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Made in cooperation with the really fun folks at Flatfish Games, Gloom is a big, bad, fast-paced deck-building horror game. For 2 – 5 players, you’ll scour the decaying European countryside, searching for valuables and solving a variety of investigations.
You’ll build up your own team of investigators, equip them with items, cards, and Residences to uncover the truth behind the mysteries you encounter and come up with the darkest, most morbid ideas.
In addition, every Residence has a unique set of Modifiers and Events and will transform your entire home into a haunted house of new horrors.
◆ Real time turn-based gameplay
◆ The game continues until a player succeeds at uncovering all the truth cards
◆ The game features an underappreciated cooperative mechanic
◆ Dozens of cards and locations
◆ Available in English and German
◆ More than 600 collectible images!
◆ 6 Secrets of the Depths PDF
◆ 2 New Game Master Rules PDF
◆ New Monsters (Animal and Corpse cards)
◆ New Missions
◆ Check the cast list on the website!
◆ Special Thanks to Flatfish Games
◆ New Locations!
◆ New Mechanics!
◆ New Characters!
◆ New Events and Attractors!
◆ New Modifiers!
◆ 3 Chapters in the Bookcase
◆ New Sounds!
◆ New Monsters (Human and Humanoid cards)
◆ New Residences
◆ Numerous New Images
◆ Many New Cards
◆ 3 official Patches
◆ 1 Large key image
◆ 1 Manual
◆ 2 New Secrets of the Depths
◆ 2 Resident Evil 5 Key Artworks
◆ 1 New Opening
◆ 1 New Ending
◆ 12 New Haunted House Locations
◆ 1 Residence file
◆ 1 Instruction manual
◆ 1 FAQ
◆ 7 Lore Files
◆ 2 Secrets of the Depths Backpack PDF

Product Description
With more than 30 DLC packs already released, Evil Genius: Director’s Cut is THE essential Evil Genius strategy board game. Unleash your creativity and break through brick walls in intense, crazy action packed battles where no player is safe from Evil Genius’s cruel and dangerous traps!
You are Evil Genius, a ruthless mind and master strategist, who has taken control of your corporation and been tasked with eliminating all the opposition.


Features Key:

  • player vs player
  • 6 characters class
  • 72 levels
  • 6 modes
  • 200 bullets
  • 60+ monsters
  • 2-5 players
  • free gold
  • match the world
  • smooth and fast
  • online easy to play

  • It’s Wednesday, January 30th and welcome to another edition of the Leading Off Blog Series. In our lead-off post from last week, we go over the red-hot leadoff talent in the early betting race. Our second post will cover the middle of the pack, those hitters deemed the most likely to break out from 2013 to 2014. Third post will focus on the back of the pack, the batter rather than hitter that is the least likely to outperform their rookie season.

    Before you read any further, this is why I am using the word “Possibly.” There were just two guys, Chris Davis and Peter Bourjos, that were atop my expectation list that are playing awful baseball right now. That’s really not something to celebrate. Being that I’m late to the tournament, I’m going to use this post to talk more about some of my favorite players to track this year. These players are the ones not likely to break out but still have a shot to have a breakout season.

    Leadoff Hitter Needs Improvement

    There are a handful of players in the American League that are leading off, usually in lock step with Joe Mauer. The Royals and Tigers are just two examples of this, but the players in this spot do not seem to have a plan. There is a strong advantage to batting first, not only does it start a series in a more favorable spot for them, but it gives them better protection late in a game


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    The second season of Arcaea Music DLC, now in English!
    Archea is a game that centers around four protagonists who join the making of music together.
    Before the story begins, you choose the hero that you want to play as. Then, you will meet the other three characters who were your partners at that time.
    If you’re in love with the story, please keep in mind that you might want to invest more time to finish the story.
    Therefore, this game will only be available for paid users.
    If you are willing to give up your money, please download and enjoy this game!
    The demo version is free for anyone who wants to try it out!
    This time, the heroes are four musicians, and they will be creating a song together.
    During the process, they were known as the younger and energetic of a group of four of musicians, but they gradually became cold and one-dimensional.
    One day, these four heroes were approached by a special training institution, and each hero was assigned with a special partner, each with their own style and color in music.
    Of course, the four heroes were also different from each other.
    In other words, these four heroes were not equal to each other at all.
    But when they finally made up their mind, they were happy and decided to go on, and agreed to cooperate to create the best song in existence.
    However, things are not always what they seem to be, and the four heroes will have to work together to overcome obstacles together and make their dreams come true.

    Buy DLC
    Arcaea Music DLC season 2
    More information can be found at ‘Arcaea’.
    Title: Modelista
    Artist: HiTECH NINJA
    From ‘Arcaea’ ©︎ lowiro 2019
    Difficulty: Simple 2 / Normal 7 / Hard 13
    BPM: 165
    About This Game:
    The second season of Arcaea Music DLC, now in English!
    Archea is a game that centers around four protagonists who join the making of music together.
    Before the story begins, you choose the hero that you want to play as. Then, you will meet the other three characters who were your partners at that time.
    If you’re in love with the story, please keep in mind that you might want to invest more time to finish the story.
    Therefore, this game will only be available for paid users.
    If you are willing to give up your money


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    The V100 is a true classic of DB locomotive design and one of Germany’s finest diesel locomotives. Relatively light and nimble, it’s perfect for shunting on slow, lightly loaded freight trains. The design is still used today on German and Swiss freight locomotives, and is still holding its own in daily passenger service in Eastern Europe.

