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The legendary Elden Ring, an item that is rumored to have vanished after it left the Crown of Elden, has been found. However, the Elden Ring was once created by the god of death – one who brings the power of life and death – and it was guarded by evil spirits and demons.

The appearance of the Elden Ring is troubling to both those who wield it and to those who are merely in its presence. The Elden Ring is said to be a direct connection to the god of death, and those who wield it become cursed. Anyone who encounters the Elden Ring is likely to meet his or her end.

The player takes on the role of a man who woke up one day in a field after passing out. He does not know his name, but can identify his family because his name tag on his clothing is stained with blood. In his hands, he finds a familiar-looking weapon, which he calls a sword.

The name of the sword, “Elden”, derives from the god of death, and it seems to be a wonderful magic sword…

What a pleasant, dreamlike world, isn’t it?
Once you step inside, you’ll be transported into a brand-new world that’s filled with adventure. The people who live in this fantasy land are all shrouded by a mist, and they’re wandering aimlessly through the landscape.
The whole thing feels like a blend of a dream and a work of fiction. It has its own unique charm…

As for the game itself…
Whether you take a role as a party member or a party member that fights using only single-target skills, you can gradually acquire the skills, spells, and items that you can use in battle as you adventure around the world.

I’m at a loss for words.
In many ways, the game it is a miracle of game creation.
The scope and scale of this world…
From big-scale dungeons to enclosed cave temples, from the countryside to mountain peaks, you’ll find an endless number of places to explore.

I can’t believe it!
Even the graphics are breathtaking. Although we had no part in the development, we could feel that the battle scenes were done with fantastic skill.
I can see many long nights ahead.
Just look at the artwork! It’s like the fairy-tale illustrations of a children’s storybook come to life. The vivid colors and the meticulous craftsmanship turn this world


Features Key:

  • Dual System
    In order for you to be the absolute ruler of the lands, a party of heavily refined members will be your guide. Whether you are a good kind man or a crafty thief, you can freely switch between these two systems, and work together.
  • Style of Character Development
    Flair and diversity are encouraged through customization of your characters and various quests.
  • Diverse Content
    In order to give you a diverse experience, we are considering the inclusion of a vast variety of quests, items, dungeons, and more.
  • Experience a Fantasy Action RPG
    A refreshing new fantasy action RPG! In order to obtain the gameplay and fantastic atmosphere that has become synonymous with Fantasy RPGs, we are evaluating systems and scenarios unlike those seen in previous titles.
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    -strong and intimidating battlefields with various enemies like knights, strange warriors, monsters, and magic users.
    -you can strengthen your army with units that have high attacking strength.

    -visuals created by character designer Akechi Hirosuke

    -lots of animations crafted by animation directors Toshiya Nishi

    -the battle system that is based on the action genre


    -new systems, such as the Ability Skill Wheel, new skills, a new quest, new battles, new items, and so on.
    -you can enjoy the new content even without the main story, such as in the new Common Dungeon, and you can even enjoy it as you advance in the main story.

    -you can enjoy in a brand new world.

    -the action genre that is based on PvP

    -new characters, NPCs, and bosses

    -a new in-battle event

    -battle arena with a variety of various enemy types

    -a new battlefield

    -the basic action of the game that is determined by the dice roll.

    -action weapons, battle magic, and equipment.


    -a new map, new dungeons, a new story, new characters, new battles.

    -the new story that changes the main story.

    -the new dungeon that takes you to the world of Tarnished, a new Zukan island that expands the Yaldian Valley.

    -the new raid boss that makes use of the skills of the characters of ELDEN RING.

    -new information that can be freely obtained through collecting the items.

    -the new story mode that makes use of the basic elements of the action genre.

    -you can enjoy the new content even before you complete the main story.

    -you can expand the depth of your game.


    -introduces the Ability Skill Wheel, which expands the skills of the game by directly connecting the attribute and skill of the character.

    -a new “Exceed Skill”, which allows you to strengthen your skills through a specific action.

