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The first entry in the FIFA series to use motion capture, FIFA 22 introduces the power of the players to everyone through quick and precise controls. Learn how players interact with each other on the pitch and be inspired to take an active role in the game as a pro, creating your own training sessions for high intensity drills.

What are some of the new features in FIFA 22? New Quarterback Engine Allows for More Player Intentions in Tackle The FIFA 22 Quarterback Engine gives players more player intents in tackle animations, allowing them to set up the hit with more direction and timing. You’ll see the exact action on the ball and momentum of the players as the ball goes flying through the air.

The FIFA 22 Quarterback Engine allows players to more easily read the play and react to the situation in real-time.

Player Intents Improve AI A player’s tactical ability makes them more effective at tackling, trapping, and even initiating attacks. The player intent system is now easier to read, making it easier for players to understand exactly where a player on the pitch is going and how they should react when they get there.

The new system will be more accurate and specific in tackles, enhancing the feel of the contact when you see the ball leave the foot of a player. You’ll also see more player-to-player contact, resulting in more collisions in high intensity situations.

Players are better prepared to handle the play by making counter-threats on the run and reading the play even faster.

New Animation System, including Player Flexibility New animation system gives you more freedom and control in making players more flexible on the pitch. You’ll see the exact body positioning of each player during the gameplay, with finesse motion of the player’s arms.

With the new animation system, players can improve their skill in specific body parts such as the arm and leg muscles, giving them more freedom in movements and creating more unpredictability on the pitch.

New Control Mechanics

FIFA 22’s new control mechanics have been improved with more precision and speed. The sprint and defensive slides that were introduced in FIFA 21 are now more easily controlled with an additional ability to accelerate while changing direction. The sprint mechanic can be executed at any angle and distance, while the defensive slide allows you to reach more quickly and evade difficult situations.

FIFA 22’s new control mechanics have been improved with more precision and speed. New Zonal Coverage, Defensive Behavior, and


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • FIFA 22 introduces “HyperMotion Technology” – which uses motion capture data collected from 22 real-life players playing a complete, high-intensity football match in motion capture suits. The data collected from player movements, tackles, aerial duels, and on-ball actions is used to power FIFA 22 gameplay.
  • Real-World Player Kicks – Perfect technology replicates the devastating power of every player strike as realistically as possible. Each shot doesn’t just have sound, but also has realistic ball movement. The ball consistently lands where the player kicks it, creating extreme power and variation. Players that score from distance will consistently double kick the ball, allowing you to create a beautiful finish from distance the same way the greats do.
  • Real-Life Player Tactics – Transition to attack mode increases the chance of a shot being successful by a further 10%, and attacking play increases the number of shots on goal. Complete your next pass more accurately to create more work for your midfielders. Manage players more thoughtfully to make the most of team chemistry on the pitch. New attritional and accelerated pass options make attacking play even more fun.


Fifa 22 PC/Windows 2022

Football is undoubtedly the world’s most popular sport. In the game, you can set up leagues, manage your favourite teams and develop your players, then pit them against other managers and players in The League. You can even create your own leagues and compete online in the Show Match creator.

Keep an eye on your stats and master FIFA Ultimate Team. In this game mode, you can use real-world coins from the Official Footballer Retail Store and unlock items like ball kits and player faces.

Finally, compete in online head-to-head FIFA gameplay. Use your chosen controls to show your opponent, make a tactical substitution and the score will update automatically.

Here’s the list of features you’ll find in the FIFA version of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, for more information, head here:


FIFA is back with a game that’s faster, more fluid and responsive than ever before. As you progress, your squad will grow and progress, and you’ll be able to give your team even more options with new tactics, formations and systems.

More to Come…


Playgroup lets you play all the way through the game on just the PS4 system. It takes up a lot less space than the base version and downloads all the content in the background while you play. You will have access to all the same features as the full version of the game, so you’ll be able to create custom leagues, manage your favourite teams and create gameplay ideas. Your progress will transfer to the full game as soon as it’s available.

Live Events and Leagues

The Start of a New League

After you begin your own league, you’ll be able to start within your own custom league, with a set of friends or players from other leagues in the mix. You can choose from the kits, colours and position groups available to you in your league, and once you’re ready, go head-to-head in FIFA gameplay. This will allow you to test your league and adjust your ideas until you’re ready.

Play to Win

If you find yourself at the top of the rankings, why not try for that first league title? To do so, you’ll need to


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Transform your teams with real-world tactics, real-world superstars, and real-world coaches.

The Premier League and Major League Soccer have formed the FIFA Interactive Club World Cup™ tournament of champions.

Players from around the world will be given the chance to be crowned the champion of this new eight-nation, two-year tournament, which will include the top 30 best performing clubs from the 2015/16 Premier League in Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Mexico, Colombia, USA, Chile and Argentina, as well as Major League Soccer’s best performing teams in the USA. The competition will commence in the USA, as part of a media and marketing campaign that will showcase the country as a key soccer destination. New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, and Miami, were chosen as host cities. The champions from both the Premier League and MLS will then play in a two-year series that culminates in the Grand Final, to decide the champion of the 2017/18 campaign.

Spend your FIFA Ultimate Team™ budget wisely and earn rewards based on the growth of your squad. Collect coins and other virtual currency to use on players in the Marketplace or unlock premium packs that contain FUT items not available in the in-game shop.

FIFA 19 challenges. Are you ready? FIFA 19 challenges are back and they’re bigger and better than ever. They’re easy to play, fun to earn and even better to complete. In FIFA 19, all matches are now available for any mode. So take a break and play something a bit different.

Ultimate Team. Face-off on the pitch or challenge your friends to some friendly FIFA Ultimate Team™ action. Create your own custom teams or join a friend’s for some FIFA 19 Ultimate Team™ fun. Build your squad of the stars, new and old, from clubs around the world and embark on a journey to become the ultimate soccer manager.

MyClub. Play one on one, with friends or other MyClub players, in competitive online matches. Choose your experience level and you can play with friends or total FIFA noobs! Then, build up your very own Ultimate Team in the game with real-world players and transfers.

Player Career. Now you can live out your own unique player career as you progress through FIFA 19. Create your character and earn skill points to develop new moves and abilities. Work on all aspects of your game including passing, shooting, heading and dribbling to develop


What’s new in Fifa 22: