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Name Elden Ring
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The Elden Ring game is a fantasy action role-playing game developed by Amominsoft and KOG Soft. The latest edition is “NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG ELDEN RING: The Tarnished Knight Online.”

In “NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG ELDEN RING: The Tarnished Knight Online”, you can become the protagonist in a fantasy action role-playing game. The game offers an original plot, where you are a young child not yet having grown up and have just arrived in the Lands Between. You will get involved in the various relationships that are formed as you adventure while taking quests from people in the surrounding area. You will quickly progress as you take on quests and make progress in the “Tarnished Knight Online”.

The game also features characters and monsters with various characteristics, and the action will be more intense as you enhance your character’s abilities with weapons and magic.

Tarnished Knight Online is a grand fantasy action role-playing game, with high sound quality and vivid graphics; it is especially designed to be enjoyed by both casual and hardcore players.

“NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG ELDEN RING: The Tarnished Knight Online” is a game that allows you to enjoy both the gameplay and anime-style graphics.

It is especially designed to be enjoyed not only by people who are used to the anime-style graphics, but by those who are not.

* About the Multiplayer function

– Players can connect with others via the game server and feel the presence of others in the online mode.
– In addition to the offline mode, you can play the game while connecting with your friend or family members.

* About the Story

The “New Fantasy Action RPG ELDEN RING: The Tarnished Knight Online” story is a multilayered drama that goes from the story of the rise of Elden knights, to the story of the rivalry of the Roses Knights, to the story of the Knights of All Magic and the rise and fall of the Knights of the Holy Mountain.

The Story of the rise of Elden knights begins when “the Me”, a woman who was a fan of the Knights, went on a pilgrimage. As a volunteer, she went into the woods to find out about the Knights. As she left the woods, she was knocked down and lost in a dark forest.

She was rescued by a meadow full of


Features Key:

  • Story of Pride
  • Story of Pride:
    A story where the major characters are asked to face their dark destiny and save the innocent from the tyranny of the dark god, forgetting everything they want to do.

  • A gripping Story of Revenge
  • A gripping Story of Revenge:
    A story where the major characters need to avenge the tragedy that befell a land that dwelt in peace along a young man as his life force.

  • A Great Adventure to Any Generation
  • A Great Adventure to Any Generation:
    The story of a young man’s quest to restore peace, destroy the one responsible, and return home.

  • Untold Worlds and Dynamic Battles
  • Untold Worlds and Dynamic Battles:
    Seeking an opportunity, you obtain new weapons and armor, express your strength, and cause a sensation, facing powerful enemies in a three-dimensional field with depth and an open concept.
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