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A simple SHMUP inspired by arcade classics of the 80s for quick but challenging fun!
Jump through the 5 different time zones, blast your way out and catch all bonuses you can!
Are you brave enough to beat that highscore?
Game features:
– 5 Different Time Zones
– 5 Unique Boss Encounters
– Online Leaderboard
– Endless Game
– Infinite Score And Fun!
– Use WASD (Forwards, Up, Left, Right) keys to move Left/Right
– Space bar to Jump
– T to attack
– E to jump
– L to open gate
– R to enter new area
– Z to pause/taunt
Game Controls:
Mouse (or touch) to control movement
Spacebar to jump
C-Spi … Read More

Arcade Game (Rom)

Arcade Game (ROM)

0.01 MB

Developed by

Arcade Game is the core mod that makes our “The Last Level” mod work.
Arcade Game adds in a brand new level to The Last Level.
In this level you will fight the rising level of a unknown beast that is heading to destroy the world.
Solve the puzzles as you battle through the various rooms of the dungeon, collecting coins, gems and keys, all the while warding off the beast as it grows to reach the edge of the final level.
Game Features:
Brand new world to The Last Level
New Areas to explore
Collectibles to find and collect
Replay missions from The Last Level to beat higher scores
Use 2 Players (split screen) if possible
New ending cinematic
New Shout-outs in-game to give you the full Last Level experience
Use the toolbar (space bar) to get game information, access maps, toggle pause/options and more
Fixed missions from the last level
Would appreciate comments, … Read More

Arcade Game 2 (Rom)

Arcade Game 2 (ROM)

0.01 MB

Developed by

Arcade Game 2 is the core mod that makes The Way of the Samurai 2 and Eternal Samurai 2, playable in-game.
This is the second mission from the “The Way of the Samurai 2” series and it consists of 2 missions:
Mission 1: Stop the Train
Mission 2: Save the Princess
In this level you will face the forces of the enemy and be challenged to stop a train from crashing


Features Key:

  • Turn-based & Invincible Characters
    Default does not have automatic turns (might be next time).
    Can chose to loose or win automatically when character is removed.
    Being removed or KIA does not mean the game ends.
    It takes into account who is on top at the time, last turn counts for the whole game.
    and yes… it is possible to KILL your own troops.
    each side can control simular amount of characters.
    each side has a special ‘GRAFFITI BUY’ button that auto updates till end when you are the top point getter, becomes disabled when you loose.
    very useful if you already have way more points than the other side
  • Skirmishes (turns between 3 and 10 seconds) part
  • War map (turns between 2 and 5 seconds) part
  • Solitaire Time Attack (break time between 1 and 10 seconds)
  • Several end-game messages (about victory conditions etc)

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    The game begins with the fall of the president, and the mob is on their way to an airport.
    You have to fight to save the president and that is all.
    Game Features:
    >Realistic gun fire
    >3D graphics
    >Easy controls
    >Online multi-player
    How to Play The Game:
    This app is to take down all the enemies that are set on the president’s car.
    Begin the mission quickly because they will come up higher. Use the best gun fire to win the match and complete your mission.
    Features of this games:
    >Time Shooting
    >Multi-player options
    >Upgrade the weapons
    >Show FPS Scores
    >Addictive Gameplay
    For Android OS Version:
    Acceptable Criteria:
    -100K minimum apk to download
    -Respective copyright of company/Game developers/Kliproid/Whatever creator of the game
    -No Ad supported game
    -Full game legal with Copyright
    -No Book Scans
    -User Interface is simple
    -Short Force
    -Complete Admin-only
    If any DMCA owner please let us know within 24 hours and we will resolve immediately.
    You have our commitment to keep this game as safe as possible.
    If there is a DMCA, please send us an email and we will remove this game from our servers.
    Do not send us any bulk messages because your email will be hidden until we find out and reply.
    A lot of images and words have been added to our website. If you find any problem at our website, you can let us know and we will improve it.
    Please do not rate down because of any problems as we are trying our best.
    If you have any DMCA files, you must send us an email with file and we will show you what we do about that.
    All of us are gamers and we do this because of our love for games and our wish to play more games.
    Don’t forget to rate and give us feedback of our game.
    If you have any problem, don’t hesitate to send us an email, and we will try to respond as soon as possible to fix your problem as soon as possible.
    This game is 100% safe to play with.
    Please know that we only provide Best Free Games.
    We love online games and help you guys playing online games and we always try to improve.
    It’s super fun and fast


