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NEW: Ratatouille support!
Collect the 20 ingredients with which you can make ratatouille.
Collect the mushrooms, to become a mushroom expert.
Earn the eagles feathers, to become an eagle.
By mixing the ingredients with the right amount of water, you can make the
culinary love potion. Make sure to press “P” at the right time!
Since it is a top-down RPG, you can see the details on the enemies and the environment.
Basic movement:
WASD to move, and “tab” to target.
Space to jump.
You can use the left mouse button to toggle between a crosshair and a reticule to
You can use the keyboard to make the crosshair large, to see more detail and
*NOTE! Your inventory can be used to carry your potions, items and equipment, but
you can also store other items in your inventory!*
You have 8 inventory slots for your potions, basic items and equipment.
Collect and upgrade the potions to increase your chances to survive and beat the
Combat System:
Most enemies have basic hit points, easy to beat up.
Some enemies have longer hit points, and your hero gets hit by them.
Some enemies have HP, and you get burned by them.
Some enemy uses Magic.
Some enemies use Weapons.
Some enemies use Armor.
The spells are classified with the following categories.
Fire, Lightning, Poison, Shock, Slow, Heal, Reveal, Blocks.
The damage you get is determined by the position of the enemy and by the
amount of health on the enemy.
Before you go to fight an enemy, you are able to use the Magic scroll to learn the
You should equip the spells you like to use most.
You can carry weapons, potions and equipment, and can change their attributes and
types in a number of ways.
You start with 5 slots for the items, you can put them on the equipped
You can grab objects from the environment with your cursor, or you can use your
inventory to carry them.
You can put a potion in an item that doesn’t require it.
You can save up the potions.


Features Key:

  • Effect based tactical
    warfare system
  • Much more strategic than most strategy games of
    this kind, due to the emphasis on fire,
    maneuver and grand strategy elements
  • 28 AI opponents and 3 real NPC enemies, all on a
    turn based game engine
  • Excellent graphics and gameplay
    assistance with easy style interface
  • 16k map support
  • Physics-based movement
  • Unique units and weapon systems, such as
    tanks, hovercrafts, and mobile
    anti-air turrets
  • Highly detailed, full color, destructible terrain
    and buildings
  • 3 player coop
  • 3 playable factions
  • 4 base per side game start
  • Misc.
    • Dropbox support
    • Somewhat long loading times

    More about the game:


  • Game System:

    • 36 fire and maneuver scenarios in 3 different

      • 1-way
      • 2-way and
      • Turn Based

    • Core mechanics



      • Turn based, hotseat, no AI
      • Warriors, regular troops, knights, archers,
      • 1-way resource distribution:
        home base, transports,
        supports, battle positions
        and city, construction improvements



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        Key Features:
        – Play as the different protagonist and accrue special abilities through performance in combat.
        – Collect all the parts of Pup’s missing tail in the Delphinium Asylum.
        – Different protagonist with their own special abilities and weapons.
        – Easy and intuitive one button controls.
        – An old western look and sound design.
        – A coop campaign for the PS Vita, which is available through the PlayStation Store.
        – Support for both the PS3 and the PS Vita.
        – Grand Prix play and full online multiplayer modes for up to four players.
        – Secrets and decoder boxes to discover.
        – Overall, 16 levels across two worlds with four planets to explore.
        – Original soundtrack and original spoken dialogs and sound effects.
        – Choice to jump through walls, walk on enemies and perform various acrobatic moves.
        – Thrown in a pirate ship loaded with weapons and match it with more than a hundred different enemies.
        – Exciting shooting and fighting, plus platforming and puzzle solving segments.
        – A well thought out level design makes each level unique.
        – An easy to learn one button control scheme.
        – Multiplayer is supported through the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live, with leaderboards, achievements and friendly matchmaking.

        About The Game
        On the brink of a meteor shower, a lost planet named Ryvais is transported to Earth, its cargo containing beasts called the Eldanders. However, with Eldander technology existing only in five of the planet’s six natural moons, Ryvais soon becomes a hunting ground for the elite Ranger Corps, and a prison for the misguided.

        Just when Ryvais is about to be overthrown, they encounter a group of settlers on an island, but the settlers seem to be under a curse – every seven years they die. Ryo Hazuki, a member of the Ranger Corps, is suddenly thrust into this situation.

        While looking after his new comrade Ryoma and developing a taste for the ladies, he leads his squad on a journey into a maelstrom of memories and emotions. Whether he will finally be rescued from his unquiet dreams remains to be seen.

        What is included in the package:
        Disc 1: Fire and Maneuver Crack Mac
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        Ground combat simulation using VR
        Freely move in any direction to provide the best view of battle, manoeuvre and react to combat situations
        Plan your course of action in order to engage the enemy
        Engage the enemy, force and manoeuvre to allow the player to battle multiple targets
        Encounter enemy outposts to complete mission objectives and destroy them
        Rescue a missing comrade and bring him to safety
        Connect VR mode to the original game, allowing users to battle the enemy in a completely new game mode
        Battle against 4 different enemy forces (Japanese, American, Russian and German)
        Full game review and gameplay videos:

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        HTC Vive + Google Earth VR = Virtual Reality Documentary!

        We have been very excited to make this film and were delighted to bring


        What’s new in Fire And Maneuver: