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The cartoon racing genre is back on the mobile market with new characters and game ideas. The modern high-tech racing car resembles a jet hoverboard that can be controlled using the thumb, in a manner very similar to the touch screen.
Drift Mania features three tracks (43 corners, there are 37 for the second game in the series) with beautiful, modern, high-resolution graphics.
Full 3d racing game with high-quality graphics, with a beautiful visual style.
Tilt the car and perform great drift stunts.
Slide on the tracks, collect bonus points by performing stunts and auto-pass to achieve faster times.
Avoid hazards, do not get hit by the barrels that throw themselves on the road.
Drift Mania requires no real driving skill, to drive it, you will need to focus on the timing, and keep enough speed and avoid the barrels.
– Left and right tilt
– Wrist to go forward or backward
– Tap to jump
– Touch the back of the gas pedal to accelerate.
– Tap the back of the brake to slow down.
– Control the drift by tilting your device.
– Automatically go forward during acceleration.
– Tap the screen to activate auto-pass.
– Auto-pass triggered by squeezing the screen, between 1 and 7 seconds.
– Tap the screen to get rid of the auto-pass.
– You can select the level of difficulty in the Settings.
Game Features:
– Different 3d tracks
– Nice visual style
– Dynamic music
– Complexity
– For the whole family
– For the newcomers
– For the game lovers
Are you ready for a new adventure of racing in the cartoon style? Come on and get full drift into the colorful and fun racing game Drift Mania.
*** For our younger and/or visually impaired users ***
You can play Drift Mania Lite, our game with simpler graphics, without the barrel feature, a game without a full 3d landscape. It’s a game for everyone, and it has more fun than Drift Mania.
Play Drift Mania.
– App interface and features explained in the Google Play Help Center.
– Watch the video tutorial to understand how to play the game.
– Download Drift Mania Lite from the Google Play store.

Drift Mania is a game for people who enjoy racing and freewheeling in space. Stop dreaming of new cars and drive the scooter for a change: this is


Features Key:

  • INFINITE WINNING SCREEN DURATION. Play as long as you want.
  • MORE THAN 40 LEVELS. Collect the crazy items as you progress and you will be top of the list!
  • HORRENDOUS ADVENTURE. New amazing adventures await you. Are you ready to jump in?
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    Drift Mania

    If you have a taste for adrenaline, live the best drift racing in a high-speed world of rivalries and disasters.
    Drag your controller to steer your scooter around the tracks and don’t let any barrels stop you.
    Compete with three other drivers and see who has the most points at the end.
    Take on the circuit a variety of cars, sportscars, heavy trucks, tanks, and boats.
    – A variety of thrilling car models, from ultra-lightweight to heavy trucks
    – Realistic physics simulation
    – Stylish driver’s chairs
    – Original soundtrack
    – Mood music change during the game
    – German voice-over
    – You can set the game title and options in the game.


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    How To Play?

    How to play Drift Mania Crack? Easy, it’s just a drag and drop game, which you can play in the browser for free and you will see a final result as you play! How to play? Easy, it’s just a drag and drop game, which you can play in the browser for free and you will see a final result as you play!

    How To Play?

    How to play Drift Mania Crack Free Download? Easy, it’s just a drag and drop game, which you can play in the browser for free and you will see a final result as you play! How to play? Easy, it’s just a drag and drop game, which you can play in the browser for free and you will see a final result as you play!


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    About This Game

    Driving an unusual car, which resembles a mixture of a scooter and a jet hoverboard that is ready to tear and throw, perfectly fitting into


    Drift Mania Crack + PC/Windows [April-2022]

    1. Put the car into the screen center.2. You start in reverse.3. Touch the accelerator and drift your car to avoid the barrels that would come in your way.4. Earn gold coins while completing various tasks and level up.5. The best part of the game is the thrilling end where all the players race for the top position in order to get to the final and complete the game. Let’s drift and show the world how you really feel!

    # WATCH OUT# – Don’t push the accelerator too much. Push it just enough for you to make the next apex, and not break your car.

    Race yourself to victory through 40 tricky racing tracks and 20 exciting game modes. Just press the Run button and start racing.

    ✔ 40 Challenging levels are guaranteed to keep you on your toes. ◀ + 10 modes have also been added. [More coming soon!] ◀ + Watch out for collision damage and plenty of other hazards that will slow you down. ◀ + Six exciting new characters and even more vehicles are waiting for you. ◀ + New core gameplay mechanics have also been added, which make the gameplay experience even more challenging and thrilling.

    ✔ Players are now provided with a new objective to achieve throughout each level.◀ + You will also be given a simple way to keep track of your personal progress. ◀ + There are also more ways to unlock new tracks.

    Supercar Challenge challenges you to keep a safe distance from others and become the champion. The game requires players to upgrade their cars and then beat up against other opponents with a variety of moves. Do you have what it takes to become the champion?

    * Supercar Challenge supports multiple screens. The app will offer multi-tasking for every type of device to increase the game play enjoyment.

    What’s new in this version:

    * Bug fixes and new features.

    Supercar Challenge


    Please Rate Us!

    Please rate our app by giving us a five-star rating (5 being the best) and write any comments or suggestions that you may have in the “Wish List” or the “Bug Reports” section of the in-app menu.

    27 May 2018

    Happy May Day, everyone!


    What’s new in Drift Mania:


    Drift Mania has a gameplay cycle of quick to double quick to pickup the remaining prizes. Tons of different obstacles await you in Drift Mania: 2x Rollovers, 5x Boosts and Star Pieces that can be traded for one of 4 Power Ups.

    There are over 30 different courses in all, with each theme offering an array of different obstacles. For instance, somewhere you’ll find an Arrow themed course complete with speed boosting Arrows that burst through the speed limit.

    Ride over a ridiculous amount of obstacles, from Rail-Guns to Mega-Chunks and even split-pillars! And there’s nothing you can do about it, there will be Cross-Trainers and Crocodile obstacles in your path, and even in the free ride section!

    Drift Mania features over 35 different vehicles, including a high fashion escape ride that’s powered by a Free Ride gimmick that levitates.

    Excluding the Free Ride, all other vehicles have a health bar limiting the time you can drive. Once your health bar is full, it’s game over! You can also get Green Star Pieces by driving through poles!

    You can earn Extra-Bonus Stars by driving under an Attack Gardening Pole!

    Drift Mania also features 12 different layouts.

    This game is originally from Brazil and features an Alix theme, and it also has full Google Play Achievements support.

    What’s New
    – New 10 course of Super Update.
    – Complete all the story for the Grand Prix mode and unlock the Chance Card In-App feature. (BONUS FUN!)
    – New 8 new vehicles including 8 new obstacles.
    – Fully implemented Cross-Trainers. (You’ve been warned!)
    – New game looks, new artwork, new mini-games, new menus and more….


    * Run, jump, and drift through eye-f**kng scenarios! * Get on your grubby hooves and don’t stop moving until you’re the furthest you can run. * Run over obstacles, destroy ramps, and attack the bad guys along the way! *


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    How To Install and Crack Drift Mania:

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    • Making Test Game Stick
    • PC Master Mode
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    System Requirements For Drift Mania:

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