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Crusader Kings II: Full Plate Metal (April-2022) ⊳


Name Crusader Kings II: Full Plate Metal
Publisher claoli
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From the opening cinematic of the critically acclaimed PC game of 2012, take the controls of one of the greatest characters in medieval history as you become a royal dynasty in the Middle Ages. Play as the Great Houses of England and France and lead your dynasty through the 100 year period from 1066 to 1337. Build an efficient feudal state and lead your people to make history in the Middle Ages.


★ Play as one of the greatest medieval characters in history: Robert “The Bruce” of Bruce’s Line in the Middle Ages.

★ Experience the Middle Ages to become the most powerful person on the planet in real time.

★ Build your own kingdom and lead your people on an epic journey through time in a detailed medieval landscape.

★ Diplomacy and trade are the key elements that influence the economies of the world.

★ The rule of law and warfare are the primary tools for holding a kingdom together.

★ A dynamic and historical environment brimming with complexity makes Crusader Kings III the best medieval strategy game.

Characters can now be gender-swapped in the migration screen. They’ve also been made gender-agnostic in all romance options. This means one gender will continue to be desirable and the other will become the secondary option.

Added the ability to set gender specific and gender neutral children to your children. This means one gender will continue to be desirable and the other will become the secondary option.

Characters can now end certain marriages as long as they are in the same kingdom as the other spouse.

Improved map generation

The Crusader Kings AI has been completely re-written. The new generation system ensures a more stable and enjoyable experience for you and your subjects.

The Added the ability to create vassals if they are at war with a demoted neighbor.

The Added the ability to create vassals if they are in a friendly treaty with a demoted neighbor.

The Added the ability to make a league if it is at war with a demoted neighbor.

The Made some improvements to the stability of the behavior of vassals. It is now much more likely for vassals to consistently exert the behavior they want, rather than exhibiting lagging behavior when their opinion is changing.

The Changed the character sheets to include the same information as the General and Baron sheets (renamed to “Person Sheet”).

The Removed the “Migration to


Features Key:

  • Civilization. Completely new civilizational tree
  • Modular Creative Engine. Full feedback upon changes you make (e.g. buildings, technologies, and units) and immediate visual results
  • Detailed slider for player AI settings
  • Completely renewed combat system
  • Context-sensitive crosshair
  • Context-sensitive unit spotting
  • Highly scalable game engine with unrestrictive graphic and audio settings
  • Smoother and more-correct visual effects via OpenGL 2.0
  • Enhanced 3D modellers for creation of custom buildings and units
  • Out-of-battle “Display” updates to obtain honest and accurate results of in-battle effects
  • “Watchtower” for the development of new technologies (such as buildings)
  • Variants found on the early map layer
  • Numenera Source Device Support (The Mac version only)
  • A Better Fish For Steam Support
  • Works from any DirectX 9 or later system (DirectX 9.1 recommended)
  • LAN support
  • Multiple Language Support (German, French, Italian, Portuguese and English)
  • The Extended Purchase feature supported in the Live Servers is now available for the Steam version


Crusader Kings II: Full Plate Metal Activator Download (Updated 2022)

• New Creation: Build your country in Crusader Kings III, a truly personal sequel to the original Crusader Kings.
• New Objectives: Larger goals and more complex dilemmas await you as you ascend the ladder of royalty.
• New Systems: Overhaul of institutions, marriage and funerals, regicide, factions, and more.
• New Features: Expanded diplomacy, multiple marriage and succession lines, more events, and more.
• New Themes: High fantasy and medieval steampunk are available.

• A Great Country: Expand your kingdom to build the first dynasty.
• A Streamlined Game: Clear and easy-to-use interface.
• A Dynamically Changing World: A carefully crafted world where characters and events influence the changes.
• An Evolving Game: As you play, we will be implementing a dynamic and living world with new events, NPCs, and more.

About the Game:

Crusader Kings III is a game where you create and play as a Medieval European ruler. Play the game from 1066 until 1306, a period that corresponds to the rise and fall of four great kingdoms. As you play the game, your dynasty will grow and change as events in the real world influence your game world.

Crusader Kings III also presents a new and personal experience, by integrating strongly with other features of the CK II engine. Be a historical ruler, or descend from royalty to become a king. Experience an evolved game world that changes as you play.


