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Enterprise (formerly Find It Pro) Crack With Serial Key Download 🠊

Find It Pro – Try a professional file/text searching utility with a rich set of features including index database support. Searching criteria includes files/folders with include/exclude filters. The unique Logical Text phrasing can help you quickly pinpoint text, or a combination of keywords in any file.
Comes with 2 viewers, a quick view for verification and quick copying, or double click to view the matching entry in the full file viewer with line count and navigation support. It contains everything you need to find any file or folder on your system.
With Find It Pro, you can even print, save, open, sort, rename, export, add, remove, clear, copy, move, copy to the clipboard, recycle, delete, refresh, and even view highlighted search results in 2 different ways. It allows you to search by file, string filters, date, size, attributes, along with logical files filters.
Full integration into the Windows Explorer shell and project support makes searching and working with files a snap. Plus this new release adds a host of new options and features that make it more productive and easier to use.
Find It Pro also includes the Find It Indexer which is use to build a precise keyword index database for your files. The indexer will produce a very accurate keyword list, plus addition user options can help you to configure the building of the keywords to conform to the way you search.
You can then load the index database into Find It Pro and conduct your searches in record time. Download Find It Pro now and experience the difference!
■ 486DX or higher processor
■ 64 MB of memory
■ 917 KB of available disk space
■ VGA or higher-resolution graphics card set to 64K colors for best results
■ Mouse or compatible pointing device
■ 90 days trial


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Enterprise (formerly Find It Pro) 3.0.7 Crack Download [Mac/Win]

■ Search all your e-mail, its attachments, and the files in your shared network locations.
■ Search and index documents across your network and the web in the background to avoid any performance impact.
■ Bring any Word, PDF, Excel, or Rich Text Format file from your PC to your web browser and edit using any text editor – including Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and Open Office.
■ Browse to any of your network devices using the device list.
■ Browse and view attachments in any e-mail as a standard attachment.
■ View and print any of your documents and attachments from your e-mail, network locations, and the web in one place.
■ Unlimited sharing of all your files and folders.
■ Incorporate any file for fileless sharing via any cloud service.
■ Ensure that all files on the cloud are fully indexed – with no scanning or checking of the files necessary.
■ View file content directly from within the cloud such as google docs, launchpad, google drive, outlook, etc.
■ Create standardised, portable, and shareable links that point to any of your files.
■ Look in more than one place with selective file searching
■ Search both local and network files for a single word or phrase.
■ Limit the search to specific filetypes with full exclude filters.
■ Create multiple keyword searches on the same file.
■ New and improved user interface.
■ Large variety of search options, colors, and fonts.
■ Classic file searching found in Find it Pro is now brought to the web.
■ The search results are displayed in a search log.
■ The search log can be printed.
■ A find in page feature makes finding text fast and easy for novice users.
■ The file content in the search log can be copied by mouse double click.
■ Full text searching in the search log.
■ The search log is a detachable record of the search with features to edit, print, or copy text from the search log to the clipboard.
■ The search log can be saved and reopened later.
■ Simple to use.
■ Disk space is required to use these features.
■ New color themes.

Enterprise (formerly Find It Pro) 3.0.7 Crack

Enterprise (formerly Find It Pro) is a more advanced, professional version of the Find It Pro solution. Find It Enterprise is the premium and most versatile text/file searching utility on the market today.
Enterprise represents a massive step forward in the way the solution can handle virtually any text searching scenario in the most effective manner. The newest version utilizes a refined set of tools and a user-friendly user interface that will provide the most important files and text of your business or private life. Find It Enterprise also lets you search on multiple disks or RAID configurations.
Enterprise takes advantage of the new WinNT File System API for maximum performance. Find It Enterprise has a very powerful set of tools and users can easily create customized search views, which will save a tremendous amount of time and improve your productivity. Enterprise can also enhance your search results by populating the file or directory list with contextually related files.
Enterprise includes a host of new features such as:
■ Clutter Free Search Window
■ Preview File/Directory Lists
■ Full-Text Search
■ Sort and Highlight Results
■ Filter/Field Markers
■ Custom Views and Contextual Sorting
■ Intelligent Search Filtering
■ Advanced Searching and Location Functions
■ Filtered Search Results
■ Antivirus Support
■ Customizable Search Options
■ Quick View File Finder
■ Auto Clear Cache Feature
■ Queue Support
■ Full Graphics Support
■ Image, Music and Video Support
■ Full Virus, Spyware and Malware Detection
Find It Enterprise is a must for business professionals and home users looking for the most powerful, professional text search utility available.
More Info:
Find It Pro and Enterprise, in combination or separately, is compatible with the following versions of Windows Mobile (WinMo):
■ 2000
■ 2001
■ 2002
■ 2003
■ 2004
■ 2005
■ 2006
■ 2007
■ 2008
■ 64-bit versions (i.e., 7, 8, and 9)
■ Windows Mobile 5.0 SDK, Windows Mobile 6 SDK, and Windows Mobile 6

