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The order of the El Dawning forces have been decimated, and the great Paladin army was wiped out. Your main objective is to save your homeland from tyranny. To do so, you must find powerful weapons and the mythical Deities to wield them.
With the mystical Elpower you can use your Deities to command the elements, harnessing the power of each one and creating spells of destruction.
Assume your role as an El Lord and play the action RPG Tarnished!

Recommended System Requirements:

OS:Windows Vista SP2 or later

CPU:SOMA, Intel Core2 Quad Q6600 2.40GHz or AMD Phenom X3 965 3GHz

Memory:4 GB RAM or 6 GB RAM

Video:Nvidia GTX 295 or ATI HD 4890(DirectX 10.1 compatible graphics card)

Hard Disk Space:34 GB

Sound Card:Minimum 512 MB DirectX compatible sound card

*Additional hardware requirements may apply depending on whether Multiplayer is used or not.
**Search for additional hardware requirements in the official press release.
*The minimum specifications do not guarantee a normal gameplay experience, but they are the minimum the game development team require to achieve.

About Playism
Playism is a Japan-based publisher that was established in 1999. During that time, we published over 200 titles and have exported 20 titles to other regions. Our internal R&D team is mainly developers with a strong background in software development.

Our internal R&D team is made up of developers who would like to release games that will promote the development of the culture and local economy of Japan and with which they can take pride.

Of course, we also publish titles that were developed by overseas companies. At present we are encouraging the globalization of indies and publishers.

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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Role Playing Game – Galaydiel
  • Epic Drama – The Lands Between
  • Never-ending Dungeon – The Grand Return
  • Breathtaking Battle – Two-Weaponed Heroes
  • Hundreds of Character Traits and Character Skills – Scraps of Humanity
  • Combine the skills and weapons of legendary heroes – Your own Elden Lord
  • Cinematic Battles and Avatar System – The Avatar System
  • Vast World with 0% Loading – Enemy Locator
  • City of Dusk – Mar Roderick
  • Item Farming – Fighting Card
  • Hero Point System – Fight against powerful enemies
  • Customized Appearance and Equipments – Magicous Blessings
  • Shadows of Elden – Shadow Rune, Shadow Effects
  • Combine Shadows of Elden with eight Heroes – Rune Gate
  • Two-way Combat – Epic and Online Battle
    • Asia -> South America –> New World
    • Thundering Mountain Shatter — <, –> Mountains Madness -> Mountain Desert
    • Deep Sea — <, <, <, < –> Subterranean Ruins of the Cursed Land –> Ruins of the Lost Land
    • Catacombs of the Black Dungeons — <, <, <, < — <, < –> Underground Mysteries of Ancient Dark Cave
    • Hall of Heroes — <, <, <, <, < < –> Ancient Destiny Throwing a Good Party
    • Black Desert of the Lost — <, <, <, <, <, < — <, <, < –> An Eleventh Adventure for the Robe of Glory

      Elden Ring Free Download

      “This RPG title was recommended to me by a friend, and i decided to give it a shot. The game is fun and i enjoyed it a lot. The UI could use some tweaking, but i’m not one to nitpick about that. If you’re looking for some fantasy fun, or a good time, this is the game for you!”

      – The Immortal Kevin

      “I didn’t know what to expect with this game, but it certainly didn’t disappoint!…The game is a great online fantasy adventure and the graphics are fabulous.”

      – Bionic Spell

      “…It’s a nice RPG with big dungeons and lots of items to gather. The character system is cute.”

      – Paranoidin’ Gamer

      “It was a good, action RPG that had the beauty and the fun I was hoping for. It had something in there to make it a worthy purchase.”

      – Eyebutter43

      “There are some good dungeons and a lot of great equipment to be obtained.”

      – ColorizeDead

      “Character creation is a fun option… There is a great experience to be had with this game; it’s just a little rough around the edges.”

      – Gamerworld

      “This is a great game with tons of content and a great dynamic gameplay… It’s a nice change of pace from the usual 3D action RPGs.”

      – Crocodile in the Can

      “The game is great, really well designed, and surprisingly fun.”

      – My Little Dog Symphony

      “The character-building customization is well executed and the game is exceptionally deep….you’ll find yourself willing to dive into the details of the game as you make your way through.”

      – Shiny Nio

      “… This game is pretty cool… the combination of an RPG and an action game, that is really rare.”

      – G-MAN

      “The character creation is very well done, with a lot of options, and the AI is quite good. If you like fantasy, dungeons, action rpgs, this is a definite buy.”

      – Fantasy_Lover

      “It’s a fun game with nice art and a lot of challenges.”

      – Play with Dragons

      “The game is a great RPG adventure packed with skill trees, a sizable world to explore, and plenty of loot to be gathered…. The game features a distinct turn-based combat system, with enemies dropping loot


      Elden Ring Free [Win/Mac]

      ● Unique Online Play

      ● Combining Online and Offline Elements

      ● 2D action RPG game

      ● More than 100 quests to complete!

      User Reviews:

      □ Recommended by leading magazines: Weekly Famitsu, Game Post, Game. Magazine

      “We recommend this game in the first person RPG category. It has a decent tone and is fun to play.”

