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Best Site for download Screen Scraping Library

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This site has millions of p2p files. So they have a lot of software titles to choose from. However, it is not 100% sure that you are getting what you are looking for since it is not checked by the authors of the site. But the popularity is high which makes it worth visiting.

Finally, the last website for this review, UnknownSoft . It has a library of files from the a variety of sources. It has tools like rTorrent which allows you to download.torrent files, 3dot, InnotRBT a magnet link aggregator. All these tools are handy when you want to download cracked software for windows. However, its sources are not premium and the quality of the files are average.

I have read and researched a lot on the web about this subject, but I have still found out a lot of sites that are faking their users by saying HACK & MOD in their titles. I have also found out a lot of sites that only show you cracked software for the linux platforms. So I decided to find the best one that I could find on the web.

I had to use the Internet to download cracked software because my laptops does not have any BitTorrent client. But I decided to use my Android phone because I hate using my laptop while I travel. And so, this is the review of 8Biters Crack!