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ColorUtility Crack Registration Code Free [March-2022]

ColorUtility Crack For Windows is an intuitive, easy-to-use and free tool for discovering codes and manipulating colors using an intuitive GUI. The software is capable of manipulating colors: converting colors from any image to greyscale, sepia, negative, magnifying, reflecting and many more.
It also includes a powerful and useful color picker that immediately displays the RGB, HSV and Hex codes of any color you select on the screen.
It also includes a color wheel for displaying all hues in the full RGB color range.
Finally, ColorUtility Crack For Windows is capable of combining colors or filtering using the available tools.
The options provided by ColorUtility software are almost infinite.
Key features of ColorUtility:
– The advanced color picker allows you to pick any color from your desktop.
– It is capable of converting all the colors found on your desktop to greyscale, sepia, negative, magnifying, reflecting and many more.
– From this tool, you can also easily discover the RGB, HSV, Decimal and ASCII codes.
– ColorUtility is also equipped with a color wheel that allows you to select all the colors in the complete range of hues, including the RGB triads, and all the shades in between the red, green and blue channels.
– You can toggle the HSV lightness and hue.
– You can toggle the brightness and saturation for each channel, but also for the entire color.
– You can use the advanced features of ColorUtility to create a totally new color or a mixture of any of your current selections, allowing you to create interesting RGB palettes.
– It’s also possible to reverse the RGB values to negate or increase the selected color, obtain the color if you remove any RGB value, convert a color to greyscale, change the RGB values to odd or even, combine the colors, display RGB values only or only HSV values, convert a color to a sepia tone, display only the red, green or blue channel, etc.
– The Copy and Paste buttons let you copy the selected color to the clipboard, as well as copy to the clipboard the codes of any color on the screen.
– It’s also possible to reveal codes from any image file you load, by choosing between default, sequential, background or random RGB order.
– If you drag and drop a button from the screen, it will appear on any image file you select.
– Last but not least, the software includes

ColorUtility Crack License Key [Mac/Win]

ColorUtility is a utility for finding out the RGB, HSV, HEX, Gray, Color/TSC, RGB/CMYK, HSV/CMYK, HEX/CMYK, ASCII and decimal of any color in your Windows desktop. You can use the software to quickly and easily find out the codes of any color from your desktop, whether the color is the current foreground, background, or active window color, or even a solid brush color. It doesn’t require a hard disk installation and the.NET Framework is not required. Try ColorUtility free for 30 days.

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ColorUtility Crack Product Key Full [32|64bit]

* Find the source code for the program: Click here
* Download the free software: Click here
* Register the application with Microsoft: Click here
* Reach the primary settings page: Click here
* Change the settings: Click here
* Delete the application data: Click here
* Uninstall the program: Click here

Read below the most important features of ColorUtility (2017):

#1 The program has a simple and user-friendly interface

#2 ColorUtility supports the selection and combination of colors from any image file

#3 The full range of tools that ColorUtility offers is actually more than the ones we’ve described

#4 The program converts or sorts color values between the RGB, HSV, HSL, CMYK and HEX modes

#5 There are 9 filter types: Sepia, HSV, CMYK, Grayscale, Red-Cyan, Red-Blue, RGB, HSL and ColorMagic

#6 ColorUtility allows you to create random colors as per your wishes, and to combine two or more colors

#7 The program can get the codes of any color

#8 It also has the ability to open and save image files directly in.JPG,.TIF,.BMP,.PNG,.GIF and.EPS formats

#9 A tiny frame will preview the colors in the form of a preview

#10 You can apply settings and manipulate the colors like choosing just the red, green or blue channels from a picture

#11 You can apply settings and manipulate the colors like choosing just the red, green or blue channels from a picture

#12 You can mix any colors together

#13 You can also take a random color from a picture

#14 There is also a bigger selection of settings you can choose from to modify and enhance your colors

#15 You can also create a random color

#16 You can also intensify, darken and brighten colors

#17 It can display your color in various ways, like as a hue slide, hue circle, hue square, hue line, a Rainbow tool and a color wheel

#18 When you import image files, you can apply general settings without selecting a region

#19 There is a quick-access menu that offers extensive controls and tools for modifying the settings

#20 The program’s working memory is not long-term

What’s New in the ColorUtility?

This is a revolutionary software application that allows you to calculate RGB and HSV levels of any color on your desktop, extract all the possible color codes, as well as manipulate the shades at will.

With ColorUtility you can not only learn to navigate the color space and calculate all the colors in any image, but also to extract the codes of any color from your desktop or any image. And that’s not all: You can also use the software to generate a random color, reverse the colors of a region, get rid of all the colors from an image, and combine any number of colors at a time.

With ColorUtility it’s possible to:
• Create an unlimited number of curves to manipulate any color at will;
• Reverse the colors of a rectangular or circular area, as well as produce a random color by choosing an unlimited number of colors;
• Calculate all the possible RGB and HSV values of any color;
• Extract all the possible codes of any color form your desktop and load any image file;
• Combine a number of colors at a time using the tool to create new, interesting and innovative colors;
• Display only the red, green or blue channel of any color, or have the image in greyscale or sepia.

Colour by number

The software includes a number of solid and gradient shades, as well as a number of hot-trending colors that can easily be modified.


The application comes with an assistant that makes it possible to rotate the images in any direction, including clockwise or counterclockwise.


The tool includes an “undo” and “redo” option, letting you keep and change the settings until a satisfactory result is achieved.


With ColorUtility you can do all sorts of fancy things, such as add all the color codes of any image in a vertical column or rotate them.

Import and export color codes

You can export the color codes of any image you load, as well as import them from images you have already exported.

In one words: ColorUtility is a perfectly working software application that lets you discover the codes of any color from your desktop and any image, perform all kinds of color manipulations, and create unique and personalized shades.

ColorUtility – Version


ColourUtility is a free software application released under the terms

System Requirements For ColorUtility:

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