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Name Elden Ring
Publisher Admin
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The protagonist is Tarnished, a Prism dragon seeking his identity and destiny. He fights with the strong and weak, using his power of the Cracked Elden Ring With Keygen.
Tarnished is captivated by Aurora, the princess imprisoned in the skies of Elria. To unveil her fate, Tarnished must defeat the King of the Elden Tower, and acquire the power of the Elden Ring.
• A Larger World with More Depth and Variety
The story will unfold as a journey across a vast world. Tarnished is able to travel around the Lands Between, a world full of excitement.
• A Hero Driven by the Myth and Seeking His Destiny
The story is a grand drama, with many characters and even two different endings. The outcomes of the story rely on the thoughts of the characters.
• Over 1000 Monsters with Unique Features
Create your own unique characters with a variety of outfits, weapons, and magic. Find a variety of massive monsters to battle.

Elden Ring Online

• Become the Hero in the Fields of the Lands Between
Elden Ring Online has a vast world. It’s a magical world with an adventurer-friendly atmosphere.
In the midst of the adventure, you and your comrades will be able to discover countless events and stories in a large world full of variety.

• Connect with Others!
Elden Ring Online allows you to play with your friends and travel to other players’ worlds.
· “Ascend with Others” – Gather together with your friends to take on powerful monsters
· “Join in Battle with Others” – Fight alongside your friends on the battlefield

When You Join the World, You Can Connect with Others
By connecting with other players and embarking on adventures with them, you can live in a larger world with your friends.

You can freely play with others regardless of the game you want to play.

By joining the Lands Between, you can play with your friends or act as an elitist aloof from others, as you like.

More than a Base Game, an Epic Adventure for All Ages.

• The Same Game as the Offline Version, But Even More Exciting in the Online Environment
Elden Ring Online has the same game as the offline version, but it also includes features that make it more immersive.
In particular, when you play the online version, you can simultaneously


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Take on your grandsons’ legacy, battling against great lords’ armies
  • A huge world that deliciously brings out the drama of the story and the action
  • Content that allows you to feel the life of the world
  • An environment where the action progresses, the pace never slows, and the excitement never ends
  • Action that will challenge even the most refined combat skills
  • A vast world where open fields and massive dungeons are seamlessly connected
  • Online play that allows you to play together with other players, even when you’re far apart
  • An action-RPG that is challenging, deep, and fun, both single- and multiplayer
  • For a more thorough introduction, a look at the preview content, and a more detailed overview of combat, please refer to the official website at

    LivEng screen shots-2


    At first glance, the game screen may look like a typical action RPG. This is because the gameplay style and graphics are very similar. However, the style of the battle system is completely different from the action RPG games you’ve been playing. This allows you to play with a new and fresh point of view. This allows you to play for hours, so long as you can keep up. In addition, it supports multiplayer online gaming, even if you are far away, so that you can feel the presence of others.

    If you have played previous titles such as “Bravely Default” or “Odin Sphere,” you can probably somewhat understand the game’s basic features. However, if you do not, I would like you to bear with me for a while longer.

    LIVENG is a


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    Rise, Tarnished and Become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.
    The New Fantasy Action RPG.
    We have not put too many systems in, just one system that can be combined with any other system.


    The Aeon Dragon Chronicles. Recommended by the legendary Nyaruko Hoshi, the Aeon Dragon Chronicles is an action RPG with a unique and peculiar story that can only be told through the eyes of one character. Experience the story from four different perspectives. Our motto is to “see the story as the world does.” With this motto, we have developed this action RPG story. All of you must enjoy the story, enjoy the game, and become an audience member that can enjoy this action RPG.

    The Aeon Dragon Chronicles is a title for someone who wants to enjoy the action RPG.



