Communications (UC) Open Virtualization Module (OVM) support
Beacon Auditor Requirements

System Requirements:

• Operating System:
– Windows® 8.1 64-bit or later
– Windows® 7 64-bit or later
– Windows® XP 64-bit or later
– Mac OS® X 10.5 Leopard
– Mac OS® X 10.6 Snow Leopard
– Mac OS® X 10.7 Lion
– Mac OS® X 10.8 Mountain Lion
– Mac OS® X 10.9 Mavericks
– Mac OS® X 10.10 Yosemite
– Linux
– Ubuntu 16.04