Unique Features of Crusader Kings III:

New game experience – play as a king, or a lord of a country. Make your family the ruling family, or use your many brothers to your advantage to launch a coup. It’s entirely up to you how you build a dynasty.

Utilize the rich system of dynastic relationships to set your place in history as you try to reclaim the titles of the kings of old. As you choose a dynasty to carry on their legacy, seek to gain the lands and power that are within your grasp.

Watershed Events have a direct impact on the game world as well as your character’s family. Be it a nagging wife, a greedy brother, or a starving people, history is never static. As you and your dynasty move through the ages, the world itself will continue to change. The late period of the game will be especially dynamic as a


Crusader Kings II: Full Plate Metal Free Download [Win/Mac] [2022]

published: 19 Feb 2014

GOBBLE ME: A walkthrough of Crusader Kings III

For this type of video I usually ask my viewers that have already purchased the game to give me feedback and tips about the game. So please have your comments in the comments section below for this video.

published: 29 Nov 2016

Challenge Of The Gods On Full Plate!

Warning! This is a new part of the game and is guaranteed to make you feel old because we are adding some of our best mechanics known so far to this part.

published: 30 Jul 2017

Plate armour in the Crusader kings, Does it work

published: 11 Mar 2016

The New Crusader Kings!

This is my first serious run of Crusader KingsII. Although I’ve played it casually numerous times in the past.
So, in this series of videos, I explain all of the main and optional options that are…

This is my first serious run of Crusader KingsII. Although I’ve played it casually numerous times in the past.
So, in this series of videos, I explain all of the main and optional options that are available that will affect gameplay. I’ll cover all of the different types of equipment and what each one does.
Oh, and of course – then there’s the science which gives us the Mutation bonus. Why does it affect the game, and what can we do with it?
Well, first things first, we’ll go over the items used throughout the game and the pros and cons of each one.
After that, we’ll consider what the actual mechanics are. What happens when one item is added to another item. Or when a new item is added first time round.
Then we’ll look at some of the items that change how the board looks in game… And when that’s done, we’ll talk about the actual science behind it.
And finally, we’ll talk about the unit abilities and what they can actually do.
So, make of that what you will, but it’s a serious of videos that I’ll be doing out over the next few weeks.

This is my first serious run of Crusader KingsII. Although I’ve played it casually numerous times in the past.
So, in this series of videos, I explain all of the main and optional options that are available that will affect gameplay. I’ll


What’s new:

Edition Available Now!

It’s our most ambitious patch yet, with hundreds of new features and improvements, including:

Even the most important characters can die…

Player vs. Player

New systems for player vs. player (PvP) combat provide a smoother, more enjoyable experience that is completely playable as a single player experience. This includes combat in cities and the new political system, which allows you to declare war on your rivals in the other faction!

The political system is now included at game launch, unlike most other games. This means no more entering the relationship editor or downloading an external plugin to enable the relevant features. In-game rules govern the relationships and wars system.

To be able to declare war on someone, you must first become their vassal. You start out as a visiting princelet or duke, and only after declaring yourself a vassal do you become a vassal to the other faction!

During a war, you are free to choose which of your vassals you wish to fund your armies. Each vassal is assigned an army, and acts as a separate faction of your empire. You are free to set the size of each army, and how often they fight (i.e. regimental or full cadre armies), all with a few clicks.

Each vassal can also be given different traits, with varying bonuses to the general health and defenses of its units.

Each time your vassal attacks, or if it is attacked by another faction, they gain one gold gold coin. These coins can be used to recruit units, construct new buildings or buy goods from the vassal’s merchants.

Arianne is now playable

The Fractured Courts

The old courtly system is gone. There is now only one court tier, which is shared by your entire empire and differentiates between the dukes, princelets and your core dynasty members.

While other dukes are still very similar to the old courtier system, like the dynamic court and historical courtiers, your courtiers have been completely reworked. The most important change is that now, nearly all the characters who used to be courtiers are even closer to being simple, personal servants of your dynasty.

Instead of being flexible and able to take on jobs and responsibilities of all different ranks, courtiers are now very specific professions in one of the five court tiers. This includes nobles,


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     Battle of Doonum


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