    Even though the V100 made its debut in 1966, it was at a time when the future of the diesel locomotive was limited to low-power shunting on lightly loaded freight trains. However, when DEBRA was introduced a few years later, the V100 was the perfect locomotive for it. In fact, the V100 became one of the most widespread DEBRA locomotives in Germany. It was still in service on the Main and Mittelland lines in the 1980s and 1990s, and still operates to this day.

    The V100 is one of the lighter German diesel locomotives. It’s a popular lightweight shunter on freights which also operate on light passenger duties. It’s a good companion for light passenger trains as well. It also travels on the long-distance trains of Deutsche Bahn and cross-border services on the Main and Mittelland lines. The V100 is one of the most successful members of the Deutsche Bundesbahn and a favorite of German drivers, business men, and tourism departments.

    This add-on makes the V100 available, retro-fitted with a much-needed higher power engine, in the most authentic DB Red livery, and in true-to-life appearance. With the right driving equipment, the V100 is capable of speeds up to 100km/h (62mph). Other improvements include the following:

    A new, more powerful three-stage fluid torque converter transmission gearbox, with additional 2-speed mechanical gearbox.

    A PZ80r PZB90 V2.0 with AZ720 and Time-Time SIFA safety systems.

    More accurate braking performance and more powerful brakes.

    Improved third gear speed, which allows the locomotive to travel up to 100km/h (62mph).

    A redesigned engine location inside the hood, higher roof position, and a new radiator fan location.

    Here, you can experience the V100 as it looks in detail.

    New: Can fit both the original and high-powered engine, which features the DB-114 engine, as


    What’s new in EEP 15 – Expert Upgrade:


    In 1980, Georgia Edgerton, the film historian, professor and director of the American Film Institute, made the film Tiger Town. She told us a lot about how we have come to place value on, or “construct” identity, by mostly focusing on the Kodak versus Fuji war over American “palm” versus “silver leaf” film.

    The difference is, depending on when you were born, your view of what photography represents may have changed significantly. The early pioneers of photography, like the stereographers and the pioneers of “alternative” new technologies, were pushed to their breaking point by the victories of the status quo.

    Similarly, in the military, the advance of technology, access to the latest weaponry and the instant digital image on a single chip turned the tide and the Cold War ended. At the same time, though, a hubris led to the replacement of the person in the field with the trigger finger. The targets now are whales that rocket the ocean into the air; kids whose vulnerabilities cannot be calculated; and birds with wings that didn’t exist when the U.S. Marines were mowed down on the beaches of Iwo Jima.

    There has always been, and will always be, a series of betrayals of the people who serve us by their governments that far exceed the persecution of gays or blacks. They now include: the drone operators who push buttons without understanding the pathology of the conflict they create; the generals of Afghanistan who are as clueless as they are arrogant; the servicemen and women who often quietly disobey or undermine their superiors; the members of special forces armed with the finest weaponry with no directives to use it wisely, and the nature of the horizon themselves. One day, the dissonant, unsettling, confusing noise will wake up. Maybe that day is today.

    Another war, a quiet one, has been quietly and successfully fought against the individual.

    Of course you know about the psychological state of “Prepper” syndrome that so many people suffer – a way of life in which they experience the present as almost cyclical. This is a survivalist anxiety that comes out of the “now, panic and prepare” culture that has always stalked people who are either convinced that the skies are always falling, that there will be a sudden infestation of zombies and a Type-II Mad Cow epidemic at any moment, or that there will be a worldwide invasion by a super


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    Reaper Online is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) where players can create their own unique character and enjoy a variety of both PvE and PvP content.
    Players must seek to uncover the truth behind the mysterious world of Excalibur and the staff that is hell-bent on bringing the players’ world to an end.
    Players will journey through Excalibur, battling fiends, and helping fellow players as they battle to survive and piece together the truth.List of state leaders in 1394

    Ethiopian Empire – Yeshaq I (1384–1395)
    Kingdom of Kongo – João I, Manikongo of Kongo (1382–1433)
    Kingdom of Kwararafa – Ali III (1388–1391)
    Mali Empire – Mari bin Bihari (1388–1398)
    Mauritania –
    Ankurikiya (1387–1394)
    Makhrama al-Munsif (1394–1396)

    Ilkhanate – Abu Sa’id Bahadur Khan (1354–1369)
    Yuan dynasty – Emperor Bing (1359–1367)
    Bahmani Sultanate – Ala-ud-din Bahman Shah, Sultan of the Bahmani Sultanate (1382–1403)
    Bangladesh –
    Bara Katola (1385–1394)
    Khizr Khan (1391–1395)
    China (Ming dynasty) – Hongwu Emperor (1368–1398)
    Kingdom of Chūzan – Satto (1355–1395)
    Kingdom of Hokuzan – Haniji (1322–1395)
    Japan (Muromachi period)
    Monarch (Northern Pretender) – Emperor Go-Kameyama (1383–1392)
    Monarch (Southern Court) – Emperor Go-Murakami (1368–1394)
    Ashikaga shogunate – Ashikaga Yoshimitsu (1368–1394)
    Korea (Goryeo Kingdom) –
    U (1392–1394)
    Goo-ju (1394–1395)
    Kingdom of Nanzan – Ofusato (1337–1396)
    Siam – Ram Khamhaeng (1386–1395)

    Kingdom of


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    System Requirements For EEP 15 – Expert Upgrade:

    OS: Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Windows® 8.1, Windows® 10
    Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Windows® 8.1, Windows® 10 Processor: Intel® Core™ i5, i7
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    4 GB RAM Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX® 660 (Shader Model 4.0) or AMD Radeon R9-290X
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX® 660 (Shader Model 4.0) or AMD Radeon R9-290