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    Reviewer’s Picks is a shooter game set in a post apocalyptic world. You play as an elite officer, dispatched on a mission to complete several individual missions on Earth. During your mission, you are dealing with heat, blinding rays, and vicious predators. Simple objectives, but high rewards for those who can accomplish them. Fast and intuitive, this game will challenge your perception of first person shooters.
    Buttons: D-Pad, A, B, X, Y, L, R, Start
    ReviewsPlay as a boy who is called on to perform missions in a world filled with darkness and light.
    ReviewsIn Dark Grounds: War Edition, you’ll be in charge of a small force of misfit recruits. The location, you’ll find yourself on a mysterious island. Create your character and choose from more than a hundred skills. Play through story or casual modes, immerse yourself in a light-hearted fantasy, or play with new, never-before-seen events and enemies. Its all about what you like! You can interact with your environment with new gestures, and you’ll be able to improve your weapons and your play style.
    Play as a boy who is called on to perform missions in a world filled with darkness and light.As you struggle against foes from different cultures, gather information on the land, and create new weapons for your arsenal, one of the missions will bring you into a fight with a giant beetle monster. Dark Grounds: War Edition offers no less than 60 playable levels and more than 30 original cards. You will be able to take on enemies from the worlds of stories, light fantasy, card games, and of course, BattleTech!
    ReviewsThe rules of the game are simple: use your playing pieces to complete your objective, and you will find yourself in the middle of an epic battle in the medium-to-long term. Choose your side. Fight for a Cause or just for fun. The action will start as soon as you hit the bricks.Characters:You will find yourself in the middle of a battle when you will be confronted with the bear, the human, the slug and more!
    Action :Play on your own or against the computer!
    Multiple paths:A variety of missions will be presented to you and a brand new kind of system is at play. Determine the route you will take to complete a given mission!
    Map View :With the map you will easily know where to go and what to do.
    Play by the rules :You are a rebel


    What’s new:

    Graffiti Bombing () is a mechanism to create traffic diversion through urban environments known as graffiti parks, by randomly placing dynamite on large advertisements.


    The first sequence of graffiti bombings was conducted in the late 1970s in Amsterdam, The Hague, Paris and Barcelona. In 1978 in Barcelona, in the popular Cala Llampó, an advertising board was vandalized by the collective “Urban Spelunkers”, during the time in which the artistic enterprise Subterranean Arts movement was a field of operation, publishing the movement’s first reports, including the article “Graffiti Was the Beginning of Art”. As a technique to create urban maps, graffiti was widely used against the advertisement displays, usually white on black or red on white.

    In July 1979, the researchers Ángel Cappa and Pablo Zaldumbide introduced this mechanism to public events with the goal of creating political discourse about the symbols of the monopolies and in doing so contributing to the exhibition of the famous “Arte de Caos” of Santiago Guernica in Madrid.

    In 1980, the movement began to spread to other countries such as Austria, Japan, the UK, Norway, and, in 1985, North America. Some of the first North American graffiti exhibits were the “Challenge of the Arts”, held in New York, the exhibit “Graffiti and Architecture”, launched in a café annex of the Unisphere in Coney Island, and the “Deconstruct the Spectrum” created by Dallas’s teams “Hegelaar” and “Grasshopper”.

    Today, graffiti vandalism has spread to most of the cities of the world, and by 1993, the Chilean graffiti movement was sufficiently developed to reach Paris as a result of the graffiti exhibition “in the name of the Invisible Radio”. In 1994, the group “Radio Caracas” reached Paris, initiating the first graffiti exhibit in France.

    The New York’s team “Graffiti Project” joined the International Society for Contemporary Art (SICA) and the International Visitors Program Committee (IVP) of SICA and was appointed to the art space “International Tertulia” in the Ginza IX department of Tokyo in 1997 to share their craft and experience with the Japanese public.

    Since 1998, the International Movement for Graffiti Art (MGMT) was created, a transnational network of graffiti artists and activists, whose mission is to promote the organization as a source of positive social change. The first international conference devoted to graffiti


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