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Media Player X is an easy to use and highly customizable media player with a simple to use interface. The program consists of a layout window (called a’slider’) as well as a collection of playback controls. The user also has the ability to change the song’s position on the timeline and to freeze the video. The program also allows the user to create custom playlists, and supports the playback of any possible formats of audio and video. Through it’s numerous feature set, it is one of the most feature rich applications available on the market. The program is made by a third party application developers who have created a relatively expensive program simply because they have a lot of features that are hard or impossible to implement in a basic media player. The program is also compatible with a wide variety of plugins that allow the user to add extra features, such as Syncing audio, Image display, and custom controls.

There are plenty of different music players that have been created over the years, as well as a large variety of specialized music players. Media Player X works just fine as a simple media player. The application simply displays audio and allows the user to play and pause, and also forward and backwards through the audio without any problems. It also has the standard few other media playback options, such as burning the audio to a CD.
There are a few more features that Media Player X provides. The first is the actual slideshow feature. The slideshow allows the user to view an external image, showing it’s main features such as brightness, contrast, etc. While it is a nice feature, it is entirely optional and is not necessary, unless the user is dedicated to creating these slideshows themselves.
Media Player X does have some connectivity options, but they require the user to do more than simply plug the device in, for instance, it requires the user to install a plugin, and once the plugin is installed, it will allow the computer to sync information between the media player and the linked devices.
There are also some additional media playback options, but these are also all optional, depending on the specific audio or video file.
The media player also has very basic control buttons. There is a play button, a pause button, and two or three up and down buttons which allow the user to skip forward or backward in the audio. The video includes an option for forward and backwards, but there is no option to pause or to skip to another point.
Users who are familiar with Media Player X may be confused about some of its interface

Media Player X [32|64bit]

Backlit audio visualizer! See your media in 3D, like its popping out of the surface of a stereo.
Play, pause and fast forward/backward between tracks, real-time visualizations of audio data, meta-data display, track and song information, as well as album art, picture show, and movie clip play all on a single screen!
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What’s New in the Media Player X?

Media Player X provides a smooth playback experience with a user-friendly interface that can compete with any of the more detailed media players on the market. The easy to use interface is not only a pleasure to navigate, but also comes with many features such as slide shows and full media support that can be combined into unique playlists.
Media Player X is no exception and provides a fun media player that is not only clear and not confusing in its use, but also delivers a solid array of features that will serve its users well. The application looks great while providing a slick user interface, capable of offering a large amount of content in the form of images, audio and videos.
While Media Player X is not a detailed media player, it still remains pretty well rounded and can compete with any of the more detailed media players on the market.
If you’re looking for a simple media player that provides lots of detail, yet easily manages your media files, then look no further than Media Player X.
Features of Media Player X:

Comes with AMP support and the ability to use multiple playlists
The ability to import media from other media players and websites
The ability to show messages, giving you something to show your friends and users

Comes with simple yet powerful playback tools
In addition, Media Player X features a powerful library manager that allows users to organize their different media into separate libraries, thus saving time searching through them. The player also allows the user to preview their files without loading them all into their system for storage.

The ability to play videos in a slideshow format
Media Player X also allows users to play videos in a slideshow format, an extremely useful feature that can be combined with the image slideshow capability to allow users to have a basic slideshow of their images all organized into one playlist.

Compatible with Windows 10
Media Player X supports Windows 10 and gives the user a modern, clean interface that works well with Windows 10.

Media Player X also utilizes the Windows 10 Dynamic Windows feature, which enables users to view in the form of tiles when the user is accessing their player.

Media Player X is also a Universal Binary, ensuring that users of all devices that are capable of running the program on Windows 10, will have a proper experience with the program.

Media Player X is also capable of creating playlists that include custom folder structures which enable users to create very specific playlists, including folders of images, audio and videos.

Media Player X

System Requirements For Media Player X:

Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows Me, Windows XP, Windows Vista
Mac OS 9, Mac OS X
Intel Pentium III/AMD Athlon 800 MHz or higher, 256 MB or more, 32 MB or more, 1 GB or more, Video Card: GeForce3, Radeon 7500, ATI Radeon 9600 or higher, GeForce4 Ti, GeForce 7800, Radeon 8500 or higher, Radeon X1900 or higher, or GeForce 9800 GTX, ATI Radeon 4850, ATI Radeon X1950 XT, ATI Radeon X2300 XT,