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Ftpd is a simple FTP manager for mobile devices. It can import, download and upload files from FTP servers and allows to modify connection settings and configuration settings.
Support various protocols like FTP, AFP and SFTP.
Support for remote file transfers using WiFi and Cell networks.
The main window is accessible from the device’s “Root”.
It can be used on the device as a standalone app.
It supports various FTP options like SSH/SSH2 (SSH >= 1.1), SCP, FTP, PASV and supports connection via WiFi and the mobile 3G network.
It will connect to the server using the current data connection.
File transfer is synchronized with the server.
Browse, remove, update or add files in the remote server.
Configure settings for FTP and other options.
Download and upload files in various formats: ZIP, JAR, TAR, TXT, HTML, XML, CSV, XML, XLS, PIM, DAT, PBM.
Supports various file types:


Support for dynamic files and based on file names.
Let’s you create link to a specific file on the remote server.
Let’s you to create batch FTP with, for example, FTP commands.
Supports cataloging.
Support for advanced profiles, to-do lists.
Supports FTP proxy and with FTP over HTTP.
Rename files or subfolders.
Easy creation of link to a new folder on the remote server.
Support for FTP login with “anonymous” authentication.
Login with the user name and the password.
FTP transfer of subfolders.
FTP file transfer of subfolders.
Remote file transfer of subfolders.
Let’s you to create a “watch folder” on the remote server.
Let’s you to create a “watch folder” on the remote server.
Let’s you to create a “watch folder” on the remote server.
Let’s you to create a “watch folder” on the remote server.
Let’s you to create a “watch folder” on the remote server.
Let’s you to create a “watch folder” on the remote server.
With dynamic filter to find the files or folders.
Let’s you to create a “watch folder

It Rips Free [32|64bit]

iT Rips is an easily to use application which helps you to take dvd’s contents of the disk with movies, music and interactive movies, and compress them to mpg or mkv format with subtitles e in vobsub format.
The app enables you to browse a disk, take off the movie, take off the sound track and keep the subtitles. You can also extract only the movie soundtrack and video stream without subtitles. The main attraction of the application is that its workflow is very simple and therefore it has an excellent usability.
Key Features:
* Simplicity
* Fast
* Easy to use
* Compatibility
* Fully supports DirectShow filters
* It displays the video stream in Windows Media Video decoder form
* It has the ability to encode the video stream with the specified profile (AVC/MPEG-4/VC-1) and settings (Bitrate, Profile and Level of complexity)
* It supports a wide range of formats (movies, audio, subtitles e in vobsub format)
* The app implements audio and subtitles reader, converter and extractor from vobsub format
* It supports dvd1, dvd2, dvd5, dvd-a, dvd+r, dvd+rw, dvd+rwx, dvd+r, dvd+rw, dvd+rw, dvd-r and dvd+rw- formats
* It implements the extraction of subtitles from dvd’s chapters
* It enables you to create an executable, which will encode the video and audio stream with the specified settings without providing a hard disk space to save the processed file to
* It includes an integrated Winamp 2.x plugin (winamp.dll) that lets you play audio and video files through the plugin.
iT Rips News:
—> Please rate the app on Windows 7/8/10 and Mac, so the developers can improve the app and continue developing! Thank you so much!
System Requirements:
* Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10
* Intel or AMD based compatible operating system
* 32 or 64 bit
* CD/DVD drive
* 2 GB RAM
* Space for the installation of the app (Only 30 MB)

2007-09-02 2015-01-16 3.3.30
The Hot Video Ripper is designed to help you to quickly get the video and audio streams from DVD movies and PC games.

It Rips Download [Updated]


Advanced format support

Subtitle extraction and creation in vobsub format (for viewing without additional codecs).

Efficient support

The project uses the FFmpeg library to decode and re-encode stream to the output format, so the It Rips can work well and fast in both cases of your source (dvd, via live TV, etc).

File support:

It Rips can decrypt and encode (de/encode) a dvd using IMX based ffmpeg library.

Simple architecture:

It Rips follow a simple structure, you don’t need to waste time to adapt or customize this module, so if you want you can even use this module and at the same time can use any of other method of ripping.

Encoder, VCD, SVCD or DVD standards.

The Module is capable of decrypting dvds using the IMX ffmpeg library, and re-encode them, and also is capable of create VCD/SVCD/DVD-VOBs/DVD-CSSs/DVD-IFOs in all popular standards for people who want to convert those optical discs to VCD, SVCD, DVD-VOBs, DVD-CSS or DVD-IFOs. It Rips supports all the IMX decoder library versions.

Support rip all any IMX based compliant dvds for all most popular formats, like QuickTime, XVID, XVid or DivX, and also support rip DVD-VOBs and DVD-CSSs.

Streams support.

It Rips can support multiple streams, it means that you have multiple option to rip video or audio or subtitle from a dvd. At any time you can choose which streams you want to rip.

Direct support for IMX dvd decoder library.

It Rips supports the IMX dvd decoder library directly to rip dvds.

Download Plugin

It Rips requires to download and install the FFmpeg DirectShow plugins to extract video, audio and subtitles from dvd/video/stream/files/demuxed/extracted media.

FFmpeg DirectShow plugins are created for It Rips from IMX ffmpeg decoder library to do the job. The It Rips must be installed with the FFmpeg IMX decoder (IMX SDK).

Download the Plugins

What’s New In?

DVD X Rip lets you rip the first DVD (or first audio CD) you insert into a Sony BD player/player, and rip the data to any format you wish. DVD X Rip provides you the tools for you to easily rip the first DVD you insert.

The user-friendly interface lets you rip and analyse your DVD in only a few seconds. You can select the region, language and audio track of your DVD when recording. DVD X Rip also comes with a powerful digital processor to automatically generate movie titles and thumbnail images for you. This program will give you the correct result for the region, language and audio track of your DVD.


1. The program automatically generate a total of about 20 DVD X Rip title templates, including movie title, running time, audio track, album cover artwork, region code, layer code, and so on.
2. The program automatically generate a total of 5 TOC/MPG cover art images, and it allows the user to customize the title of this image.
3. The program automatically generates a total of 40 DVD X Rip subtitle templates. The subtitles can be saved in HTML or TTF format.
4. The program automatically generates a total of 8 DVD X Rip song templates. The subtitles can be saved in HTML or TTF format.
5. The program automatically reads the default region code of DVD when you rip it.
6. One click operation, you can support all models of DVD-ROM/READ-ONLY/CD-ROM/CD-RW with this program.
7. All the templates are auto-created, it’s time-saving, you don’t need to create them yourself.

If you need to rip your DVD to edit or to copy, you will find this ripping and editing tool extremely useful. You don’t need any low-cost CD or DVD copying program, just turn your DVD into a video file, crop, speed up, reduce or edit it and send it to whoever needs it in just a few clicks! Make a new CD/DVD copy in just a few clicks!

vbrrip.exe is a very useful tool, that is easy to use and can be used for many different purposes. It can convert the video files to multiple formats, include audio tracks and subtitles files. Also, this tool can be used to compress, decompress, merge, split, split and merge audio and video files, as well as edit the video clips. This software can

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP SP2
CPU: 1.2GHz CPU speed
Memory: 128MB RAM
Hard Drive: 10GB available space
Graphics Card: OpenGL 1.2 compliant
DirectX: 9.0
OS: Windows 7 64-bit
CPU: 2GHz CPU speed
Memory: 256MB RAM
Graphics Card: OpenGL 1.5 compliant