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Some highlights of the technology include:

FIFA 22 also includes Real Player Motion Technology, which was first introduced in FIFA 19. The player models move more realistically in reaction to the player’s facing, kicking motion and ball control. Also, the gameplay has been improved to better fit a variety of player movements.

Additionally, the top-down camera view has been improved to give players a greater awareness of the game as they move in their team’s final third. Progression through the ball is more intuitive, and includes a new forward pass mechanic.

FIFA 20’s “Franchise Mode” has been expanded to now offer players the ability to create their own custom team from scratch as well as their own customized stadiums and logos. Player progression is now tracked at the player level, allowing you to keep a player at his current level of development in all facets of your game, whether through the FIFA Ultimate Team card game, Franchise Mode, Player Career Mode or Injuries. This tracking is also applied to tactics, where you can now hold a button to adjust your tactic.

The video below provides an overview of the new features and gameplay enhancements.

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Features Key:

  • Authentic Team of the Year FIFA players from all over the world; new Motion Player Collection delivers FIFA’s true real-life match emotions; never-before seen gameplay trailers feature all-new goals, open new ways to play like dribbling, or pass, or throw balls.


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Sports games are hard. Move right, make the pass or shoot, and if it’s not perfect, don’t worry, take another shot. Make it perfect, and be rewarded. Whether you are playing on the couch with friends or on the pitch with a team, here’s what you’ll need to know to become FIFA pro.


Choose between two controllers to play: XBox One or PlayStation 4. You can also control the game with gamepad, Microsoft Flight or PlayStation Move.


Pressing B on the keyboard will keep your place in the game, which is the same way the A button works on a controller. The Xbox button works like a directional pad and the PlayStation button works like a directional stick.

The D-pad should be used to move the ball and press B to shoot

The directional pads also have their own shot animations, which are used when you press down on them and aim the ball.


A and B are the same as on a controller. You can use the D-pad to pass and shoot.

Tapped A will kick the ball, tapped X will pass, and tapped B will shoot

The Y button is used for dribbling. Press down on the directional pad when near the ball and then tap it.


Dribbling involves turning the analog stick in the direction you want to dribble the ball. Your fingertips should remain on the directional pad, while the stick should be turned. This applies to the left stick of a controller and the right stick of a gamepad.

Press X on the keyboard to apply the penalty shot animation (this only works with the Keyboard Controller, if you use Gamepad or PS Move, you’ll have to use the Shoot button).


Turn in the direction you want to move the ball by pressing X. Aiming is handled differently depending on your controller.

Press right stick to turn to the right, left stick to turn to the left

While you can see your footsteps while turn, you cannot see the direction you’re turning.

The left analog stick turns the defender while the right analog stick turns the goalkeeper. The D-pad and right analog stick are used to make runs.

When you turn, the defender and goalkeeper move, and you


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FIFA Ultimate Team provides players with a unique way to build and play their club collection featuring real-life licensed kits, authentic premium vintages, and a new card collecting and trading system. Play your favorite FUT modes, or take a dive into a rich Story Mode packed with memorable player moments, dramatic rivalries, and unforgettable moments for your club.

Playing Practice matches –
With the new FIFA Virtual Pro, EA SPORTS introduces a fully responsive experience for FIFA Ultimate Team so that you can take on fans, opponents and all your favorite clubs and leagues in a fun, fast-paced environment.

Updated Commentary – The new commentary team of lead commentator Jon Champion and producer Drew McWeeny will provide expert analysis on what is happening on the pitch, as well as the latest off the pitch stories.

New Manager AI – For the first time, play as an actual Manager and develop your club’s squad over an entire season. Fans can develop their own tactics and use the new Player Performance & Tactics systems to play the way you want to play

New Player Career Mode –
Players can jump into a new Player Career mode that leads them through the most memorable seasons of their career as you manage their Performance, Training, and Tactics. You’ll play a series of matches against eight different AI teams in a challenging demo mode.

Real Player Motion Technology – Additional touches and movement on the ball are now visually more accurate and realistic as any ball manipulation has been improved. A player receiving a pass can now physically receive the ball, adjust it to his/her body and turn in the direction of the pass. Players can also more accurately plant their feet in an effort to evade an opponent and turn on the move.

New Attacking Intelligence – Players read the game more intelligently and use their intelligence to act on the ball and break off from possession. At its core, this is FIFA’s most responsive and smartest AI. New new-ball control and exploitation can provide more intelligence in possession on the ball, as players change direction with greater precision to either run beyond, or shoot to, a teammate.

FIFA 22 is rated “T” (Teen) for visually intense game play, crude humor, suggestive themes, mild language, suggestive innuendo, cartoon violence, mild language and mild sexual references.

Additional Notes:

Owners of FIFA 19 will receive an update via Origin to upgrade their game to FIFA 19. Owners of FUT 18


What’s new in Fifa 22: