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New Player Movement

New power moves in player movement enable players to dictate the pace of the match using short, powerful and powerful dashes, intelligent forward control, lateral movements, ball control moves, and kicks.

New attacking styles

Attackers can use fast or controlled forward runs to powerfully attack the ball and finish with a longer forward movement or a backward movement. One-two combinations can be used to add variety to the attacking process.


New player movement, defensive attributes, and ball control skills enable players to execute more fluid, dynamic and attacking-oriented moves during transitions. These changes will make it much easier for players to exploit spaces between the lines.


New passing moves unlock an array of player movement that are even more dynamic than previous passes, and more importantly, enable players to exploit limited spaces.


A breakthrough in player momentum allows attackers to go for more direct collision options. The new grappling can also be used for off-ball situations, and for off-target movement.

Ball speed

A new dribble system, new dribbling instructions and new dribble speed enable players to approach the ball in different ways, control the ball in more varied ways, and open up more spaces to find passing options.

Improving passing

Improved goalkeepers have been updated to offer better pass protection and recognition. New goalkeeper skills, including the ability to dive and read the play, will aid passers.

Improved ball carrier control

Improved ball control moves will be even more viable off the first touch. Paces and slide moves will be more effective.

How will it improve FIFA Ultimate Team?

Improved Player Movement:

Improved “power moves” in player movement allow you to dictate the pace of the match using short, powerful dashes, intelligent forward control, lateral movements, ball control moves, and kicks.

Improved movement distances: Now you can use shorter, quicker movements more often.

Improved Stamina

Improved player stamina allows you to play longer, with greater intensity and ability.

Improved Player Speed:

A breakthrough in player momentum allows attackers to go for more direct collision options. The new grappling can also be used for off-ball situations, and for off-target movement.

Improved Player Momentum:

Improved player momentum, based on the player’s speed and direction, will now enable you to approach the ball in different


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • “HyperMotion Technology” uses real-life player movements and behaviours to adapt players’ movements.
  • Real-time Match Engine uses “Groundbreaking AI” and new coaching behaviours to adapt to each game’s circumstances.
  • FIFA 22 introduces “Off-ball Behaviour” which gives AI-controlled teammates new passing options. Reach new heights in FIFA Ultimate Team in Ultimate Team Mode.
  • Strikers react realistically to shots. Driven forwards, receivers move towards them more and make runs. Goalkeepers emerge from their goal area when in distress.
  • Smarter player behaviour makes shooting over-hit crosses and volleys, and runs off the shoulder of the defender. Ask an experienced player – you might even get a penalty – in 15 amazing new ways.
  • More intuitive controls and authentic ball control make passing and shooting more fun.
  • New hot spots. Pick one and go for a through pass with more intuitive controls.
  • Complete the Daily Iron Man and unlock achievements to earn new rewards.
  • New Atmospheres. Loud sounds and stadium vision, where you can watch players run onto the pitch and celebrate.
  • Stress-free gameplay from FIFA 19. And motion capture has made a return – with higher level of body tracking.
  • Designed for next generation 4K gaming systems and boasts an amazing 24-bit lossless audio.
  • Exclusive, never-before-seen gameplay videos and more created exclusively for FIFA 22.


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· FIFA is like no other football videogame – real teams, real players, real skill, real drama, real intensity. For any football fan, FIFA is the ultimate football experience. With more than 800 players from over 80 teams, and over 500 official teams, players and competitions from around the world, FIFA provides the most authentic football game in the market.

· Become a legend: your decisions will impact how you play the game, your legacy will be your own.

· Play like a pro: see the game in a new light, master the art of dribbling and playing off the shoulder, set up goals, finesse passes, and go from defence to attack with your favorite player.

· Attract your teammates to your side, lead them to glory.

· Keep calm, have fun: life is all about enjoying football in the right way.


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Try Free Play mode, the new Online Seasons, the all-new Custom Game, and EA SPORTS™ FIFA Connected competitions before you spend a penny.Article content

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Introducing an all-new feature called “Daily Team Builder” which gives players the ability to create their own unique teams by customizing individual players from within the game.

FIFA 20 ULTIMATE TEAM (Demo is Available for the Xbox One)

The World’s Game is back and reinvented. FIFA 20 delivers the most authentic club soccer experience ever, with the vision and gameplay innovations that reflect the sport’s global appeal.


6v6 Online Leagues – Six tournaments across Europe, North America, and South America. Confront your opponents in brand new Competitive Drafts mode or unlock the ultimate global challenge in 8-player Online Leagues.

FIFA Ultimate Team (Xbox One and Xbox One X)

A feature that will be included in this year’s update allowing players to to pick the squad of their dreams in any shape or form using items found within the in-game Item Store, cards from packs, man up points from older Ultimate Team modes, and coins that can be earned by upgrading things like your stadium or garage.

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team (Xbox One and Xbox One X)

The most popular Ultimate Team feature in FIFA also receives some fundamental tweaks to help make it an even better way to play.

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team (Xbox One)

For the first time, players can spend FIFA Points – which can be earned from gaining experience points through gameplay, through items bought from the in-game Item Store, or from completing ULTIMATE TEAM events – to acquire FUT Packs.

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team (Xbox One)

FUT Packs allow players to create and customize FIFA Ultimate Team squads using items found in packs from the FIFA 20 Item Store, including FUT Packs.

Player Impact Engine (PIE) – New systems inform how players and players create and evolve tactically, and also include a new and more accurate AI system.

Social Cross Play – FIFA Ultimate Team on Xbox One can be played with friends that are also on Xbox One. Xbox One X players can be friends with players on both Xbox One and Xbox One X.

FIFA 20 Trailer, Case & More

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New Add-ons

Create your very own unique new stadium and team within FIFA 20. Design everything from your


What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • Learn & Play – We’ve added new ways to play the beautiful game. Use your coach’s experience to take your team to glory or take a seat in the dug-out for real-time manager control.
  • Situational Awareness – Improve your timing of your challenges and tackles to win the ball back from an opponent.
  • Turn Talk – Dramatic new changes to the player dialogue will better inform your decisions and inspire real conversation. Get into the game of strategic football with AI partners.
  • Realistic Player Movement – Get closer to every tackle and keep up with the fast-paced tactical motion of the players. Turn in any direction with purpose and react to every touch, block, tackle and aerial duel.
  • Expanded Fight and Flight System – When injuries slow your lead man down and end your attacks, Premier League’s trickiest strikers pick up your mantle. Go big or go home: use your finishing moves and powerful aerial duels to wreak havoc on your opponents.
  • Enhanced Player Design – More than 500 players have been updated for a more realistic, player-focused experience. Play your dream and role in Premier League and other competitions as a goalkeeper, defender, midfielder, or forward.
  • Animated Goalkeeper – Assume the right position and call the play. Set-piece expert saves with just the right moment of reaction. Take the lead and lead the goal, as you read the play.
  • Drop-in Coaches – A new set of on-screen icons will help you find a great coach for your club. Don’t worry about being number eight — just choose one who can help you improve.
  • More Targeted Training – Fit, physical training enables you to master all of the game’s systems. You now have a direct impact on how the all-new fitness system develops your players.
  • Enhanced Social Features – This is your opportunity to fall in love with the most immersive Football experience yet.


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Play the game you know and love, but also play it with your head;

Improve your quality with Real Player Motion – FIFA 22 also includes a new game engine that helps provide more detailed and realistic player animations, making your player more lifelike than ever before.

The Game Engine

The game engine features gameplay settings tailored to each specific stadium, meaning you get:

Unprecedented player animations—that’s the game engine at work. More player details, more nuance, more emotions, and more life.

More player details, more nuance, more emotions, and more life. An increase in graphics fidelity—that’s realism at work. Players are more detailed and look as accurate as possible.

Players are more detailed and look as accurate as possible. Dynamic lighting and shadows—that’s realism at work. More accurate shadows and lighting make players appear more photorealistic.

Improved ball physics – that’s realism at work. Players better move and move the ball accurately.

Players better move and move the ball accurately. Sharper player collisions—that’s realism at work. Players can more realistically fight for and win possession.

Players can more realistically fight for and win possession. New artificial intelligence—that’s realism at work. Better coordination among players making the game more tactical.

Better coordination among players making the game more tactical. More realistic ball distribution—that’s realism at work. More control on how the ball travels and bounces.

Key Features


Real Player Motion

Full player motion is what makes each player unique. It’s the difference between, ‘Hey, I’m good with FIFA, but that guy’s crazy’ and ‘I’m good with FIFA but THAT guy is crazy.’

Back in 2002, FIFA introduced Real Player Motion animation, giving players full body movement and the ability to drive hard towards the goal. This led to an explosion of video game popularity.

Now, the FIFA community asks for more from their players and teams. They want the player to feel alive. You know the guy that hops, winks and keeps on running? You can make him move faster, be more effective, feel more real.

Be more expressive

You’re a captain, you’re an All-Star, you�


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