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The Look Book is a series of interviews with key players from fashion and beauty, including makeup artists, fashion editors, photographers, and musicians. The exhibition is curated by former Euston Studios Curator Alys Rocke and Research Curator Sylvia Trolle Khatib, and features key artists who are driving the industry’s creative dialogue and shaping the identity of the global fashion industry.

The first of two exhibitions curated by Sylvia Trolle Khatib and Alys Rocke, “The Look Book” examines the cultural potential of the face through the lens of portraiture and performance, focusing on the role that the image plays in the ever-evolving role of the celebrity. The works featured in the exhibition, and accompanying monograph (collaborated with Chloë Sevigny and Chloë Sevigny Studio), explore the physical and emotional state of the face through the use of a wide range of media including photography, sculpture, painting, and installation, as well as performance-based installations. By examining the subtext of celebrity within the context of the body, the exhibition reveals the potentially exciting ways that artists are conceptualizing the human face.

Drawing from the estate of private collector Charlotte Kemi, the exhibition features some of the most interesting objects from the collection. In addition to photographs and personal objects such as the face mask made by Marie Duplessis in 1923 for the “Desirée” collection, the exhibition includes specific examples of the face mask as a professional identity and the mask as a method of self-expression, as well as works that examine the relationship between this identity and the celebrity persona.

Sylvia Trolle Khatib and Alys Rocke

Sylvia Trolle Khatib is a former Director of the Department of Printed Textiles at Euston Studios, London. She founded and curated exhibitions for the department, focusing on contemporary textile artists and the global West African diaspora

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backing data to a vector object in c++

I have a class Data, I am trying to push the data into a vector object within it. But the vector objects intialize in thier ctor, but do not give me the intial values.
class Data
vector data_;

void AddData();

I want to be able to push() data into data_, but I am getting all zeros.


Because the assignment operator isn’t defined. That would produce a compile error.
You could just save the number as a float like:
class Data
vector data_;