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Bojanovac: See, this is the problem, all of these surveys that try to sort out our sex lives and try to classify them by letter grades are becoming pretty much irrelevant. Social norms have changed so completely over the last ten years or so that there are almost as many people who have never had sex as there are who have had lots and lots of partners. So the idea of “casual sex” as an activity that you then get graded on based on the number of times you participate in it or the frequency with which you participate in it is not one that’s applicable to modern society. People don’t perceive themselves as having casual sex any more than they perceive themselves as having a committed relationship, but they have lots of sex. And that’s just part of being a sexual creature. The idea of signing up for eHarmony or and all this stuff about getting graded on a hundred points just doesn’t seem to apply anymore. It’s not quite right. Why don’t we all agree to simply say that the other person likes it, and we both enjoy it. It’s perfectly fine to be a wanker or a slut, and it’s perfectly fine not to have sex or to have it once in a blue moon, and it’s perfectly fine to be promiscuous.

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And this is where our busy lives take us, to a mere two weeks ago when we were over at Jenna’s shoving our way through a buffet of Brussels sprouts and cookies and cannoli. She had convinced the girl working the counter at her Santa Monica restaurant to save two whole pieces for us. She did that, and it was perfect. We stuck the big bolognese-and-chorizo-soaked disks in the oven, and later we washed them down with two glasses of Malbec. She came home to a greasy, flaky, branless, almost deliciously bad mess of a meal. But we spent the afternoon making love.
What we’re talking about here is a type of sex that, for most people, will be just a few hours or a few days at best and a lot of other people, a lot of different people. It’s not very serious, it might be furtive, it might be transactional, it might be fleeting, and more often than not, it’s damned hard to determine what the consequences will be. That

By Adam Friedman, The Conversation
23 March 2017 – Whether casual sex is good or bad for your heart comes down to two questions. The first: How does casual sex relate to traditional relationships — marriage, live-in relationships, or even “the friendship-based tinder app”? The second is: What about casual sex more generally — casual hookups, one-night stands, or a person’s preference for one-night stands.1
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Once the wrong person comes along, the further the relationship goes the less time you spend prepping your back story. This is likely why people who have casual sex tend to be more open-minded than those who prefer a more traditional relationship. While comparing types of casual sex people have had or will have is tricky, researchers at Indiana University have found that single women with children are more likely to have casual sex than women who are still seeking a long term partner. This, along with other research, also suggests that women are far more likely to have casual sex than men. Men, on the other hand, are more likely to enter a relationship for companionship, usually over a longer period of time. 2. Keep it casual.
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It’s easy to start having casual sex because you’re completely relaxed about dating a new person. But when the attachment moves beyond platonic friendship, your casual hookup becomes intimate. What are the emotional reactions you should keep an eye out for as a person’s feelings toward you become more serious?5. Want it bad.
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Sex with someone who doesn’t return your interest probably won’t be nearly as enjoyable as sex with someone who does. There are plenty of theories about why this is, but a few things are for certain. Casual hookups are easier and more likely to feel like a done deal than someone you know really, really likes you. And due to the possibility of getting laid without getting emotionally attached, you’re less likely to be disappointed by a relationship that doesn’t work out than if you’ve been talking for months or even years. 6. Hold back.
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For some, casual sex can feel like a total deal breaker when you’re with someone who wants a long-term relationship. But it’s possible to have casual sex with someone who is completely okay with a hookup and you with a different outcome. Don’t rush into anything that feels too serious too early, just because someone wants to be exclusive, but if they’re not willing to entertain the concept of casual sex and you both