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“The transfer of this technology into games was a lengthy and complicated process,” said FIFA lead game producer David Rutter. “Over two years of research and development went into making sure we get the power and accuracy of the features right. This is the result of that.”

The HyperMotion Technology has been added to most gameplay elements such as intercepts, pass types, headers, and crosses. Where the technology is lacking from the past (such as virtual refereeing), it aims to make up for that, with a progression system that evaluates players when they are on the pitch, and enables progression to be rewarded.

For the first time, the FIFA Ultimate Team mode has been enhanced with the introduction of new items based on HyperMotion Technology. These new items can also be purchased in-game.

This year’s FIFA video game is a complete overhaul and re-imagining of the game for the new generation of consoles and in the latest version of EA Sports FIFA 18. It also sees a new team of real-life players contributing to the audio and footage used for the game.

The footage of the new football stars includes a new 24-hour audio-visual featurette, written and narrated by the new contributors. The featurette was created through a creative collaboration between the team at EA Sports FIFA, key football film-makers and composers, including Colin Wood, Paul Matthews, George Martin and Dominic Presentation.

Available from October 4 worldwide on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • FIFA 22 is just as enjoyable to play in the beautiful and authentic setting of 2018 as FIFA 17. The new, revolutionary Match Day engine blends real-world, data-driven gameplay with authentic-looking, detailed football to create the most genuine and complete gameplay experience of any soccer title available. Players adapt to the environments and conditions that you play in from day one, creating unparalleled gameplay that has been evolving for decades.
  • FIFA 21 is enhanced with new intelligence, balance and realism, the new Altitude Engine, a new goal celebration system, new in-game viewer and more, bringing the FIFA World Cup™ experience to life like never before.
  • Two Player Owned Clubs
  • Nine National Teams
  • Six Player Seasons
  • Ten Game Modes including Classic Career and Ultimate Team
  • New Player Traits and Character and Goalkeeping Traits
  • New Player Pass and Shooting animations, dribbling behaviours, use of space, and more
  • New Player Persona and Player Vision System
  • Play the World Cup New Vision cast members
  • New Live Post-Match Show Presented by Alex Scott
  • ‘Europa League’ Pools, Match Style and Team Builder
  • Personalised Attributes and Player Kit Customisation
  • New Away Kit
  • Career Mode
  • New Player Ratings
  • New League Manager
  • Brand New FIFA Ultimate Team Game
  • Six New Free Play Leagues
  • Improved Bridge Tab


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The best video game version of the best sports game ever.

What makes it unique?

A fully connected sport.

Live the World’s Game

* Every decision you make on the pitch counts, from tactical to superstitious.* The real-life gameplay engine allows you to control every football action for authentic authenticity.* Get immersed in the atmosphere of a stadium, with unique crowd sounds, chants and player reactions.* Play 8-vs-8 competitive matches.* 12 real clubs from 7 different leagues.* New features make the game’s FIFA Ultimate Team roster grow and evolve season-by-season.* New iconic stadiums bring the real-life gameplay to life.* New gameplay is driven by faithful reproduction of real-world physics, from ball to player.* New challenges and rewards bring variety to the way you compete.* Get to the heart of the game with thousands of variables to tune.* Use all new innovations and make those gameplay decisions count.* 23 official leagues across Europe, South America, Asia, Africa and the United States.

Master the Passing

Control the pace of the match in every scenario with FIFA’s all-new ball physics system. Enjoy FIFA’s most authentic passing experiences ever with new muscle memory and reaction speeds driven by physical gameplay.

Pitch Day

* Watch players train* Watch pre-season warm-up matches* Immerse yourself in more realistic environments with authentic stadium lighting and crowd reactions.* Play with your teammates in a match-day experience.

Play the Game

* Play every match in All-New Series Matches* Explore the game’s depth and challenge yourself against your friends in Versus Challenges* Create custom challenges for up to 32 players, or play against 30 top players online* Play with 123 FIFA Ultimate Team players* Engage yourself in 8-vs-8 competitive matches

Enjoy FIFA’s full line-up of gameplay modes, including Online Seasons, Offline Seasons, Classic Seasons, International Friendlies, World Cup, Club World Cup, Club World League, Freekick King, Arcade Mode and FIFA Street, as well as the Immersion pack and all-new Add-Ons.

Fifa 22 Cracked 2022 Latest Version takes players across the globe on an epic journey of discovery and triumph for 8 different clubs. From a first-person perspective, take every passing, dribbling and shooting opportunity as the world’s most famous teams and real-world locations come to life. With more than 300 club jerseys, all-


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Be the ultimate gamer: Build and compete in the Ultimate Team


FUT Draft Pick (FUT Draft) – FUT Draft now provides your squad with a custom-made team of over 100 players, complete with their abilities, attributes, ratings, and game-changing player cards from 30 real-world leagues and more than 800 of FIFA’s best players. You can see the stats of your players, compare cards, and sort based on ratings, position, and gameplay style. Also, for the first time in FIFA history, draft FIFA Ultimate Team directly from the demo.

FUT Vault – Ultimate Team is now the central hub to the FIFA Online 2 universe and includes all past and future characters, items, and coins that can be directly purchased. As you unlock content, new items and playable characters can be purchased within your existing vault.

Pick-A-Strikers – From the dribbling wizard Lionel Messi to the scoring machine Paolo Guerrero, 30 well-known players are available to attempt to play like they do. Each player has their own stats and abilities based on real-life player cards, as well as a set of game-changing attributes and gameplay styles.

FUT Draft Pick Challenge – Beat the FIFA Online 2 version of FUT Draft by winning three games against a series of tough challenges. You can enter as you create your own team or through a friend. The more skilled your friends are, the tougher the challenges will be and the more points you can earn. Earn points and upgrades for achieving a perfect FUT Draft.

Community Goals – Ultimate Team is now linked to the Community Goals ranking system, giving you the chance to play alongside your favourite FIFA Online 2 community players and earn powerful rewards.

New Superstar Mode – FUT Draft and Ultimate Team are joined by Superstar mode, where you and your friends can take on each other in turn-based matches.

Tournaments – Ultimate Team is also the home of the Tournaments modes, where you can enter other FIFA Online 2 players’ events.

Live Events – Live Events gives players the opportunity to complete FUT Draft Pick challenges or face off against rivals in eSports tournaments.

Online Matches – Off you go! Take part in online friendly matches or queue for an online match with a friend. Complete seasonal challenges to earn rewards.

Happy FUT! – Happy FUT is a series of live events in game development laboratories, offering players the opportunity


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