      “I had an absolute blast playing this game. This should be in every anime anime. This has got to be one of the best Japanese RPGs out there. The action is fantastic, the control and camera work are perfectly done. If you like playing with physics, then this game is for you.”

      “It was an awesome experience to play this amazing action RPG. The interactive battle system was really enjoyable.”

      “The game was the best the genre has seen in quite a while. I was surprised how enjoyable the whole game was, even up until the story began to unfold. The game was very fun, even though some of the combat could be a bit repetitive at times.”

      “Never before have I seen a game that can bring me back from the dead and make me feel such admiration for its effort. It is by far the most fun I’ve had with a RPG to date.”

      “I’m glad that I was able to finally play this game, and it has certainly been a fun experience. I’d love to see more games like this.”

      □ Recommended by leading dictionaries: Nikkei Word Power Dictionary, Meikai Dictonary

      “It was an amazing experience to finally play this, and it was truly my favorite RPG on the PS3.”

      “The game was insanely fun from start to finish. I highly recommend it.”

      □ Recommended by leading magazine: Famitsu

      “The graphics in this game were incredibly detailed and astonishing. The characters looked pretty good too.”

      “It was a pretty darn fun game. Some of the gameplay was even reminiscent of the classic Playstation game Final Fantasy Tactics.”

      “This game’s graphics, however, are the most amazing I have ever seen in the genre. It was such a treat to play this game. It was an overall pleasant experience.”

      “I never anticipated how fun this game would be. The gameplay was a joy to play.”

      □ Recommended by leading magazine: Hot Gamer


      What’s new:

      Thanks to the possibilities of the 3D graphics, Ambrosia powerfully combines a turn-based role-playing game with a battle system. With all of the great legacy provided by the Ys series, enjoy a brave fantasy adventure to the deepest depth!

      System requirements

      The minimum system requirements for “Ambrosia ’g Age of the Zeni.’ is as follows:

      • OS: PlayStation®4 (PlayStation®3 and PC versions download required).
      • CPU: Intel´ Celeron or greater (Android OS & iOS version compatible).
      • GPU: 1GB VRAM (Android OS & iOS version compatible).
      • HDD: space of at least 7GB (Android OS & iOS version compatible).
      • Network: Broadband Internet connection.

      Recommended specifications

      The recommended system requirements for “Ambrosia ‘g Age of the Zeni.’ is as follows:

      • OS: PlayStation®4 (PlayStation®3 version download required).
      • CPU: Intel´ Celeron or greater.
      • GPU: 1GB VRAM (Android OS & iOS version compatible).
      • HDD: space of at least 8GB.
      • Network: Broadband Internet connection.

      Ambrosia ’g Age of the Zeni.’ is PlayStation®4 game that uses Ambrosia ’g Ambrosia,’ PlayStation®3 game that uses Ambrosia ’g Ambrosia,’ and PlayStation®´ Vita version that uses Ambrosia ’g Ambrosia.Android and iOS version uses Ambrosia ’g Ambrosia,


      Free Download Elden Ring Crack + With Keygen [Mac/Win] [Updated] 2022

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      How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

    • Link game with the KEYS (Activate Key by Enter the activation Code in the Keyfield)

    Download the ElDR.exe

    • Download link:World Of Tarnished Empires (v2.0.7)

    Unzip this & Windows

    • Extract & Run
    • All Done 😀

    Enjoy This Game!

    0:00 – Introduction
    0:35 – Introduction
    2:25 – How To Install & Crack Elden Ring:
    2:44 – Features
    6:31 – How To Register Your Game
    7:03 – Game Modes
    8:35 – How To Become A Lord Of Elden Ring?
    9:47 – Customize & Imbue Your Character
    11:12 – Just Move And Fight
    12:25 – How To Play In Clash of Elden Ring Mode?
    15:07 – Customize Items
    16:19 – Customize Items 2
    20:14 – What is & How To Ride A Horse
    22:26 – Care About Your Character
    24:56 – A Brief History Of Tale
    25:58 – Choosing The Right Items
    29:37 – The Evolution Of The Elden
    29:47 – How Can You Win The Battle In Strategy Battle Mode?
    30:07 – How Can You Win The Battle In Battle Of Data Mode?
    30:25 – The Evolution Of The Life-Giving Flower
    30:41 – How Can You Become A Lord Of the Elden Ring?
    34:18 – How Battle in Multiplayer Mode?
    38:01 – How To Become A Lord Of Elden Ring?
    38:50 – Can You Complete So Many Levels By The Advice Of Your Enemies?
    42:30 – General Information
    43:30 – About Personal Story
    45:00 – About Windows Installer
    49:14 – About NO Demo Version
    5:04 – About About Full Version
    5:09 – About About System Requirements
    5:39 – About About Screenshots
    5:44 – Contact


    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1
    Processor: Intel Core i3 / AMD Phenom II x3 845
    Memory: 4 GB
    Graphics: OpenGL 3.3 compatible with Intel HD 4000 and AMD Radeon HD 6750
    Hard Drive: 20 GB available space
    DirectX: Version 11
    How to Install Game:
    Select your operating system and download the game file. If the game is for windows 7,
    go here
    or for windows 8, go here
    Extract the downloaded file


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