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Some farm animals and not only, are nowadays raised and paired by humans in order to produce food and other goods. But breeding and pairing doesn't necessarily have to end in slaughter and can also be used to keep species safe. With this in mind, Pigeon Loft Organizer comes equipped with the necessary tools for you to keep your pigeons tagged, organized and tracked for multiple generations to come.
Visually appealing and intuitive interface
The application manages to impress right from the start. With a lot of effort put into visual design, the application quickly convinces you to spend some time and go through what it has to offer. Most of the space is reserved for windows you get to work with, which can be accessed through elements in the upper toolbar.
Manually add all information
One of the biggest disappointments, and probably the only one, is that the application doesn't come equipped with any type of data whatsoever, so you manually need to provide all there is. This can take a considerable amount of time, since the settings menu alone holds around eleven requirement fields that represent bird attributes, characteristics, location specifications and more.
Both enthusiasts and beginners in the field are welcome to try out the features. Already having a record of your birds comes in handy, because it makes it easier to add details such as pairing, breeding, progeny, rings, health status, as well as the birds themselves.
Include all there is to know about your pigeons
Each option brings up a new creation window, similar in design, but with its own set of options. For instance, you can include a breathtaking amount of details for a bird alone, with fields like ring number, color, strain, name, date hatched, pictures, and even currency details such as sale or purchase price, with fields for quantity, owner details and so on.
With your pigeon database set up, you can start organizing pairs and add data as time passes and more birds hatch or pass away. An entire list is up to display, with categories cleverly colored according to sex, for easy identification and sorting.
Track flights and generate reports
The application doesn't only let you track your collection, but also manage recreational activities. Found under the “Racing” tab, options let you keep a record of bird flights, organize races and more. This comes in handy, because it encourages enthusiasts to develop new methods of caring for pigeons.
Last but not least, there's an entire tab dedicated to the various reports you can create. This can be done for nearly every database and list you develop along the way. Sadly, export options put at your disposal only let you print, but the application is capable of safely storing your data and there's even an integrated backup utility you can use.
In conclusion
On an ending note, Pigeon Loft Organizer truly deserves a seat at the winners table, managing to live up to expectations. Combining a visually appealing and intuitive interface with an abundance of info fields and lists to keep track of, you can rest assured that taking care of pigeons reaches a whole new level.







Pigeon Loft Organizer PC/Windows

?Pigeon Loft Organizer (PLO) is an advanced database solution for pigeonkeepers and pigeon breeders. Pigeon Loft Organizer is used in conjunction with the Pigeon Loft Monitor. It helps in monitoring the general welfare of birds, breeding birds, and individual birds. It simplifies the task of keeping records of breeding birds for any future generation of progeny as well as, tracking the general welfare of birds at any given point in time.

Pigeon Lofts has been my favorite social network for pigeon fanciers for several years. I have not used it to manage the flock so I can only give feedback from an end user. But for sure, when you have over 500 birds to manage, it is like no other pigeon forum on the Internet.I usually do not like the software that offers “more features” instead of “simpler and more usable.”
But, I was happy to see that this software was designed from an end user’s point of view. Pigeon Lofts forum does not try to be more like other pigeon forums. Instead, it simplifies the management of your flock and also, offers you many tools for tracking, breeding and pairing.
The number of options per page make it easy to narrow down when searching for info. I find that one clicks on a desired link in your results list and the page changes while still allowing me to see only the info I am after.
I hope that the software will be more integrated to Pigeon Lofts forum in the future. You can connect Pigeon Lofts forum and Pigeon Lofts database using the same username and password. I would hate for the tool to become more of a “time waster” to manage your flock.
The software is fairly straight-forward but I did feel it could be more intuitive.
Please check out the screenshots and videos below.
Software Screenshots:

Pigeon Lofts is a social network for pigeon fanciers and a breeding records system. We are looking for reviewers to help us “validate” our software! If you have used this software and want to help us by adding more information to the reviews we already have posted, please send an email to:
Also, if you are the creator of this software, and would like to be contacted regarding testing, please email us.

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Pigeon Lo

Pigeon Loft Organizer [32|64bit]

Manage your pigeon collection in an eye-popping fashion. Pigeon Loft Organizer Crack gives you the tools you need to keep track of your pigeons, manage breeding and pairing, and take care of their recreational activities. This is done through an intuitive interface using exclusively visual elements. With a single tap, you can add any bird to a new list, with fields for the bird’s information, details such as mating date, time of year, and breed, information on the owner and a variety of other options, plus the ability to add photos and other data, such as ring numbers and prices. A wide array of options in a single window makes it possible to keep an eye on things right at the source. Like any listing, you can even sort through and filter lists to make things easier to find, an added bonus that helps catch the attention of the more serious bird lovers. If you have the urge to recreate the racing pigeon scene, Pigeon Loft Organizer gives you a full range of tools to do exactly that. To save track, you can add details about time and location. There’s an organizer component that is capable of taking a bird’s regular flights and organize them automatically into racers and racers by sex and breeding.

