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Installing different applications on your computer doesn’t just take disk space, memory is also intensely used, and compatibility issues can occur out of the bloom. Removing them doesn’t quite solve the problem, with leftovers still having an impact on your PC, but there are various programs like JCleaner you can use in this regard.
Visually appealing and easy to use
Before you go off downloading the application to see what it can do for you, it’s best to check if your computer is fitted with .NET Framework, because it was built on this platform and is one of the main requirements. On the other hand, modern Windows iterations come with it as a default feature.
The application isn’t specialized in a specific area of your computer, but comes with a set of tools for thorough management of your PC. The main window is structured in tabs, letting you easily access the components of registry cleaner, disk cleaner, history cleaning, manual cleaning, startup manager, and the uninstaller.
Multiple operations with custom settings
By default, JCleaner opens up in the advanced mode. This gives you a bit more control over each operation, which can further be tweaked from the settings panel, where you get to choose the exact components of cleaner. There’s also a 1-click mode, which simplifies the whole operation to scan and clean.
It generally doesn’t take long for the application to finish scanning, and you’re able to check out all detected components in the end, and decide what to remove. Sadly, you need to manually perform cleaning operations when necessary, because the application doesn’t come with a built-in scheduler to automate sessions.
To sum it up
All in all, JCleaner proves to be a worthy assistant that can help you bring back some lost performance. The interface is intuitive, letting anyone quickly accommodate with the set of features. Although there’s no scheduler, the application manages to cover enough areas so that cleaning is not required so often.







JCleaner 5.6.0 Free License Key

Having a bunch of options can be a perk, but it can also be a hassle. You may have the best idea of how to spend your weekend, but it gets a bit more complicated when you have a bunch of apps open and a few windows on your screen. Besides looking at the clock and doing nothing, you could open a few of the most important apps right now to see if something is missing or just to check if there are any errors before they slow down your PC.
JCleaner allows you to move through those apps and windows with ease, especially when you are on the move. Some are placed on the bottom bar (like the taskbar) where they can be moved around, while others are floating to the top. You can resize them, close them, or remove them if you so desire.
JCleaner is more than just an app that you run, it is also a fully customizable application. You can change the colors of the interface as well as resize the dialogs. You may also select any of the tools available within the app so that you can see them in a different way. Simply use the various tabs on the window to make modifications.
App placement
JCleaner allows you to place apps and windows on the taskbar, using the options available in the Settings panel. You can create your own layout which suits your work, and there are also predefined layouts for various apps and windows. For example, you can set a specific layout for the Microsoft Edge browser.
Finishing the job
Closing unwanted apps is essential, but you also need to be careful not to remove something important. With JCleaner you get the possibility to close apps with a single click.
The app also has a Clean Up option, which gets rid of all the junk that you don’t need on your computer. The process may get a little more complex, but it should not stop you from cleaning at all.
File monitoring
JCleaner uses a scheduler so that you don’t have to do the basic tasks that a cleaner must perform on the frequent basis. You can also make it so that JCleaner remains active when you are using your computer.
Getting started
JCleaner can be used on both 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. There are also additional editions available. The latest version is 1.6. It is available for free from the developer’s website.

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The JCleaner is one of the great registry cleaners that is available at the Google Play Store. This application is used for removing the temporary files that are left on the computers after normal operations. A few common issues such as malwares, unnecessary bundles of registry files, files and unnecessary software can be erased by using this registry cleaner.
Overview of JCleaner:
JCleaner is the best registry cleaner application that can help you find outdated entries, junk files, registry errors, unused modules, duplicate registry entries and much more. The application provides the facility to manage the entries and directory. On the basis of those entries JCleaner provides the flexibility to remove the registry entries through its effective and effective registry settings.
Functions of JCleaner:
JCleaner is used for cleaning registry errors, old entries and also remove the junk files. The JCleaner also provides the facility to manage the registry entries. By using the JCleaner you can complete cleaning your registry and other problem-related problems. You can also use the JCleaner to clean the browsing history, image files, temporary files, cookies files and other junk files on your computer.
Key Features of JCleaner:
JCleaner has the facility to analyze the files, remove the junk files, browsing history, empty the temporary files and much more. By using the JCleaner you can find out the registry entries, errors and other junk files. It has the great cleaning features that can be used to clean your device so that you can avoid the slow speed of your device and the processor.
JCleaner is used to remove the junk files, uploads, passwords, preferences, temporary files and junk files to save your time. The JCleaner can be used to scan your computer and then clean the junk files from the computer.
JCleaner can be used to find the deleted files from the hard disk which can be used to back up the lost files. The JCleaner can be used for the technical support of your device.
JCleaner is used to remove old and unnecessary programs that can be used to perform the cleaning processes. This application is used to clean the junk files in your system and the unwanted entries that will be located in the device.
JCleaner is used for the backup of all your settings, passwords and browsing history to use the them in the future.
System Requirements of JCleaner:
1. 512MB RAM
2. Windows 95/2000/2003

JCleaner 5.6.0 Crack Free [Latest-2022]

JCleaner is an anti-malware, registry cleaner, junk and junk-busting utility with speed features.
Key Features:

Manual clean, quick clean, and permanent clean
JCleaner is a registry cleaner and privacy tool designed to clear garbage from Internet Explorer cookies and temporary internet files. It can also remove annoying shortcuts and other unknown junk files.

System information and parameter optimization
With JCleaner, users can detect and remove hidden spyware and system hazards. In addition to the system health evaluation, users can fine-tune the computer system settings to increase its performance.

Free and easy to use.
JCleaner is a good way to clean and optimize your computer. So, you can easily learn what kinds of junk files and other unwanted elements are on your computer.


The maximum capacity of the product is 100 GB which is sufficient for the wide use.
It contains the complete work.
It works without any time or memory issues.
It is perfect in sorting, navigating and navigating through different files.
It has the capability to clean a specific file.
The product is an amazing system tune-up system.
It has the ability to get into the system and help you remove those unused files.
It is very easy to handle and directly clean.


It has different versions for different
OS software. But the latest version is available in free. It is perfect in navigation and database management.


This is a great product from which we can do many things. It is really a good product to clean your computer system and also to increase the speed of your PC system.

Manual and automatic tuning of system and registry.

Search and detect deleted files and data.

Junk and junk-busting

Junk file scanner and fixer.

Junk removal from temporary internet files.

Software and application backup.

System optimization and repair.

Regular update.

Technical Support.

JCleaner really is a great product. It has the flexibility to help you clean your PC and the speed to do so with. If your PC is infected with annoying files, application or registry, you can use JCleaner to clean it up quickly. JCleaner makes it easy to clean, scan, search, detect and repair.
JCleaner has a clean, simple and user

What’s New In JCleaner?

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