    Elden Ring

    Fight with the power of the Elden Rings…
    • You can accumulate the power of three Elden Rings (Elm, Orï, and Ash) to form the Alethi Elden Rune.
    • Fight with any weapon type or Magic Rune you equip.
    • Trained as a knight or wizard, become an erudite mage with a hefty array of spells for use in battle.
    • Practiced as a warrior or rogue, master the skills of a physical force of power.
    The Elemental Runes:
    For Character Growth
    The many Elemental Runes combine the power of the four elements, Orï, and Ash to form the Alethi Elden Rune.
    • The Elemental Runes exist in every Alethi Rune.
    • You can achieve a higher level of combat power by equipping a Rune.
    Unique Skills & Buffs
    The unique and powerful Alethi Runes developed through the quest system, the great act of sacrifice, and the daily Quests of the Path of the Grasses.
    • Select and assign Runes to the necessary Skill slots.
    • Fight with their unique skills during battle.
    • For unparalleled synergy between classes.
    Extremely Simple Quests
    The exciting quest system is easy to understand and clearly describes the quests. Every quest can only be started after the completion of the daily quests or quests of the Path of the Grasses.
    Simple Battles:
    You control everything!
    You can directly control the type and the location of your battle partner. You can freely adjust the battle formations and enhance the parts of your character that are under your control.
    Progress in the Ranking System
    Rank up, and receive rewards. With rewards, you can equip items to improve your character. Challenge the World Ranking System and participate in the online rankings.
    The Path of the Grasses:
    Quests & Maps
    Battle with the unbeatable monsters of the Path of the Grasses. With the different quest maps, you can find out what the development of the game is progressing.
    Features Online Scenario Quest Battle Skills:
    You cannot gain experience while battle is in progress. Only while your battle target is in your vicinity, you will gain experience.
    At any time, you can use those skills that you have mastered with skills you have mastered. You can equip the skills as you please.
    World Ranking:
    Your ranking will be displayed through achievements on your profile.
    How is Tarnished different from normal fantasy RPGs?
    Fantasy RPG


    What’s new:


    • An RPG that offers a vast thrilling world full of unique dungeons where your party can engage in a dynamic battle at a high level of difficulty. The game will be released in March 2010 for the SEGA PC.
    • A game that leaps into another world, striving to be a world that respects the nature, and then looking around to find a hero. A sensual story I want to share with everyone.
    • A series that appeals to adventurers and players who enjoy everything unique and new. The first game, with a bold story and visual appeal that quickly drew attention, and the next, a game that strives to combine all those stories.


    Developer Koei-Entertainment. Kinema Citrus.

    Release date: Summer 2010

    OS: Windows


    Price: TBA

    TYPE:2D Side-scrolling RPG



    YEARS IN DEVELOPMENT: 20 (3-Year Production Cycle)


    NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 1.8 million

    LANGUAGE: Japanese with English text aid



    MAPS: 200

    STORY: Saga

    Overview: The battle of the ages in which the two nations of Randia and Rissantia are in to to decide whether they want to develop their capabilities and strengthen themselves or be at the beck and call of a powerful empire. In the reign of the Sovereign Emperor Daphne, in which the kingdom of Randia


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    • Elden Ring is a strategy action RPG set in a wondrous fantasy world filled with adventure and wonder. As you pursue the mysteries of the Lands Between, all will not be so simple.

      You are Tarnished, a warrior, a seasoned leader with a team of five other warriors and a loveable pet dwarf.

      You have your sword, and from it hangs a glittering rose.

      Loveable and loyal.

      You’re no stranger to combat.

      The Lands Between beckon you.

      To you and your band of warriors, the world is your realm. “Cause

      They are ready to fight with every fiber and every immortal bone they have. You will make them part of you, as you make them part of you and your purpose. They are a part of you, and so you are a part of them. Together, you are an army of the divine.”

      Follow your faith, choose your way,

      and become an Elden Lord among the Lands Between.

    Elden RingThu, 18 Jun 2017 12:07:46 +0000


    System Requirements:

    Windows 7 or newer
    Mac OS X 10.10 or newer
    Steam, Origin, or other Valve-supported games, including but not limited to Left 4 Dead 2, Half-Life, Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Portal, and The Orange Box
    A broadband internet connection
    Additional Notes:
    Only steam/origin/valve games included. For those who have neither, you can still play in offline mode.
    Simplified controls. Press r to crouch, or R to stand up. The


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