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Pigeon Loft Organizer License Key Full X64 [Updated]

Manage and organize pigeons and race their data for multiple generations to come.
The app gets you started by letting you import your records from your favorite pigeon database that contains information about birds and their offspring.
Upload additional data using the forms below.
Create unlimited lists of races and beat records.
Races are organized by strain, color, owner, date and more.
Use the App to keep your records safe.
Track flights and flight log.
Export data in multiple formats and copy and paste entries to other databases.
Advanced options let you easily set up hardware for breeding pigeons.
Your data and analysis is backed up automatically for safety.
Track record keeper people and then assign owners.
Create reports of your data and print them.
Main features:
Accept unlimited records from your favorite pigeon database.
Upload additional data using form fields below.
Create unlimited lists of races and record beats.
Races are organized by strain, color, owner, date and more.
Use the App to keep your records safe.
Track flights and flight log.
Export data in multiple formats and copy and paste entries to other databases.
Advanced options let you easily set up hardware for breeding pigeons.
Your data and analysis is backed up automatically for safety.
Track record keeper people and then assign owners.
Create reports of your data and print them.
Pigeon Loft Organizer Review: The Good
Almost everything that comes into contact with your pigeons and birds is logged in the application. This includes breeding records as well as race data, brood records, as well as condition and deaths of birds.
This might be the only weak point in the application and the one point where its shortcomings shine through. While such a feature would be an excellent idea for the users to record and organize details on their birds themselves, it is not part of the application. At the very least, most users would require a separate tool for such functions.
The application is capable of handling any database type you can think of, so long as it has the following requirements:
A common data exchange format, such as CSV, TXT, XML or even JSON.
A form field to input data.
The fields can be defined using the necessary settings.
The possibility to import data into additional databases.
The application has a rather impressive visual interface that keeps complexity and the number of settings to a minimum. Also, once the record type and settings are set, creating entries is both easy and intuitive

What’s New in the?

Manually add all information about your pigeons and organize your birds and their breeding records with Pigeon Loft Organizer. With Pigeon Loft Organizer, there is no longer a need to keep a card file for every single record in your collection.
Pigeon Loft Organizer is a utility for pigeon owners that keeps their records organized and tracked, after the birds are born. You can keep track of your birds in one place and come to master an entirely new way of handling them.
Improve your breeding skills and take care of your birds with Pigeon Loft Organizer.
1. Reliable – Database backups are created automatically every 4 hours. Also, you can set up a schedule if you wish.
2. Intuitive – This application is designed to help you manage pigeons in a pleasant and user friendly way. Just click on the options, and check off what you want.
3. Create a database – There are all kinds of different settings, to create a database or a list for each single pigeon.
4. Track breeds, flights, and breeding records – Pigeon Loft Organizer is ready to keep records of all your breeding achievements, including creating records and keeping track of progeny.
5. Exporting records to Excel – Pigeon Loft Organizer provides you with an integrated, reliable and efficient way to export records to Excel. The latest version includes exporting lists to CSV or XLS.
6. Import CSV/Excel – This application includes an import tool for CSV files or Excel spreadsheets.
7. Choose your database type – You can be able to manage your pigeons in all kinds of ways, whether by creating a database, list, or a couple of records per bird.
8. Integrated management of sports – With Pigeon Loft Organizer, you can manage your pigeon’s races, track the times and record it, calculate times and distances, and so on.
9. Time calculator and duration – Pigeon Loft Organizer has a built-in calculator that can be used to calculate exact times and distances. You can also input times and distances manually.
10. Remove records – A small and quick interface, just click on the right button to remove a record.
11. Contacts list – Pigeon Loft Organizer maintains a contact list of pigeon owners with whom you can share your pigeons, and a database of breeders with whom you can share your pigeons.
12. Email notifications – The

System Requirements For Pigeon Loft Organizer:

Runtime: 5 minutes.
5 minutes. Disk space: All game files can be downloaded in one go, but with a download this big you’ll also need to make sure your Internet connection is working well.
All game files can be downloaded in one go, but with a download this big you’ll also need to make sure your Internet connection is working well. RAM: RAM 8 GB or higher is recommended.
8 GB or higher is recommended. OS: Windows Vista SP2 or higher.
Windows Vista SP2 or