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Roblox is a massive online sandbox populated by players. It is a free virtual game world and social platform that supports user-generated content.
Players can create content and play it in the game, including 3D environments, characters and objects, and participate in user-generated quests and mini games. They also use a set of in-game tools to create and share their content with other users.
The game is free to play, but most content requires payment of Robux, a game currency with real world value, purchased with real money or earned as game play rewards.
Players can decorate their character with clothes and props, and they can access an extensive catalog of community built, player created, and developed content.
The platform is accessed through a web browser or Roblox’s mobile apps for Android and iOS devices, or a Roblox plugin for Facebook. In addition to the main web site, Roblox also provides in-game apps for all of their supported platforms.
You can also go here to play online []
Hint: Try with Google play store, search for “Roblox” or “roblox in playstore”
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