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CATch the Stars is a space adventure, jRp focused online game, which has been designed specifically to introduce users and new gamers to the wonders of the universe.
The game is targeted at adults and is not designed for children.
CATch the Stars is a solo, non-combat game where one can spend their time in any number of different ways, discovering planets, mining asteroids, taking on different kinds of missions and exploring the cosmos.
CATch the Stars is a Sci-Fi game where you play the part of a character, finding hidden treasure on the planets, and through quests and missions, trying to survive the dangers of the galaxy.
The game requires an internet connection and is optimized to be played in the browser.
CATch the Stars is free to play, and is a game with no in-game purchases. The game is about 25 years old and is having its final re-release.

Game Development:
CATch the Stars:
CATch the Stars is based on a unique collaboration between Elektronik GmbH, a hi-tech company from Germany, and the German publisher Brandwatch Media GmbH.
Elektronik was founded in the year 2000 and has developed a number of successful games, games designed to introduce newcomers to the game industry.
Brandwatch Media GmbH, based in Hamburg, was founded in the year 2010 and is well-known in the German game scene for promoting electronic gaming.
The two companies have worked together on many occasions over the last ten years, producing titles such as the award-winning games eMAME and Greedy Skyfox.
The two companies also produced two previous games, Greedy Skyfox and RGO, which were both critically acclaimed.

Game Design:
The overall game design of CATch the Stars is a Sci-Fi game, primarily focused on the player exploring and exploring the universe, discovering strange planets, enemies and obstacles.
It also contains role playing elements, taking the player through exciting adventures and making them earn money.
The player takes the role of the human, and not the star in the game.
The player starts by selecting a name, species and gender.
The player is then taken through a tutorial, teaching the player how to fight, survive, and explore.
The entire tutorial lasts less than 10 minutes and players are able to get started right away.
Once players become comfortable with the tutorial, they can begin to choose their


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  • Gametype: BBS
  • Online – Mac Version
  • Gametype: (Linux/Windows/Mac)
  • 1 – 8 Players
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