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Best Site for download MailList Controller Free Free Download [32|64bit]

The remaining top sites don’t have the same huge exposure that the above sites do, nor do they have nearly as many different file types listed as youll find on FileHorse. Instead, these sites are for products like videos, books, music, and software. Keep in mind that torrents aren’t the only way to download files – there are plenty of sites that you can use to pay for software, too.

Theres a fairly straightforward website layout and some helpful (and very well designed) banners. Its easy to find what you want, and you can pay to download stuff. There aren’t many files or types of files – in fact, theres only one file listed on the homepage for most items.

This site boasts a pretty extensive library of software, and lots of different software types, too. If you want to download more than one file at a time, you can view them in a side-by-side grid.

This site is huge – on the top 10 of best torrent sites, for sure. That popularity is in part due to their huge library of games (and software), but also because you can download at a very high speed (although the site does throttle torrents to certain countries – unlike Humble Bundle).

This site is huge, with over 4 million files and thousands of different types of files. Bigger than Bittorrent and bigger than Humble Bundle, and with the ability to download items quickly and securely.

You’ll find every major software program on BitTorrent. As with other torrent sites, it’s important to distinguish between the addware, content, and games. Games aren’t much use if you’re just looking to update your system or browse files on your hard disk, but they’re also pretty pointless if you’re looking to download a program for work or study.