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dante is Distributed Testing Environment for Artificial Intelligence algorithms. Its main goals is to provide server/client architecture that is capable of testing different artificial intelligence algorithms dealing with some defined problem in the specified environment.
dante also provides separate modules with well-defined roles that can be easily reused in other projects (e.g. network layer, simulation layer).
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– Server-side Agent Module
– Server-side evaluation module
– Server-side Communication module
– Client-side Agent Module
– Client-side evaluation module
– Client-side Communication module
– Client-side Console module
– Client-side OpenCL module
– Client-side Python module
– Client-side TensorFlow module
– Client-side Torch module

dante home page:


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-bash: zsh: command not found : zsh

Previously I was able to log in to a CentOS 7 server.
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dante offers a simple but powerful top-level architecture for creating a distributed AI testing environment.
dante implements different components that are needed to run a distributed AI environment and enables the development of distributed AI applications
dante Modules provide the basis for the testing environment provided by the application
Network provides a very simple and clear network abstraction in a very scalable way. This module is intended to speed up development of distributed AI applications.
Scheduler provides a way to execute a large set of AI algorithms without the need of a main program.
User interface:
User Interface provides a simple yet very powerful abstraction of the user. This module is intended to speed up development of distributed AI applications.
dante Features:
Server/client architecture.
Server can generate and receive data/knowledge.
Client can connect to the server and receives data/knowledge.
Distributed application using a client/server architecture.
Client application using the network abstraction.
Easy to use and familiar API.
A universal interface for all types of AI algorithms.
Specified and unlimited number of machines can be added to the environment.
Easy to use, high level abstraction for the algorithms and the algorithms.
Easy to use, high level abstraction for the user.
Easy to install and configure server and client.
Qt and c++ APIs available.
Appear in [Qt 5.0] (open source) or [C++11] (closed source) Qt.
Ideal to start with AI-based projects.
dante Dependencies:
Other requirements:
C++11 compiler support
dante Support:
Kindly send an email to to obtain access to the dante support website and other support.
If you do not respond, you will be deleted from the software’s package.
dante License:
The dante license is software license bundled with a commercial license, which is included in the main package.
However, the complete source code is available under the GNU General Public License (GPL), which is a very permissive license that allows the source code to be modified for any purpose and use under any license.
The GPL is one of the most powerful licenses in the free software world.
It also allows you to use dante for free.
Before using, you must read the

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Download dante (clients+server) and execute it by typing dante at the command line.

dante clients run as a daemon that uses TCP port to send the tests to the server (default port is 5081).

dante server runs at the specified address and port and listens for incoming test requests from dante clients.

dante clients send simple JSON messages for test requests.

dante server accepts simple JSON requests from the clients and executes the tests, after that dante server returns simple JSON message for test results.

In the following examples, dante is used to test some simple artificial intelligence algorithm and a neural network.
dante features:

dante supports searching in a JSON document: this makes it simple to build scripts that specify which tests to execute by specifying the domain’s name (e.g. search test for Wikipedia, search test for IMDB, etc.).

dante supports grouping tests in a single directory in order to execute them simultaeneously (useful when you have scripts that specify a class of tests to execute).

dante supports custom executable (provided by dante client) that can be executed from the server.

dante can be used to execute complex tests (e.g. neural network learning/training from image/video stream).

dante has been used in real projects (e.g. and Clove.AI) to show that dante can be used for different purposes and it’s not only a framework for AI testing.
NOTE: dante clients support both “standard” JSON requests/responses and “advanced” JSON messages that can be used to request/respond with more complex configurations such as object-oriented models, video stream, etc.

NOTE: all dante clients must be running in the same machine as dante server in order to execute tests.
NOTE: dante server is developed with python 3.x and it uses sockets 4+ for communication.
NOTE: dante uses no frameworks (no build tools, no libs, no dependencies, no nothing), but relies on standard python modules (e.g. ws4py, requests, etc.)
NOTE: dante clients can be easily reused in other projects.
NOTE: dante client is released under the MIT license.

Alternative: dante client can be used on a local machine with exactly the same features.


What’s New In?

dante is an open source distributed artificial intelligence testing
infrastructure. dante is multi-rooted, modular,
self-archiving, self-documenting and extensible with
a defined API.
dante is distributed, supports both client and server
architecture and can be used to simulate different
artificial intelligence algorithms.
dante has been successfully used in a project to
evaluate semantic networks (e.g. Wikipedia) for
biomedical applications.
dante is now transitioning in the state of a
full-featured, general and multi-platform test
dante is a tool for the development of high-performance
artificial intelligence algorithms.
dante uses a lightweight and powerful framework for
handling the artificial intelligence algorithms.
For example, dante can test on its own a multi-layered
artificial intelligence application, or
test a multi-layered artificial

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i3
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 50GB available space on hard drive
If you would like to leave feedback, please use the steam feedback service
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