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Name Elden Ring
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Elden Ring Features Key:

    Dress and bring to life your hero’s unique appearance. Equipped with an AI technology that delivers the most lifelike sensation to date, your character will believably shake as you fight.

    All NPC characters are AI, and each NPC type has its own behavior.
    By interacting with the NPCs, you can further strengthen your affinity to them.
    In addition to the innovative online elements, the battles with the adventurers you meet along your journey will be referred to as a classic action RPG.
  • Various statistics and features that allow you to play your own playstyle.
  • A vast world full of excitement.

    • The watermark on the screenshots below is a famous statue of Owl, engraved in the stone of Elden Plateau, the place where the game takes place. (NOT THE REAL OLD WRIGHT OWL)
    • We currently plan to release the app in 2019.
      Enjoy this APK while you wait!

    Tue, 12 Sep 2019 21:14:08 +0000 2014; Let’s play with Garcete Puno, JapanGhana we go again! Let’s Play with Garcete Puno!]]> back!? Japanese on Japan-Ghana chat/Let’s play with Garcete Puno/Japan. Let’s play with Garcete Puno ?
    Let’s Play (RPG)
    It is you who decides your fate as the main character! As you fight enemies you will upgrade at your own style and get tons of items.
    Japan & Ghana 2014. *Note in this season it will be mainly Japanese, and little bit of English


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    Greetings and Salutations to all of you!

    Hi, this is Sang-hwa of Game Developers Inc, who has worked on the Korean version of the game, with help from various individuals including the producer.

    As we approach the launch of the game, it is of particular importance to the team to respond to the requests of the overseas players. With that in mind, we have prepared a brief explanation and the wording that will appear in game for clarifications on the terms and contents used in the game.

    What is the title: Elden Ring: The Lands Between

    How to pronounce the title: Elden Ring: The Lands Between

    The name “Elden Ring: The Lands Between” is a joint collaboration with a global publisher: Deep Silver. It is a new title that is a new fantasy action RPG game that has been developed through our exclusive production project.

    Deep Silver holds the copyright on the game title Elden Ring, which is also a fantasy action RPG published by Atlus in Japan. Since the two titles share the same title character “Elden”, the relationship is considered as a joint collaboration. The game is being published as a new IP by Deep Silver, so this will be displayed as an original title in the game.

    Deep Silver will support the localization of the game in the Americas, Europe, and other regions as a digital exclusive title for PlayStation 4 from just its worldwide sales. Therefore, Deep Silver is managing the development, business, and localization of the game.

    “Action RPG” is a genre that takes the player- vs-monster battles of the JRPG genre and the action-oriented system of World of Warcraft, and combines them. Since most of the scenes take place in dungeons, the player’s actions are reflected in the game through the use of a job system that is already adopted in some action RPGs. Additionally, as the title is a fantasy action RPG, as well as a new IP, the lore and theme of the game is unique.

    Deep Silver is hoping that this new fantasy action RPG, with a new IP, can be played with the action game fans who are familiar with this genre, as well as by the new players who are more interested in fantasy and turn-based RPGs than action RPGs.

    Development cycle and business objectives:

    Deep Silver is a publisher that is leading global publishing. Since its origins, as a console game developer, the company has been leading global publishing with its strong


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    * Choose Your Action
    • Guards, Dungeons, and the Worgen
    • 8 classes, 6 races, 17 items (weapons, armor, foods, and special items such as a Wand of Magicka, which temporarily increases the stats of all the items in the same category you equip), and more

    Developer information:

    Q : What is an original fantasy you would want to create if you were making an RPG?

    A : The many and varied worlds and various characters that are born from mythology.

    Q : Please tell us the reason you decided to make an ARPG for mobile devices  

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    Last weekend I got my Husband all excited about the fact that my Wii U began to be able to play downloaded games. It took me a little bit to get it as my son really likes to watch those silly videos on YouTube, but fortunately this game was fine. Gameloft had sent me a code which I redeemed in order to activate the second game. With the sequel to


    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Microsoft Windows® 7/8/8.1/10 (64-bit)
    2 GB RAM
    2.8 GHz Processor (x64)
    3D graphics with a DirectX® 11 compatible video card
    19.1 GB available hard disk space (incl. free space for temporary files and 3D view cache)
    1 GB DirectX® 11 driver
    14.4 GB free disk space
    Mac OS X® 10.11.6 or higher
    2.0 GHz Processor (x64