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The Elden Ring is the largest fantasy world of the new fantasy action RPG by Cygames, Inc. Players explore the vast world, and create their own character in order to prevent the fall of the empire, which is defended by a chosen hero who appears in the world. The game has a rich story, and features unique online play that loosely connects players together.

Cygames, Inc. is a developer of smartphone and PC games. Founded in Tokyo in 2003, Cygames has released many innovative titles and has garnered strong competitive leadership in the field of mobile games.
Since 2011, Cygames has been developing titles in collaboration with the Unity3D development platform. The result is a competitive advantage that leads to broad brand acceptance. Cygames has released the latest titles on the Apple App Store and Google Play worldwide.
Cygames is the publisher of the game “Gravity Breakers: Galaxy Battle 2.”

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(Includes game information and technical knowledge)


Are you a Knight, a Sorcerer, a Demon Lord, a Hero or a Goddess? Choose your class and become a legendary hero in the Lands Between.

One Square by One Square is a free to play action game developed and published by Cygames and Luenori. Create a spectacular team of your favorite heroes and take to the arena as a hero. Explore a vast world of excitement while competing with other players for glory.

Lose yourself in the action and fight for your life!


The large fields of One Square by One Square are connected to each other, forming a vast land where you can take to the arena as a Knight, Sorcerer, Demon Lord, Hero or Goddess.

Battle your enemies with cooperation or ruthlessly attack alone.

Wear the most powerful equipment, customizing your character.

Each class has its own unique strengths and weaknesses, and they cooperate to become a powerful team.

Develop your character according to the battle and create the most powerful team.

Play every mode to enjoy an exciting and balanced experience that matches your play style.


Become the strongest hero and rise through the ranks. Compete for glory, and earn better rankings.

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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • A rich story based on the fantasy world of the land of Elden: An epic story in which the various thoughts of the characters intersect in the Land Between.
  • Lovable NPCs are created according to the world of Elden: Although each NPC has a different personality and occupation, they share a kind of charisma representing the fantasy world.
  • The strength of the Elden Ring: Strengthen the power to become an Elden Lord in the Land Between.
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