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This website has a bit of everything in the form of ebooks, videos and games. It also has a decent search feature which allows you to find the best torrents of your interest easily. Its also fairly new, so there are no flubs, and the site supports both free and premium accounts.

While Torrent Sites is officially a music torrent site, you can also find torrents for movies, TV shows, books, and all the other categories too. It is quite easy to navigate; the layout is clean, and the search is quite simple. You can also sort your torrents on the basis of their current upload status. Another feature which makes it stand out, apart from all the other benefits, is that the site is open source. This is a huge plus when you consider the frequent changes that websites have to make to deal with legal issues. They are also diligent enough to remove torrents which are obviously illegal.

Now, after years of existence, this site has grown immensely. The sheer number of options available in this website will blow you away. You can download torrents in many languages. It is also popular for the number of ebooks the site has. You can also sort them by categories like genre, author, or even upload status. Since the site is mainly dedicated to literature, you will find a ton of books. In case you need movies, TV shows, or games, this website has them all.

Although it lacks functionality, BitTorrent is the most used torrent site. As the name suggests, it gives you the liberty to download torrents of movies, games, music, and books. The advantage of using it is that you can search for anything. Moreover, you will find many groups and communities that can help you further. The tracker is also a great feature of BitTorrent.