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Tallis is a city built on the imagination and dreams of its people. Nomad Cities takes place over the course of 150 years, and is set in a distant future, where the world is hot and airless, resources have long been depleted, and humanity is just barely clinging to life. Due to these circumstances, it is decided to build a space city to give the surviving populations a chance for a new life. Living there will be the only way to pass the rest of their lives.
A few hundred years later, the city is complete. Its first residents are now the last surviving humans.
The city can easily support 800,000 inhabitants, but for now only a thousand live there.
At least, that is, until a force of nomads arrives, attacking the city and threatening the rest of humanity with extinction.
In order to save the lives of all of humanity, it is necessary to defend the city from the invaders.
Your job is to do just that.
For more info read about Nomad Cities in our official website:

Comments about Dream Engines: Nomad Cities (Dream Engines I)

❤ Cool music


I have been playing Nomad cities for just over 1 month now and these soundtracks are absolutely amazing. A big thanks to the composer for producing some great music in Dream Engine I.

June 27, 2018

Rafael Hennicke

Final Fantasy IX (2009)

Mac OS

#63 / 119

5,58 / 5

❤ Love this soundtrack


I played DreamEngine I and love the soundtrack.

May 6, 2018

Drunken Detective

Final Fantasy X (1998)


#141 / 197

5,38 / 5

❤ Great Music


I’ve been listening to the soundtrack of DreamEngine since the release of the game and it’s truly magnificent. The contrast between the tense and epic parts and the tranquil ones is amazing.

April 11, 2018



Mac OS

#12 / 83

4,91 / 5

❤ The music is awesome


The music of DreamEngine is really cool. It’s pure music. I couldn’t play it too much


Features Key:

  • Play as Lance, Ash, or Savannah in an epic quest to save the world. With all-new characters, enemies and items to discover, this is a new beginning for both the series and for you!
  • Explore 3D environments and cunning puzzles on your journey to defeat Ravatrox. Inspired by pure action-adventure gameplay, the blockbuster series builds to a spectacular climax.
  • Multiple paths to victory, thanks to the game’s intuitive point-and-click interface. Multiple endings and branching storylines to explore with your friends.
  • A diverse cast of characters to interact with, alongside the return of helpful and obstinate townsfolk. There’s plenty of comedy in business-as-usual.
  • With hundreds of hours of gameplay, this reboot of the game franchise recreates the original gameplay and novel experiences which have kept these heroes by the gamer’s side for the last 12 years.
  • How to select game language?

    Select game language from the title screen.

    If the language is not on the list, please click “Add new files” button and search the game language files.

    How to install game key?

    The video instruction is listed below.
    Just follow the video instruct nicely and you will[3] be done in 5 minutes.

    PS: We advise you to choose “Install the game key” on the main page. It’s much safe and easy.

    1. Install the game key
    2. Run the game and click the sub-folder “GameKeyFull”, the game will be installed!
    3. Start the game, and you can use your game key to play the game.

    IV. How to use the GameKey portal / Renew code?

    Once you have


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    UNDEADLY is a Single Player Survival Game developed by Some More Axes. THE TURN-BASED SURVIVAL.
    You are a survivor. The enemies are not all dead. Not by a long shot. There are rumors of a distant world with a fresh start.
    Every action a character takes is predicated upon its stat-block. It’s your job to keep a collected, competent bunch of survivors alive long enough to get them to the new world.
    Our launch of UNDEADLY on Steam is a new world record for the most concurrent users on a single title for a game launched on Steam. The record was set by Tom has already started mapping a new world. We are excited and humbled at the opportunity to do a recording of that kind for you.
    Barely living everyday is hard enough, but when you’re stranded in the middle of an undead wasteland with nothing but your wits to keep you alive you’ll learn that nothing comes easy. We all have our fears but these are some scary things.
    – Kill the zombies, not each other.
    – Easy to pick up, hard to master.
    – Optional hardcore difficulty for more challenge.
    – A new world map is coming soon!
    – Crafting.
    – Interesting monsters.
    – Using a new graphics engine.
    – New sound engine.
    – New features.
    – New weapons and gear.
    – New world map on an upcoming release.
    – A whole bunch of new stuff that we cannot tell you just yet.

    The world of Dark Souls is about to change.
    About the Game:
    You are a warrior, shrouded in shadow, on a journey to infiltrate Devil’s Castle and reclaim what was yours. A new world awaits you and new foes lie in wait, but first you must fight your way through a dead and dying land shrouded in mystery.
    Inspired by the games of the genre-defining Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls series, From Software and Hidetaka Miyazaki’s Souls series, Dark Souls is the first in a new series that aims to forge a new and unique experience within the Souls genre.
    Featuring a seamless Dark Souls experience, Dark Souls is an open world game with persistent character progression.
    Key Features:
    * The Open World: Players can freely explore a dark


    Midnight Renegade [Mac/Win] [2022-Latest]

    – Features three new pilot profiles- For a good defence strategy in local multiplayer, choose one of the three pilots – Tarethur O’Connell, Edgar Fieldbach and Aylatanya Kiruna.These pilots are also available in Online Multiplayer and Training.Tarethur O’Connell can be used in Multiplayer and Training.
    ***** Important info *****
    – For Online Multiplayer, you must use local mode to setup this DLC
    – For Training, you must have at least 4 player online at the same time.
    – Because of an error on the game’s code, server settings are not compatible.0

    Smarter Asset Management is a new financial startup based in Silicon Valley and co-founded by former Deutsche Bank COO Emil Eifert and former Chief Investment Officer of Credit Suisse Company, Claus Roessler. The company claims to provide asset allocation algorithms that will help users to optimize their allocation for optimal portfolio allocation and reduce risk.

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    With the help of machine learning, Smarter Asset Management provides algorithmic solutions to this optimization problem, reducing the calculation time from 1 to 10-fold. The team also has the data collected from personal preferences and history for each individual investor to provide an optimized allocation for a portfolio.

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    The startup can also be considered to be a competitor to Wealthfront, a startup company that aims to provide automated financial plans that help investors to save and invest money. Smarter Asset Management is not the only portfolio optimization solution that is trying to provide a cheaper, more personalized


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