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The main tools in Photoshop are the Layers Panel, the Channels Panel, and the Filters Panel. Refer to Chapter 2 for a detailed introduction to the Photoshop Layers Panel.

Photoshop has two main windows — the foreground and background — that appear as windows. You can flip between the two with the Window Controls button at the bottom of the screen. The three Photoshop buttons are the CS6 buttons for the File menu, Edit menu, and Layer menu.

To add an image to Photoshop, you must either open an existing image in the file system or import an image from your digital camera. When you open the file browser window, you see a list of selected files or folders in the left-hand pane, and you can click to see a dialog box that lists the available files. To import an image, follow these steps:

1. In the Photoshop workspace, choose File → Open.

2. In the dialog box that opens, navigate to the folder location for your image and select the image.

3. Click Open.

The image opens in the workspace.

4. When the image appears in the workspace, go to any of the panels to open the Layers Panel.

5. If the image is in the Foreground section of the panel, you need to flip the image to the background of the panel. Choose Window → Automate → Flip Horizontal or press Ctrl+H ( +H on the Mac) to flip the foreground/background of the panel to the background.

6. If the image is in the Background section of the panel, you need to flip the image to the foreground of the panel. Choose Window → Automate → Flip Vertical or press Ctrl+V ( +V on the Mac) to flip the foreground/background of the panel to the foreground.

The Layers panel acts like a folder that contains a collection of layers. You can drag and drop an image in the panel and open that image as a different layer. Choosing Layer→New from the menu in the Layers panel lets you create a new layer from an open image. (Chapter 5 has a detailed discussion of working with layers.)

After you add a new layer to the image, you can make changes to the layer by using the menu that appears. To find the layer’s menu, open the Layers panel and click the disclosure triangle next to a layer.

The 3D Warehouse is a source of 3D models that

Photoshop 2021 (Version 22.1.0) Free Download [Mac/Win]

Since Adobe Photoshop is a very expensive software, you can try Adobe Photoshop Elements. It’s free and opens the doorway to a world of digital creativity where you can create high-quality images, insert text and shapes, use some standard image editing tools, create web graphics, and more.

Also, when you create elements of a story and add it in Photoshop, you can choose to duplicate the elements you create to create multiple parts for your image which is perfect for illustrators and comic artists.

Here’s a collection of best Adobe Photoshop Elements.

10 Best Adobe Photoshop Elements Tutorials

1. Photoshop Elements 101: Learn Photoshop

In this Photoshop Elements tutorial video, get guided instruction on Photoshop Elements including how to Create a New Document, Link and Unlink Files, Resize Images, Enhance Photos and more.

2. Learn to Design Collages in Photoshop Elements

Want to learn how to create digital collages using Photoshop Elements? In this video tutorial, learn how to resize, rotate, and create collages in Photoshop Elements. In this video tutorial, you can learn a variety of Photoshop Elements graphic techniques and common tasks.

3. Master the Ovals & Curves Tool

Whether you’re a professional graphic artist or a Photoshop newbie, sometimes you’ll need to make changes that will require more than simple straight lines. Why not learn how to use the oval and curve tools in Photoshop?

4. The Kuler Photoshop Extension Tool

Want to add color to your images? Want to change the color palette for your images? Want to create a color palette of your own? Learn how to create a color palette in Photoshop with a modern user interface, and apply it to any image! The Kuler Photoshop Extension tool is a free and easy way to add colors to your photos.

5. How to Use Stamp Software in Adobe Photoshop Elements

Stamp software is essential for graphic designers, illustrators, or anyone looking to create an image that is unique, eye-catching, and original. With this Adobe Photoshop Elements tutorial, learn how to use the Stamp tool in Photoshop Elements 13, the free image editing software. Stamp software is meant for use in Illustrator and Photoshop, but this free and easy to use tutorial will also teach you how to use the Stamp tool in Photoshop Elements.

6. How to Add Photo Frames to Photoshop Elements

Photoshop has a number of frame tools to choose from, but these tools offer several

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What’s New in the?

With quite a bit of advance warning, the KDE Developer Meeting is coming up in April.
It’s an excellent chance to meet with fellow KDE developers and find out what’s going on in their lives and how they could help with KDE.

Traditionally it’s been held in Europe, but as the attendee list is growing in places other than Europe, it’s time to hold it elsewhere.

The conference will be held on the 18th to 19th April and will be in Warsaw, Poland.

Who’s attending?

The list of people who are attending in the past has been a bit big (over 500).
This time there’s a good chance that the conference will be more “pluribus”.
So we’ve limited it to 80.
This is the list of the top 30 and the list will go down on a first come, first served basis.
If you’d like to be added to the list, write to
events at

There’s a link to the
attendee list on the KDEWebSite.
You’ll have to login but it’s free.

The meeting agenda

The meeting will be a full conference; 16-19 April in Warsaw.
The conference is hosted by the Polish KDE User Group.

The meeting will mostly be in Polish, but there are quite a few international attendees so some English will be available.

The results of the election are as follows:

Leo N. Neponin is the chair
Bartek Szpakowski has been elected as the secretary.

Other new members include:

Alfred Olchelt
Matt Turner
Filip Trutenbach
Rafał Z. Zawisza
Łukasz Wojtkowski
Wojtek Janke

This list is in no way a full list of KDE developers.
You should check the IRC channel of the developer you’re interested in and ask there.

We’d like to thank to all who ran.

If you run your own conference, the concept is similar.
You’d need to give the conference all the freedom it deserves and trust the organizers.

Next time, we’ll have a conference video (done by several people).

System Requirements:

How to Install the Amped Edition

In this How-To we will guide you through the process of installing the Amped Edition and its modules on a Windows OS.
The installation process is pretty simple, so we will try to cover all the steps in details and to make it as clear as possible.
Download the Amped Edition
First of all, we have to download the Amped Edition and its modules from the official website.
Start the download process from the Start menu.
The Amped Edition is already in the “Downloads” folder