Enterprise (formerly Find It Pro) 3.0.7 Crack+

Find It Enterprise allows you to quickly find any text, file, folder, name, file properties, and other types of information, so you can quickly search for data, explore the data, and manipulate it all in Windows Explorer. With Find It Enterprise, you can find most of the same information using Windows Explorer’s search capability, but with features that increase the accuracy and depth of the search.
Full integration into the Windows Explorer shell and project support makes searching and working with files a snap. Plus this new release adds a host of new options and features that make it more productive and easier to use.
Find It Enterprise comes with 3 viewers – full text, colored, and plain. The new file information viewer includes the most powerful search engine that will find any data in plain text or file, including file types, and supporting file properties. You can also preview text in plain text, html, rtf, wpt, wdd, and xml.
With Find It Enterprise, you can search for text and display it in one of three ways:
■ LightWeight – lightweight text searching with fast, text-only results
■ Full – Interactive text searching with powerful text object manipulation
■ RichText – full text search results with text highlighting
You can also automatically format the text when searching in plain text, html, or rich text search modes with document formatting (bold, italic, underlining, character styles, etc.). Find and highlight pages with existing footnotes and headers with all formatting.
With a comprehensive set of options, you can select from a variety of file types to include or exclude from the search and refine the search to focus on specific file types, keywords, or functions such as property values.
Searching for a file with the search bar is easy, as Find It Enterprise is integrated into the Windows Explorer shell. If a file is not found, you can search for a file in any explorer folder. You can even search for an empty folder.
Find it Enterprise also includes the Find It Indexer tool, which creates a keyword index database with which you can search your entire system with great speed. You can also build a custom keyword index database for your own personal search needs.
Enterprise also includes the Find It Indexer, which provides an easy way to create an index database based on the current working directory. It’s easy to create the index, and it can be configured to match your own keyword searches.
A new find and replace feature allows you to quickly replace

What’s New In Enterprise (formerly Find It Pro)?

In addition to the standard Find It Pro search and all the new key functionalities in Find It Pro-Search/Bundle, Enterprises have other new features which make it easier to find any file or file type on your system.
ESP (Exact Search) – Allows you to perform an exact search using the text you type into the input box. The word boundaries are expressed by the characters “-” and “.” or “and” and “or”.
Include – Set of filters allowing you to limit search results to files/folders that match the criteria.
Search – Set of filters allowing you to limit search results to files/folders having particular properties.
Search Tips – Sets of one or more files/folders with particular properties.
MD5 – Enables you to perform searching for files with the MD5 Hash of their contents.
CMD – Enables you to perform searching for files on computers joined to a domain.
FTP – Enables you to search files on FTP servers using the FTP command.
RAR – Enables you to search files that have been created on RAR archives.
SourceForge – Enables you to search files that have been downloaded from SourceForge.
What’s New:
■ The auto-searching of Windows explorer shortcuts has been improved
■ You can configure settings to save and restore the old “Search Results” view if you change your mind.
■ You can configure settings to change the appearance of search results
■ You can select options to exclude folders from file searching.
■ You can set options to automatically perform searches when:
■ You perform a file search in Windows explorer
■ You type a few words in the search box
■ You scroll up or down on the results page
■ You double-click in the search results list
■ You perform a text search in Windows explorer.
■ You select which search results should be displayed in the search results list.
■ You can resize the column headers to their default sizes.
■ You can change the size of the search results list.
■ You can select a separate profile from which to search.
■ You can select to filter the search results by file extension type.
■ You can select to include the original file name in the search results.
■ You can select to display file properties

System Requirements For Enterprise (formerly Find It Pro):

Windows 7 64-bit
Mac OS X 10.7.5 (64-bit)
Mac OS X 10.8.4 (64-bit)
Java Version 7 Update 11 (64-bit)
AMD Radeon HD 5650 or better or nVidia GT 540M or better
Mac OS X 10.8.5 (64-bit)
AMD Radeon HD 6870 or better or