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What type of item can be used to create an “intervention”?

I am not sure what type of item can be used to create an “intervention”.
For example, I was taking a week-long retreat and one of the items that were discussed was to be an “intervention”. This involved going to my friend’s house and doing a lot of work in her backyard (moving walls, removing rotten wood, putting up a wall, etc). Is this something that can be done with a shovel or a pickaxe?


An intervention is an intervention. The basis of your friend’s “intervention” is your friend’s house. Unless it’s a really large house, the work would be done with a pickaxe or shovel, or perhaps a rake.
If it’s a temporary house, like a tent or a lean-to, then you might do some work with a sledge hammer or a pry bar.
But a permanent structure requires a contractor, so then you would need a backhoe or a front-end loader.
The number of tools required to make the “intervention” tells you how much you are using the tools of the trade as a noun rather than an adjective. Tools of the trade only add all of the tools necessary to do the job. If your friend only has a shovel and a rake, you use them both. If he has a bulldozer, you still use a shovel and a rake. If he has a good-sized (or even just

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