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How to Make a Cold Matcha Ice Like TheSPotDelict Indonesia

How to Make a Cold Matcha Ice Like TheSPotDelict Indonesia

OK it’s been a while since my last blog post. I’ve heard the talk about this pop-up yogurt studio (sounds cool already) named Yoforia. They have their very first pop-up at Paris Van Java, Bandung. To me, it’s the hippest mall in the city though nothing much to do but shopping.

Been here many times, some said it was not as good as years ago, I do agree but still a good place, worth to visit, adore most of their sambal, moreover it’s very affordable. Definitely not a fancy Sundanese restaurant though I don’t mind, a humble place, that I know every time I go there, I will come out with a happy face. And oh, don’t forget to order tempe kemul!

I’m not a coffee person, and surely I don’t have my daily dose of caffeine but I do enjoy Affogato a lot and Mochaccino!

There are so many places to have a cup of coffee, from the classic American franchise that available almost everywhere in the city to the hipster coffee place. In big city like Jakarta, it’s very easy to find good coffee place. But in Bogor, a city that I said has a very slow progress especially in F&B, well I don’t think so. Ok so there’s a place called DailyDose Coffee & Eatery, went there a week ago with my sister. She got Red Velvet Latte but it came out pink, I had no idea but still pretty cute. I ordered Matcha Affogato and Iced Caffe Latte Caramel.

As a person that not really into sweet but enjoy gelato and ice cream a lot, for me Affogato is always be the right choice. A serving of vanilla gelato or ice cream with a shot of Espresso, what a lovely combination! But you know that I love matcha, I did mention it on Instagram many times. I feel like my eyes scanned “matcha” automatically on the menu. It’s not that I love everything with matcha as not every place have good green tea powder and I can’t have a sip when it’s not good. So happy that their Matcha Affogatto was good, my bad that I did not expect much. They also serve some kind of pasta dishes, light bite such as fries, and desserts. Actually I really wanted Chocolate Lava Cake at the time but they said it was sold out.

This is one of the most famous Sundanese restaurant in Bogor. I live in Bogor, but not in the city. Serpong area is my second home, I spend most of my weekend in Jakarta, I rarely visit Bogor, but honestly I love this city, especially the local food. This was my second time visiting De’Leuit. probably Jakarta citizens visit this place more often than me haha yaa it’s a very popular among tourists.

Serving mostly Sundanese food, Asian food (Chinese), but they also serve Seafood. I ordered Kepiting Soka Telor Asin it’s fried battered soft shell crab with salted duck egg sauce, it was lovely! Crispy crab coated with rich, savory and salty sauce. Yes it was greasy as it’s deep fried, but I can’t refuse this dish. We also got their best seller Gurame Saos Special De’Leuit, I don’t eat fresh water fish so I didn’t eat the fish but the sauce. The sauce was sweet and sour with plenty of shredded mango and green onion, so refreshing. Balance flavor, sour unripe mango combine with tangy sliced green onion, Asians favorite!

What I like from this place is because they serve red rice, it’s good for you better than white rice. If you ever coming to Bogor, you may want to visit this place. This is a big restaurant with hundreds seating and lasehan (closely like tatami in Japanese), it’s kids friendly, good idea for Sunday lunch with family.

Monarchy Bistro was opened on April 2014. It is Martin Natadipraja the man behind Monarchy Bistro, a young entrepreneur with culinary background makes it clear that this is more than a new F&B business, particularly in Bogor. He graduated from At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy, Singapore in 2010 and currently working as Manager of Monarchy Bistro as well as Head Chef.