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A downside is the lack of functionality, an issue with the website that allows users to download games. They have quite a lot of games, and they can upload new ones every day. On the other hand, they lack of functionality, for example, there is no automatic update. Currently, they have a weekly update on Mondays, and they can update a maximum of 6 games. For the older games that have been submitted, you need to manually upgrade them. If you’re already using a program for free downloaders, then you know what’s the difference.

Every single area of the website and their support is simple and easy to use, it maintains a clean interface and that is the reason why it remained in the top rated free gamesdownloader for years. The way they are updating their site has no issue, besides, it’s secure to use it. It is merely refreshing to receive such a beautiful website with so much games.

The website for free downloads mainly offers games for PC, but some people will also be interested in downloading games for mobile, tablets, etc. The site is very simple to use, and each time you do a search, you’ll be able to see a list with the entire list of games. Here, they display a thumbnail with a clickable link that takes you to the download page for a specific game.

FreeGamesBox is a reliable download site, a really good website. It offers a lot of games, and the way they are updating their website is secure. Your information will be secure, and the customer service team is really friendly and responsive. With each visit to the site, you’ll see an update that shows how many games that have been downloaded. You can add or remove your games from the list at any time.