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Elitegitimsetialmanca UPD 🖖🏿

Elitegitimsetialmanca UPD 🖖🏿



the problem is that the time in the date written is just before the exact time that the files are created.
for example, if I create the file 2007050128.csv at 06:26:46, then the date inside the file is 2007051028.
I tried searching for a solution, but I couldn’t find one.
i’ve never used python, but I would want this result:

so when I look for a specific time, I want to look through all the files with the same time in the last column and then write the date inside the file like above.
please help me on this!


I have only a vague idea of what you’re attempting to achieve but from the non-json output, it seems as if you just want to combine the existing file name and the date in the name…
The best approach to do that in Python would be to create a dict where the key is the file name and the value is the date to be used with the file name. Then you iterate over the list outputting your list of dicts. So say you have
{‘file_name’: ‘elitegitimsetialmanca-2007050128.csv’, ‘elitegitimsetialmanca_date’: ‘2007051028’},
{‘file_name’: ‘elitegitimsetialmanca-2017070128.csv’, ‘elitegitimsetialmanca_date’: ‘2017070128’},
{‘file_name’: ‘elitegitimsetialmanca-2018040128.csv’, ‘elitegitimsetialmanca_date’: ‘2018040128’},

Then a simple loop could look like
for file_name in output:
file_name[‘elitegitimsetialmanca_date’] = os.path.join(root, file_name[‘file_name’])

In any case, I have no idea how you’re reading the file names from the file but it’s worth mentioning that the output you show is not possible



I want to collect all the file names in the directory, not so much the content of the file itself.


By using Perl to do the work, this should be what you want:

use warnings;
use strict;

use File::Basename qw( basename );

my $dir = “.”;

opendir (my $dh, $dir) or die “$! : Cannot open directory “”. $dir. “”

my @files = grep {!/$dh/ && -d “$dir/$_” } readdir($dh);

closedir $dh;

foreach my $file (@files) {
print “$file
my $path = “$dir/$file”;
print “$path
my $is_dir = -d “$path”;
print “$is_dir
my $size = -s “$path”;
print “$size

Check it here
A good example of using the readdir function is shown here


Include submodule files in Python docutils

Is there a way to include the files located in a submodule in the Python docutils documentation?
For example in a module named foo:

I’d like the documentation to contain include… in the documentation. I assume there’s some way to include the module and its submodules in the documentation. Any pointers?


I was able to include the names of the contents of the submodules like this:

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