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Claves Para Activar Minitab 16 Hit 💪🏿

Claves Para Activar Minitab 16 Hit 💪🏿


Claves Para Activar Minitab 16 Hit

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How to use active links on a page that has a div with an event handler on it

I have a page with some links on it:
Some label text here

And in the same page, there is this piece of code:

Click here
Click here

I would like the clickable div to have a click handler too. The problem is, for some reason it doesn’t work.
So, how do I have to do this to have the active links in the page handle as well as the div with the click handler?


Try this:
Some label text here


Turn off Auto-scroll in TScrollBar

I am trying to create a simple TScrollBar. I am also using Delphi 2010. I want to turn off the auto-scroll feature.
The issue is that the ScrollBar does not move when I hold the left mouse button and the mouse moves. The TScrollBar is not pre-scrolled at 0 and I want it to be zero when I hold the button.
I have read the documentation for TScrollBar and tried all the methods that they offer (SetScrollPos, SetScrollRange, etc) but none of them seem to work.
This is a simplified version of my own code.
procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
//Scrollbar to zero
ScrollBar1.Position := 0;


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