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MoW: Assault Squad 2.00.11 5 DLC GSM Mod 6.5 Hack Activation Code [HOT]



MoW: Assault Squad 2.00.11 5 DLC GSM Mod 6.5 Hack Activation Code

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Successfully complete each challenge to unlock that challenge’s trophy:

Airborne: Destroy 20 aircraft.

Barrier: Destroy 60 turrets.

Bull’s-Eye: Destroy 20 crafts.

Cloudburst: Survive 10 airdrops without rescue.

Crimson: Kill 100 creatures.

Façade: Defend 10 towers.

Fortified: Defend 20 towers.

Gemini: Get 10 kills with the spray blast.

Operator: Hit 50 targets from vehicles or structures.

Sniper: Hit 50 targets with the sniper.

Sentry: Hit 10 enemies with the sensor.

Skyway: Destroy 10 bridges.


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