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The attack and defense methods of the Elden Ring of all-powerful heroes clash with each other in a world of fantasy and mythology. Fight in a world full of excitement and romance with an army of characters, each unique.

Character Creation
Players create a character while designing their hero’s physical appearance and their weapon and armor.
More Information

Valkoinen Puhde is a competitive game and an action adventure game.
Taking the form of a pure asynchronous action game, Valkoinen Puhde offers an open, free, and multiplayer online community that lets players interact with others near and far.
Valkoinen Puhde:

• Become an Elden Lord through the story.

• Develop and explore a world full of fantasy and adventure.

• Relive the freedom of exploration through a 3D graphically rich world.

• Fight with various enemies on the battlefield.

• Train through a rich quest system and vast world.

• Be an exceptional hero with diverse customization and unique weapons.

• Enjoy an extensive multiplayer experience.

• Share the thrill of adventure with others near and far.

Three Core Features of Valkoinen Puhde

• Valkoinen Puhde is an action adventure game where players choose from an array of gender- and age-neutral characters with customizable looks.

• Features a story that starts out with a world that is divided into seven regions and 12 districts. Players can freely explore the world and experience the story.

• Players have the freedom to freely mix and match armor and weapons, and create and evolve their own character.

Features of Valkoinen Puhde

Three Core Features

• Valkoinen Puhde is a free, open-ended online game that offers a combination of action, exploration, and questing, with multiple branches.

• The game makes players feel powerful and allows them to easily play their own style.

• Players can freely switch in and out of multiplayer and asynchronous online play, meaning that gamers can play alone or in groups.

• The game features a wealth of content and no unnecessary items. There is no time limit or set number of levels.

• The game features a system that


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Entire Content Available in-Game
  • A Huge World
  • Variety of Enemies and Bosses to Fight
  • Hundreds of Crafting Materials
  • Variety of Player-Craftable Items
  • Customize your Equipment
  • Create and Play Many Different Classes of Characters
  • Thousands of Items and Objects to Find
  • An Exciting Storyline That You Can Enjoy at Your Leisure
  • Battle against Others
  • Check the Ir chapter for more information.

    Pre-order Prizes

    A special upgrade from the pre-order price of $4.99 to $9.99 will be available for your characters once the game launches as a premium item. Players who buy the game before December 12 will enjoy these benefits!

    Pre-order is available here:

    28 Dec 2016 10:54:00 +0000 Dream America still affiliated with Activation? 28 Dec 2016 01:16:00 +0000


    Elden Ring Crack For Windows [Latest-2022]

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    Elden Ring Free Download For Windows

    – Experience a Themed Story of Customization

    – Create a Legacy Full of Power

    – Make Your Own Own Characters with Various Abilities

    – Find New Friends to Link with and Travel Together

    – Adventure Together and Encourage Each Other

    – Experience the Fantasy Drama of the Lands Between

    – Become a Lord of the Elden Ring

    Game Stats

    Visual & User Interface

    As the global top RPG game in mobile, We believe in bringing a better gameplay experience to you through innovative design.

    We have put a lot of thought into the design of the platform. Our main focus is to ensure that the game is intuitive and provides a comfortable gaming experience.

    UI Components

    Social UI

    Main Menu

    Main Menu


    Invitation UI

    Quest UI

    Use UI

    Quest Log UI

    Battle UI

    Field UI

    Skill UI

    Weapon UI

    Basic Information UI

    Emote UI

    Level UI

    Companion UI

    Endurance UI

    Encounters UI

    Maps UI

    Portal UI

    Creature Quest UI

    Daily Quest UI

    History System UI

    Game Market UI

    Market Search UI

    Preview / Invite UI

    Password UI

    Player Status UI

    Regional Status UI

    Card UI

    Skill Effect UI

    Party UI

    Menu UI

    Key Binding UI

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    Android & Google play

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    We use Unity as the primary game development engine and use it to create fun, dynamic, and immersive experiences for players in any environment, on any device.


    We have implemented the latest Android OS to use the performance of the device.


    For the game to stand out in the crowded mobile gaming


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    At some point it isn’t enough to explore the lands and create your own legend; we also have to be there to support you in the moment of your victory. 

    So, are you ready to take on the Lands Between? Check on: 



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    Free Download Elden Ring Crack + Torrent (Activation Code) [32|64bit] [March-2022]

    How to ELDEN RING game:

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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    At least DirectX 11
    DirectX 11
    DXR or DX12
    G-Sync (Optional)
    Intel DX11 compatible Video Card
    Low End system:
    Core i3
    4GB RAM
    NVidia GTX 560 TI
    2GB VRAM
    Medium to High end system:
    Core i7
    8GB RAM
    NVidia GTX 1060
    6GB VRAM