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■ Now that digital cameras have made it possible to produce high-quality images, it is possible to write software that removes the need to crop photos to a standard aspect ratio.
■ Please add watermark(s) to individual images.
■ Process list must reside in same folder as folder containing images.
■ JPEGs are compressed so as to conserve disk space, bandwidth and memory. You can save up to 100% of your image’s quality in the new version.
■ Higher resolutions are more difficult to use than lower resolutions. Hence these processes are only available at lower resolutions.
■ The minimum resolution at which a resize-filter can operate is the process’s maximum size.
■ JPEG quality is constrained by the JPEG compression itself, and is only an approximation of image quality as JPEG compression does not allow for each image to be reproduced exactly the same way as the original.
Image Adjustments
So you want to change the look of your image?
In this section, we will give you a brief introduction about the adjustment tools of Pictricity. You can find more in the Help menus.
The following sections will give you an insight into various topics such as:
Adjustments for Black & White
Adjustments for Sepia
Adjustments for White Balance
The process of converting images to Black & White
The process of converting images to Sepia
The process of converting images to a gray
Red, Green, Blue, and some other ways to adjust images
What is the difference between brightness and intensity?
What is the difference between contrast and brightness?
Adjustment for Gray
What’s the difference between Saturation and Hue?
The process of converting images to Gray
The process of converting images to a gray
Image Adjustments Overview:
Here are some simple images I took before and after adjustments. I just want you to get a feel of the adjustments:
Adjustment after:
Adjustment before:
Adding watermark(s)
You can add watermark(s) to individual images. You should include the information that is public but does not identify anyone, or that identifies you, to prevent anyone from infringing your copyrights.
Choose any of the watermark types, add text and adjust the opacity level.
Image Adjustments (Advanced):
Dancing birds (Conversion process):
I took the dancing birds image and converted to gray, then zoomed it in. Then I added a


Pictricity works by letting you create a list of processes to apply to each image in a folder. Most of these processes can be further customized and refined to suit your needs. You can even view a preview image as you work, to better gauge how the final results will look.
Pictricity is a software that automates common image tasks such as watermarking, resizing and optimization, as well as others. The real power of Pictricity is that it can save you hours of editing and converting your digital photos with just a few clicks of the mouse.
Here are some key features of “Pictricity”:
■ Text Insertion: Anialiased/shadowed text with ability to promote EXIF properties to the image display.
■ JPEG Optimization: Compress the JPEG output of a process list so as to take up less disk space/bandwidth. Compression range: 1-100
■ Resizing: Optional aspect ratio preservation, 13 resize filters (Speed vs Quality), scaling.
■ Watermarking: Insert an copyright or identifying visual tag into each of your images, with transparency & blending filters.
■ Effects: Find edges, internal and external soft shadows, insert lens, wave and round corners.
■ Greyscale & Sepia
■ Negative & Tint
■ Flip, mirror & rotate image around custom angle with antialiasing.
■ Sharpen & Blur filters.
■ Stegapgraphy with Encryption: Hide files or text within your image files using optional encryption using 18 ciphers of up to 2048 bit key strength.
■ Brightness & Contrast
■ Adjust RGB (Red/Green/Blue) levels.
■ Adjust Hue, Saturation & Luminence
■ Adjust Gamma levels
■ White Balance
■ Meta-data removal: Remove EXIF data for privacy.
■ Auto-enhance
■ 30 days trial


Proof of work:

Grab the software in action:

Pictricity Download

Automatic image processing and watermarking software.
Pictricity lets you carry out all the basic operations (such as resizing, reducing image size, removing or adding pixel colour & other properties) to your images, in a super-quick, easy-to-use manner. It also allows you to watermark your images and insert text/tags into them, as well as other cool effects.
It has become quite popular since being released in 2009 and can even handle RAW and JPG images.
When you process your images in Pictricity, you can optionally apply filters and effects to them, so you can have a unique look to your images. With these abilities, you can personalize your photos, making them more captivating and attractive.
You can upload one image at a time, or select an entire folder full of images, and these actions will be carried out in batch.
Pictricity lets you set a default folder or image for image processing, which is very useful when you have hundreds of images to process. Also, you can add multiple processes to an image/folder, to apply a variety of effects to it, and save the result in a new location on your computer.
If you want to make your images even more attractive, you can watermark them, apply lens effects, create digital fingerprints, add text in various font styles, have fun with predefined artworks, and more.
Pictricity is very good at image resizing. You can resize photos to any size, while preserving their quality. It makes them appear more appetizing by reducing the size of images, even for thumb-nails. This tool is really helpful if you want to upload an image to your social network profile, a blog or other web page.
Pictricity has a very friendly interface. You can create a new process and select your original images in a folder, one by one, and save the output.
Pictricity also allows you to add tags to each of your images. It has predefined tags/labels that you can use to describe your photos, such as “Family”, “Lifestyle” and many others. You can also create your own labels or descriptions that can be used with your photos.
You can even automatically apply some of these tags to each of your photos, using Pictricity’s algorithm. If you don’t want this to happen, just click on a check box to turn it off.
Pictricity has a very solid watermarking

What’s New in the?

by BIACKiTSoft ( is a Photoshop Photoshop plug-in that lets you use its algorithms to automatically optimize your images and crop, resize, add effects, or insert images into other images in an easy way. All without touching the original files! This can save your time and make your photography smarter and more powerful.
Key features:
– Automatically resize, crop, sharpen, blur, flip, rotate or just watermark your pictures with
– Automatically apply 12 full-screen image enhancing effects (such as negative, tint, sepia,
– Optical “Real-Time” enhancements,
– watermarks or identity tags according to your needs,
– Combine them, or just use one or several of them,
– Edit and preview the results within Photoshop
– Works in batch mode or individually.
– Save time by using Pictricity’s automated algorithm to create a batch processing script
– Select any picture files you like and let Pictricity do the rest: either as a complete batch image
processing or simply with a single picture that you want to process.
– Easily add new effects while you’re working
– Works in a simple yet powerful interface.
– Use the easy batch mode or work on a single image.
You can use and Pictricity Photoshop Plugin as 100% Free to try it out. If you like it, you can get the full version for only $14.95 after 14 day trial. So if you get things done quickly and easily, Pictricity Photoshop is a perfect tool for you.
Don’t wait and get Pictricity Photoshop now.
Pictricity Photoshop Video Tutorials:
Check out Pictricity’s YouTube and Flickr account for more videos that show Pictricity’s capabilities.
Pictricity Compatibility:
Pictricity supports Adobe Photoshop CS3 and later, and Adobe Photoshop Elements 2 and later.
To use Pictricity Plug-in:
Unzip the Pictricity Photoshop Plug-In to a directory on your computer, and then double click on the Pictricity Photoshop Plug-In icon that you have just extracted to the Plug-In directory. A short Quick Start Wizard will open and guide you in setting up Pictricity for the first time. If you don’t see it, right click on the Plug-In icon on your desktop and select “

System Requirements For Pictricity:

Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2400S CPU @ 2.50GHz
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 (1024MB) or AMD Radeon RX 580 (1024MB)
Required Space: 750 MB
Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 (64-bit)
Other: VS Code 1.42.0
You can download the complete source code here.
In this article, we will walk you through our