    -a new “Martial Art”, which uses the


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    -Each character can acquire new skills and items upon leveling up.
    -Equip and combine a vast variety of weapons, armor, and accessories as you play.
    -Each character’s role at the battle is customized by character customization, allowing you to fully enjoy gameplay in a system in which you can decide whether to become a warrior or a mage.
    -All actions in the world are connected. Defeat monsters, items, or people and the game will respond accordingly.
    -Online features such as visual representations of nearby players and tutorial systems are supported.
    -The game uses the Unreal Engine 4.

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    What’s new in Elden Ring:


    Sep 9, 2011



    1. How can I play this game offline?

    It’s possible, by importing.

    2. Which character is stronger?

    For example? Their strength depends on their class.

    3. Can I transfer my game data?

    Of course.

    4. Will your game update soon in Japan?

    It’s possible, and planned for later this year.

    5. Your profile description is a bit vague.

    Will it be updated?

    6. What is currently being improved on?

    Things that we want to be improved upon in the user interface and game effects. Things that we want to improve the feeling of the game.

    1. How can I play this game offline?

    You can play without a network connection.

    2. Which character is stronger?

    For example? They have different levels of strength, but depending on their class, high or low.

    3. Can I transfer my game data?

    Yes, you can transfer it on an external storage like an SD Card.

    4. Will your game update soon in Japan?

    We plan to release the game in early summer, so please look forward to it.

    5. Your profile description is a bit vague.

    Please show more detail.

    6. What is currently being improved on?

    We want to improve the user interface, the feeling of the game, the UI, and so on.

    1. When is the beta test plan out?

    Thank you very much for your continued support. Also, please let us know if anything is unclear with regard to the beta testing plans.

    (←→) What happens if the Japan-bound MC server is not installed at the same time the game is launched? I can’t do anything from Korean language installation.

    ○ 川本悠香です

    2. After step 1, the option to select my PS3 doesn’t appear.

    (←→) How do I install Japanese servers.

    Do I have to install Japanese language support or PSN ID registration?

    Thank you.

    ○ 川本悠�


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    How to run ELDEN RING on Windows 10/8/8.1/7/XP:

    1- To open the game, search for the game in the Start menu or desktop and click to open it
    2- If you can’t find the game, you may be browsing the search index. To search for the game, you can either press Windows button + R, or go to the search bar on your computer and type “Steam” or “My game”.
    3- You may see “Coming Soon” on the window.Q:

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    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • Download and install the game from the official website (
  • After installation is completed, you need to register the game and set a password.
  • You will need to back up the registration data to a file. Save the result to “Front End Data Backup” file in the file backup location of the installed game.
  • Download, install and run the patch
  • After the installation is complete, you need to change the file “Front End Data Backup.bin”. From a file backup location of the installed game, enter the folder “Inc” and make a backup file under the name “FINAL DATA”.
  • Start the game.
  • Click the “Patch” function below your name.
  • Select “RAID” patching.
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    Once you've created an account on FantasyCraft you can import your existing worlds and settings over to FantasyCraft again. This section is going to give you instructions on how to save your worlds, send your worlds to one another and maintain them in the future.

    How To Import Worlds

    Each world in FantasyCraft is comprised of 3 things

    • an *world file• an otherworld.xml file• a html file (<map><level=><people=></people></level></map>

    To import your world…

    1. Log into your fantasycraft account, click on the import worlds button (image to the left). Then in the image window to the left click import world.

    2. The program will ask where you'd like the new world to be saved.

    3. Select the folder you want and type out the name of the file where you want it


    System Requirements:

    Supported Processors:
    Intel® Core™ i5 6600K @ 3.50 GHz
    Intel® Core™ i5 7200 @ 3.10 GHz
    Intel® Core™ i7 6700K @ 3.10 GHz
    Intel® Core™ i7 8700 @ 3.10 GHz
    Intel® Core™ i7 8700K @ 3.00 GHz
    AMD Ryzen™ 3 1300X @ 3.50 GHz
    AMD Ryzen™ 7 1700 @ 3.50 GHz


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